Husqvarna’s 900cc Street Bike Motor

05/06/2011 @ 7:43 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

The rumors are true, Husqvarna is set to bring out a street bike (or five if you believe some reports) in the coming months (expect a November unveiling). Accordingly the Swedish brand, which operates out of Italy and is owned by a German company (Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego anyone?), has released some photos and details about its 900cc parallel twin motor that takes more than a couples cues from its BMW counterpart.

Announcing that it will bring out a road-oriented concept vehicle, Husqvarna will focus on fun, power, and versatility for its first street machine. A sort of vague statement yes, but we do know that parent company BMW is heavily involved with the project, and helping its subsidiary to create a peppier 900cc-ish motor with more horsepower and torque than the BMW lump originally provided.

Like the Husqvarna Mille 3 concept shown at the 2010 EICMA show, we expect Husqvarna’s street bike to be a bold entry for the company, which has a heritage of making stout and unique off-road machines. Details are still murky for the road bike, but Husqvarna is hinting at something that isn’t really available in the current market, which could bode well for those concerned for the dirt bike brand.

It’s interesting to note in the photos below how obvious BMW is trying to make its involvement. One can’t help but wonder if this Husqvarna street bike project is the German company trying further to extend itself in the minds of riders, and put some yoga-level moves on how flexible its brand can be. Maybe that’s just us being cynical…or maybe not.


  • BBQdog

    As said before (but my comment seems to have been removed) I can’t understand
    why BMW is using a brand which is knows for it light motorcycles to bring out
    fat bikes like this. To me it seems like ruining the Husqy brand trying to sell more
    of the same.

  • I looks to me as if BMW wants a piece of the very popular Yamaha Tenere.

    Releasing the bike with the name Husqvarna on it gives the bike instant credibility in the off-road market without having had to compete in any races.

  • MikeD


    No, i think ur right…specially on the thrid picture, that to me it screams:

    Look here Husqvarna, thats wrong, im all mighty BMW , u don’t know what ur talking about, u need me, my Euros and my industry leverage power, make the changes or the project is dead on the water, i don’t care what u have to say and do as i say.

    On another note, thats one long front-to-back engine. I thought that stacked transmission shafts and mass centralization were a motorcycle engine’s staple by now, apparently BMW never heard of it during this engine R&D Period.

    Im just dying to see from what it will be hanging…some knock off F800GS ? Hopefully a halft-faired a la TL1000S ? Who knows…
    Wish they had kept the V3 Engine(maybe less cc’s?) from the concept tho, now that would have been unique like Husqvarna itself.

    W/e it is, more choices, more rivalry, better products, always a win-win situation for us, the buyers.

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  • Jim

    “…BMW wants a piece of the very popular Yamaha Tenere.”

    BMW builds a Huskie that’s a knock off Yamaha, that’s a knock off BMW?