Husqvarna Nuda 900 Base Model Breaks Cover

08/12/2011 @ 6:09 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

Husqvarna’s foray into true-blue street bikes has unsurprisingly taken a two-pronged approach (for an “R” version to exist, a base model must exist as well, right?), as the Swedish brand has unceremoniously dropped photos of the base model Husqvarna Nuda 900. Sporting lower-spec components, and having a noticeably absent “R” missing from its nomenclature (that’s called product differentiation), the Husqvarna Nuda 900 is no doubt going to be Husqvarna’s more affordable version of the Nuda 900R.

Though we can only discern the differences that are skin deep at this point in time, it would look like the base model sees the R’s Öhlins rear-suspension, Brembo monoblocs, and carbon-accented exhaust exchanged for lesser models. The base model’s rear shock is now a Sachs unit (matching the fully-adjustable Sachs forks Husqvarna says it will be using on the Nudas), while the exhaust can is aluminum stem-to-stern. Noticeably still present though is the Nuda’s anti-lock brake pick-up discs (in fact, the entire wheel/fork package looks to be the same), which could also suggest that a traction control system is available on the base model.

It will be interesting to see how Husqvarna prices the Nuda 900 against the higher-spec Husqvarna Nuda 900R. Unless there is significant differences between the two bikes’ motors, the R-variant will have a hard time commanding more price tag for a shock and carbon fiber-tipped exhaust, especially considering the latter will be one of the first things owners will be replacing. 21 photos of the Nuda 900 base model after the jump, including the mysteriously really bad ones where you can see the photographer’s turntable in every photo…go fig.

Source: Husqvarna

  • wow … what an attractive oil cooler. wonder where they sourced it? kenworth parts bins?

  • irksome

    Why do so many new bikes look like their incubated in a Transformers movie? Anyone remember CURVES?

  • JP

    Hah! I wondered where they guy who designed the Pontiac Aztec was working, and now we know.

  • er … i was on crack when i posted the above comment. of course, what i REALLY meant was the radiator looks like it came from a kenworth parts bin.

  • mxs

    So far so good, let see the pricing that will determine how many wallets will open up for this bike.

  • mxs

    BTW, it also looks like the base model has non-adjustable front forks which would be a huge bummer. What is it with BMW related products pushing non-adjustable forks??? F800R the same thing. Asking for 12K up here in Canada, but sorry you will get damper rod non-adjustable forks …. :-(

  • Husqvarna has some weird caps on the forks used for the bikes in its photos, but says that fully-adjustable Showas will be used for the production bike.

  • Dave

    Johnc you must be crazy! That’s not from Kenworth, I’m pretty sure that is a flex-a-lite cooler from Summit Racing,

  • mxs

    Good to hear about the adjustable front forks.

  • BikePilot

    The radiator and exhaust really stand out – and not in a good way. I think that different colors would help a lot though, there’s way too much black going on there. A bit of white here and there and a colored frame would do wonders.

  • mxs

    There’s also a new video. I assume Husqvarna listened to to the critics of the first one, so this one is shot with their factory sumo rider …

    BTW, I don’t get why people complain about the radiator … this bike should be about low weight (under 380lbs), good power which should mean great power/weight ratio and that should mean great cornering handling. There’s not a multicylinder bike with such specs and upright sitting position ….

  • Steve

    This is a bad time to get it wrong. And where do they come up with these names ? Nudy, not so Cutie.

  • Zeke

    Dont make me laugh – Husqvarna ISN’T SWEDISH ANYMORE and hasn’t been Swedish for a long long loooooong time and it shows – looks like Italian crap………

  • Keith

    Looks like a design that wasn’t quiet “BMW enough” so they fobbed it off on the new division. 8^\ I’d be more impressed IF Husqvarna had designed their own motor using stuff they have already. Siamese a pair of their 450 or 250 singles as a parallel motor, point the carbs forward route the exhaust straight back then stack the transmission and as tight in as possible and while they are at it make sure it’s a casset style transmission and for goodness sake…make protection of the pipes/oil filiter/bottom of the motorstandard.

  • jason

    Im sorry Husky, what did BMW do to you…..?

  • MikeD

    Sorry Keith…BMW called…and told Husky to TAKE IT LIKE A MAN…no fancy NEW-different (yet proven) engine for them…plus wheels, rotors…etc.

    I blame it on the economy…(-_- )’

    P.S: Ur idea sounds like the cat’s meow.

    I wish they had gone for a 180* crank…it sounds so much BETTER. But having to use the BMW Mill killed it before it had any chance of happening.