Video: Honda NRS 250 Moto3 Contender Teaser

12/27/2010 @ 10:52 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

Perhaps as a belated holiday treat, Honda has finally seen it fit to give a better glimpse of its HRC NRS 250 Moto3 contender. With a few quick cuts and some blurry shots, HRC isn’t completely giving away the 250cc single-cylinder GP bike, but the footage does give us a better idea of what the final shape of the Honda will look like, and perhaps more importantly what it will sound like. If you’re a four-stroke fan, you’ll love the video after the jump…two-stroke fanatics, probably not as much.

Source: Honda Japan

  • HondaCBR600RR

    Holy crap that thing sounds SHIT!

    And I ride a Honda CBR600RR 09….

  • 7point62

    Like the world needs more gutless thumpers. :(

    I’m sure this marque will be the saviour of GP racing.

    Or maybe it just exists to get kids in the far East to buy 4-stroke scooters with fuel injection.

    Excuse me while I go out to my garage and stick pins in my eyes.

  • irksome

    LOVE it, but I’m biased; my first road bike (living in Boston, back in the early ’80s) was a ’78 SR 500 thumper I bought at curbside for $500. Saw it, waited for the owner and rode it home. I built the sh!t out of that thing; Wiseco piston, bored it out, stiffer valve springs, White Bros. pipe, Supertrapp, bigger carb, gas shocks, stiffer front end, clubman bars, made my own rearsets… I made it mine and in the city it went like stink. Slap 20 or 30 discs on the muffler and there was no more beautiful sound in the world.

    I’ve had a bunch of bigger bikes since then and my current Speed Triple is the greatest thing since pre-sliced cheese but sometimes I yearn for the simplicity of that thumper and the pure joy of backing off the throttle just to HEAR it.

  • Sounds like an XR, definitey not as sexy as a chainsaw though it looks fun to ride…

  • 7point62

    @ irksome: I’m not knocking thumpers – I love ’em (I have two – a Husky enduro and a Kawi tracker that sings like a bird thanks to it’s Supertrapp) but to me MotoGP is supposed to be the pinnacle of two-wheeled racing and so there should be no place on the grid for bikes built around lawn mower engines. There are already plenty of very enjoyable race series based on real-world hardware.

    If Dorna want to make GP a bit more affordable then perhaps they should make an effort to rid the hospitality areas of some of the political hookers and pimps that add nothing to the sport. But I digress…

  • Odie

    @7point62: Interesting thing is that there used to be a number of lawnmowers that used to be 2-strokes.
    I’m just saying…

    Not sure if this will really be MotoGPs savior but they gotta do something.

  • Hellmutt

    I guess this is considered progress. I will stick to my 2 stroke road bike Honda NS400R. There just isn’t the rush and unpredictableness in the 4 stroke classes. It’s still racing!

  • irksome

    @7point62: This series serves as the introductory farm team to develop young riders. The 250 two-strokes they’re replacing weren’t the pinnacle either; I just hope the little bastards can still drag their elbows on the 4-strokes.

    I used to shoot the AMA series for American Road Racing magazine, back in the ’90s. The race at Laconia was always on Father’s Day and, since there was little call for shots of the 250s, I’d call my Dad while they were buzzing around and tell him how bad the black-flies and mosquitoes were that year. It was our little joke. Even though two-strokes have become more “environmentally sound”, the EPA will probably never make them street-legal again and, since the US is the Great Consumer, it makes monetary sense for manufacturers to eventually fade them out world-wide. Rightly or wrongly isn’t actually relevant unfortunately; that’s just the nature of capitalism.

  • Bob

    Great, now sell us a street legal version. We are sadly lacking any small displacement race replicas in North America.

    It would be great to see the manufacturers make Moto3 race reps for consumers. It could be a competitive class just like the 600’s and 1000’s. A race replica that anyone could have a blast on.

    They could sell them alongside their budget bikes like the ninja 250 and cbr250. People could decide whether the want a cheaper, easier to ride learner bike, or a top notch 250 race rep (which would also make a great learner bike).

    I think a ton of people would buy a Moto3 race rep… They would be the coolest bikes to have for younger riders, and in my opinion, a lot of older more experienced riders would want one too. As for the track, they would be great for beginners to learn on, and awesome track toys for experienced riders.

    These bikes would use premium components and wouldn’t be cheap, but i’d still buy one. I bet you could have just as much fun, if not more, compared to a bigger bike. Lightweight, high corner speed, and you could rev the heck out of it without being jailed :)

    Just my 2 cents…