Husqvarna 900cc Street Bike in Sketches

05/26/2011 @ 3:20 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

The folks at MCN have had their finger on the Husqvarna street bike pulse lately, and today published sketches of the soon-to-be released BMW-derived 900cc Husqvarna street bike. Part street-naked, part supermotard, these sketches seem to suggest that the new Husky will stick somewhat to its dirt roosting roots. Despite the large displacement size, the street-going Husqvarna looks to be very minimalistic and svelte, though how much of that will translate over into the final design remains to be seen.

We’re still apprehensive as to what BMW’s plans for Husqvarna are in the coming years, as the German company clearly wants to use Husky for its evil road-going purposes, but so far there’s nothing in these sketches that send us running for a long rope and a short drop. The designs appear to stay true to what we’d expect from Husqvarna, though you can leave your conclusions in the comments. Additional sketches after the jump.

Source: MCN

  • I like it a lot better than the F800, a machine I find to be absolutely hideous, despite all its rave reviews.

  • Random

    Is BMW’s Husky trying to be the new KTM?

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  • Jim

    Jensen, not sure of the source of you fears regarding Husky, unless it is simply random paranoia. The path that Husky is starting down is the same one that KTM has followed since the intro of the Duke, give their off road/dual sport riders a street bike to buy and capture a few sales from street riders who never shopped KTM.

    Yes BMW is facilitating this market expansion, but that doesn’t mean that it has been forced on Husqvarna. Husky’s management could have seen the same market opportunity as KTM, but lacked the resources to produce the bike. Rather than overlapping the BMW-Husqvarna markets, BMW appears to be drawing some distinctions, BMW has road bikes (with the G450 and G650 X Challenge gone), with soft road capabilities while Husky builds dirt bikes and now a street bike that should appeal to dirt riders. To me the this Husky is aimed at the Multistrada-Versys buyer.

  • Eric

    Good comments, Jim. I am anxious to see this bike in the flesh, err metal & plastic. I have a big Beemer for touring and an ’08 Husky Sm610 for commuting and playing around on in town. Jumped on the freeway Wednesday at lunch following some other guys from work heading to a motorcycle shop and realized I get a little headshake at 75 mph and was being blown around a bit. My work buddy’s HD Dyna is probably twice the weight of that bike. The other’s guy Honda (insert model here) 750 crusised along at 80 with great aplomb. I’d be quite interested in a “Part street-naked, part supermotard” and hope my local dealer gets one in when they’re released!

  • MikeD

    I’ll wait for the real thing to talk smack about it…LMAO. (^_^ )
    So far i like the ” like nothing else on this world but maybe KTM ” styling.
    Needs ” cast non 3 spokes wheels ” and a ” rea l” front fender. Ok, im done bitching. LOL.