Rumor: Husqvarna Planning Road Bikes for 2012

01/07/2011 @ 2:33 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Husqvarna turned more than a few heads at the 2010 EICMA show when it unveiled its Husqvarna Mille 3 Concept. Of course the 993cc asymmetrical v-triple motor was primarily responsible for raising the eyebrows of passers-by, but the idea that Husqvarna would come out with a street-based concept was also more than curious (compounded by the fact that we still can’t quite define what street segment the Mille 3 would fit into). Well the Mille 3 Concept is starting to make a bit more sense now if news from Visordown proves to be correct, as the British publication is reporting that Husqvarna is poised to begin offering true street bikes in 2012.

According to the report, Husqvarna will test its toe in the street bike waters with a large displacement supermoto offering. Unfortunately the Swedish company is apparently not getting too crazy with its ideas, and won’t be trying its hand with the V3 motor concept from EICMA. Instead Husqvarna is expected to use a bored-out version of the F800GS’sĀ parallel twin, meaning Husqvarna’s street bike should see a 900cc range displacement when it’s all said and done.

Other details are scarce, but we do know the bike won’t look anything like the Husqvarna STR concept (shown above), which was penned by Massimo Tamburini back in 2006, and originally slotted to use the same F800GSĀ motor configuration. Made while Husqvarna was owned by MV Agusta, that design remains the property of the Varese brand. If the rumor proves to be true, a true street bike offering could be an interesting move for Husqvarna, and we’ll be curious to see how the brand differentiates itself from its parent company BMW.

Husqvarna Mille 3 Concept:

Husqvarna SRT Concept by Massimo Tamburini:

Source: Visordown

  • RSVDan

    I’m already seeing the writing on the wall, and was afraid this would happen when I heard BMW had bought Husky. They are going to completely dilute the brand and I suspect we well be seeing much in the way of re-badged bikes and parts bin raiding. I really hope I’m wrong, because the Husky nameplate deserves much better than that. They’ve already dumped the perfectly fine and powerfull Husky motors in the Enduro bikes in favor of the Hyosung built/BMW designed motors.

    Yech. I’m gonna go be crotchety now and reminisce about Maicos, Bultacos, CZ’s and the like…

  • BikePilot

    Its like an X-country only a bazillion times better:)

    Hoping this will be truly Italian and not bmw-based.

    RSVDan, the x-lite 250/310 is still the real deal so there’s something left at least. Shame about that goofy hyosung motor in place of the lovely 450/510 mills.

  • BBQdog

    What I would like is a 450cc supermono with 6 gears and 125 kg dry max.
    With my length Husqy’s are just a bit too high for me. They already have
    all the components, why not build such a bike ?
    The last thing I would need is a heavy and clumpsy 180+ kg bike
    but as BMW own Husqvarna I guess that will be the way.

  • 76

    Husqvarna is originally from sweden no? What italian have to do with it?

  • MikeD

    If it’s as high end looking/built as the one pictured above but with an affordable price tag………..SURE, Bring it.

    Then i woke up…(+_+ )