First Look at the “Husqvarna” Moto3 Race Bike

01/28/2014 @ 11:44 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


In case you didn’t hear the news, Husqvarna will enter the Moto3 Championship this year; and like the 2014 Husqvarna dirt bike line, the Swedish brand’s name will basically be painted onto the Austrian company’s machinery.

The move is an interesting one for the Husqvarna brand, as the company is about to start a new chapter in its already interesting story. The acquisition of Husky by KTM’s Stefan Pierer essentially consolidated the premium dirt bike segment into one company, and his efforts also brought about the reunification of Husaberg and Husqvarna.

How KTM and Husqvarna will operate going forward is unclear. For 2014, the differences are only paint deep, as is Husky’s Moto3 program, which is being run by Aki Ajo — the same highly regarded squad that ran KTM Racing’s factory bikes in the 2013 season.

While we can drool over another beautiful race bike, especially one of some peculiarity, what really intrigues us though is what this signals for the Husqvarna brand in the long term. Is this just a marketing effort to promote a struggling marque? Or does does Pierer have eyes for Husqvarna on the street? Only time will tell.





Photos: KTM Racing

  • “Or does does Pierer have eyes for Husqvarna on the street?”

    Grands Prix roadracing would certainly lead one to believe so. Unless, of course, they’re just leveraging the exposure to get MotoGP fans to examine the brand’s offerings. A decent number of racing fans like playing in the dirt.

  • paulus

    “Or does does Pierer have eyes for Husqvarna on the street?”

    … or as the earlier A+R article suggested, to circumnavigate some rules relating to ‘factory’ team limitations.

    Shame about the wheel colour ruining an otherwise great looking paint scheme.

  • Jaybond

    Maybe this is the first sign that Husqvarna under KTM’s leadership will venture into the streetbike segment? Internal competition is not necessarily bad for KTM ( just look at Volkswagen group for example). This is definitely will be a good exposure for Husqvarna brand , although they must produce road going sportbikes to better associate with their involvement in Moto3 /GP (rather than just producing dirtbikes). Something that Aprilia failed to capitalize during the 250cc days with the Gilera & Derbi brands..

  • Rad Rage

    @paulus: Couldn’t agree more, they could have went for red, blue, white, black. What were they thinking? Then again they probably wanted the bikes to be easily spotted among the color assault of the Moto3 bikes.

    They will definitely be getting exposure, the name is weird enough to warrant a ‘what was that? Husq..what? From there looking curiosity about their dirt bikes and so on could reap considerable dividends down the road.

  • BBQdog

    Always been a big fan of the Aprilia RSR/RSW 125cc’s and currently of the KTM Moto3 bikes.
    But it is a shame to see that after just two years of competition we are back at the old days
    were one brand dominates the class and we see re-labeled versions of those bikes.

  • ADG

    The frame on this and the Dakar bike is pure art work.

  • “But it is a shame to see that after just two years of competition we are back at the old days
    were one brand dominates the class and we see re-labeled versions of those bikes.”

    We’ve yet to see the new Honda, though. It’s quite possible that the 2014 bike will give KTM a run for its money. (I hope so!)

  • HRC is going to take the gloves off this season, just you wait and see.

  • Jaybond

    I think Honda definitely has worked out some sort or improvement with their Moto3 bike, especially in the horsepower department. The screenshots of the ’14 bike we’ve seen in Dec last year spotted a twin exhaust pipes running from the single cylinder Honda engine (quite a drastic measure to say the least), which is definitely horsepower-related. And you never know what kind of improvement in the engine internals.

    On the other hand, Dorna should try to officially invite Aprilia, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki or even other manufacturers such as Triumph and Norton to add more spectacle to the Moto3 series!

  • paulus

    “Dorna should try to officially invite…”
    Then make special exceptions to each to encourage them to join
    Then risk losing the original, loyal Marques that are there presently
    Then implement cost control measures which cripple team development budgets.
    Then demand year on year fuel reductions.
    Ultimately be left standing with only one brand on the grid…
    Repeat the processs

    Cynical… nah!

  • @paulus:

    You do realize that the MSMA have been the driving force for the fuel reductions, right? The MSMA craft the technical regulations and Dorna worries about the so-called ‘sporting’ regulations.

  • paulus

    No, not clear on that… However, my personal rant stands.

    What is a request from the MSMA ultimately become the sporting rule, so Dorna must agree/buckle to it for it to happen.

    2014. Rather than speculating on the winner, let’s bet on who pushes their multi-million dollar technical peak of motorcycle performance over the line. That’s what I really want to see from the premier classes in Motorcycle racing. Limits on technology development and fuel economy ;)

    Then I can’t wait until future seasons when Dorna allows races are shortened by a few laps for the new marques to be competitive ;)

    PS – cynical, but half joking

  • Is this frame steel or aluminum? I think it’s most likely steel but I’m not sure. The welds are kinda hidden under the paint.