23 Photos of the Husqvarna Nuda 900R

07/01/2011 @ 7:32 am, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS

Well it didn’t take long for Husqvarna to release some official photos, after showing the 2012 Husqvarna Nuda 900R street bike to the assembled press. The Nuda definitely has a unique look to it, which is already growing on us in a weird way…the name however, well…that’s a different story. Based around the BMW F800GS parallel-twin, Husqvarna has bumped the power plant up to 900cc, making over 100hp with the red-topped lump.

With a 385 lbs dry weight, the Husqvarna 900 should be a potent animal on the street, and promises to be quite the hooligan machine (if you’re into that sort of thing). Until we get a chance to explore our inner-child while on the seat of a Husqvarna Nuda 900R, we’ll have to tide ourselves over with the 23 photos found after the jump.

Source: Husqvarna

  • BBQdog

    Seems the first 200 come with a free original Husqy ladder to get on the bike ….

  • Damo

    Wow, I must say I thought the spy photos looked like crap, but I actually really like it!

    If this comes in under $10,000 USD it will be a nice sport naked contender. I love the angular design very Teutonic.

  • @Damo I’d say under $10k is unlikely given (1) how much their offroad bikes cost, (2) that Ohlins shock, (3) traction control (see the ring on the left side of the rear wheel but nothing on the front), and (4) Brembo monoblock calipers. I’d bet $12K ($11,959) min for the version shown here (note the red “R” on the left rear tail pics), and $10K+ for the base version.

  • Damo

    @Matt A

    You are probably right, in that price range why not just get a Z1000 or a CB1000r and be done with it? Both those bikes looks better and have near dedicated sport bike performance.

    They will probably price their bike right out of the target demographic.

  • Shawn

    Very sexy! For me it’d definitely be a toss up between this and the Triumph Speed/Street triples.

  • @Damo yes – it’s a disturbing trend.

  • @Shawn what would lead you to cross shop these bikes? If I were looking at the Triumphs this wouldn’t even enter consideration for me – they’re much more performance oriented than this bike. I wonder what the mission statement for this bike was; I can’t see them making many conquest sales – seems like they’re aiming more for folks who are already Husky customers to be Husky customers on the street as well as in the dirt.

  • Damo

    I got to agree with Matt on this one. I would put the Triple in with the likes of the z1000, FZ1000, Cb1000r, Streetfighter, etc.

    This is kinda taking a jab at the Dursadoro…maybe?

  • 76

    Parallel twins are much cheaper engines to produce than a V, lets see if that translates to MSRP alittle. I like the bike, pass on the headlamp , but would not keep me from riding it. I’m still looking forward to the 2013 Superduke (Rumored)

  • BikePilot

    The chassis looks the business. I really hope the engine isn’t a let-down in either outright performance of visceral feel (270 deg crank please!).

  • very cool.

  • Stephen

    So what does it really look like w/ turn signals and mirrors (and plate). Do manufacturers typ leave those out of press photos? Can’t say that I’ve noticed before…

  • Greg

    I’d definitely hit that!

  • Cactus

    Awesome! Now Suzuki can send them the Ugliest headlight trophy they got for the Boulevard Cruiser. Love Huskys, but this looks like caca to me.

  • Keith

    meh, looks like design study #3 for the F800. Not exciting at all…less than 22l of fuel is a deal breaker for ANY motorcycle. Put 25+ in it and I might even consider a cruiser…might.

  • You can always tell when the ADVrider guys are posting: if they can’t do 500+ miles on a bike’s tank, it’s not worth talking about. Honestly, I don’t think this is the sort of bike where people will be using more than 22L of fuel in one sitting.

  • Isaac Chavira




    I think it would be a fun city commuter but definitely not a tourer like you say.

  • Jake

    Bah! It’s a better tourer than my SM610 that I rode from Seattle to Copper Canyon on.

    I really like it aesthetically, the weight is a little up there, but really only 80 pounds more for double the power of a regular husky.

  • MikeD

    Total FAP Material minus the ugly muffler sticking out like an elongated tumor…Undertail like the Aprilia SXV/Dorsoduro would have been MUCH cleaner and streamlined.

    Loving the “ODD ANGULAR F-117 Stealth Fighter” Plastics… (^_^ )

    @BikePilot: No chance dude, the crank on these things is a 360* if memory serves me well.

  • BurnOut

    I would buy one for under 10k, as long as the seat height is ‘normal’ and you don’t need a ladder to get on it. It looks really amazing for going sideways on roundabouts.

  • Butch

    @Keith wow, your criteria would disqualify 6 of the 7 bikes in my garage, and most models I’ve ever owned. You’re missing out on a lot of enjoyable bikes.

    @Stephen: Good point, I’ve seen a lot of press photos missing mirrors and plates, and Husky tends to leave the signals off photos of their dual-sports too. But I tend to pull the mirrors and go with bar-ends anyway.

    I think it looks sharp and looks fun to ride…not bad characteristics for a bike. I will definitely consider one.

  • JoeD

    Nice bike except for the Muffler. Should have been a 2-1-2. The gas cap should be on the right side of the tank for fueling while on the side stand. Minor quibbles and I would still own it. I really like naked. Would fit nicely next to the Benelli, Guzzi Sport 1100, Guzzi Mille GT and Norton Commando.

  • Jobie

    I must admit that it looks much better than I had thought it would. I even like the headlight/muffler (looks better than almost any BMW can). Although I cant say the same for that front fender….what is up with the flying bird thing=YUCK!! So does anyone know what kind of Crank they are going to run? Hope its not the same as the F800 series. Over all it looks very nice.

  • MikeD

    Suposedly the same 360* as the Bimmer. I have read it gets vibey at high speeds…(i expected that much being what it is)…based off reviews on the F800R and GS800F…no personal experience…yet.

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  • sp33dwagon

    I’m all for minimal fairings, but they need to find some aesthetically pleasing way to cover/shroud that ugly radiator. Other then that the can could be a little smaller and i’m curious where the passenger pegs will fit in.

  • MikeD


    It just have to grow on u…more fairing and cover = more shit to weight it down and not make it faster and more flick-able = less JOY.

    It’s a NAKED…live with it…i know i could (^_^ )