Horex VR6 1200cc Supercharged Concept

06/15/2010 @ 3:40 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Out of stealth mode today in Munich, Horex Motorcycles is back after getting the axe from Daimler-Benz back in 1960. To help usher the company back into the motorcycle industry, Horex has developed a V6 1200cc supercharged concept bike that uses a VR6 cylinder configuration. A solid looking street-standard, the Horex VR6 concept is expected to begin production late in 2011, and make somewhere between 175hp-200hp, and over 110lbs•ft of torque.

At the core of the Horex VR6 is a 15° V6 motor, that takes up the same width as your standard inline-four motor. Like it’s Volkswagen of a similar name, the Horex VR6’s slightly offset cylinders allow the motor to become more compact across the width of the motorcycle, while still employing more cylinders. Horex says it has secured the patent to bring the VR6 cylinder configuration to two-wheel vehicles.

Making the VR6 configuartion possible is a triple overhead cam design (TOHC). The TOHC allows all the cylinder heads to be on the same plane, and keeps the motor’s two intake valves and one exhaust valve to stay in sync.

The results of all this, according to Horex, is an exceptionally smooth power delivery. The smoothness will be necessary considering how much power is expected to be on-tap on the Horex. Helping give the 1200cc motor some boost is a radial supercharger that’s cooled by an integrated intercooler found in the motor cooling system.

Other goodies will come in the form of 50mm Marzocchi forks, that feature radially-mounted brakes with ABS. Also noticeable is a single-sided swingarm that’s fitted with a belt drive from the motor to the wheel.

While there’s still a lengthy wait ahead of us until we can see production of the VR6 two-wheeler, Horex says its has secured euros in the double digit millions to bring the project into fruition. A final production venue hasn’t been decided, but the bike is expected to be released in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland before coming to the rest of Europe and the US. Thanks for the tip Tito!

  • RSVDan

    I am in love with this engine concept. Imagine the sound this thing is going to make with six sylinders on offset crank pins and a radial supercharger. So very, very cool.

  • jay

    Bumble bee. Stylistic creation, the concept, the custom leaves a lot to be desired. why should anyone steal a watch when he could have this for reasonable price.

  • fazer6

    So Cool.
    I need more $$

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  • Will

    Better looking than many of the other “concepts” offered.

  • RSVDan – the sound must be intense.

    The 1st picture looks good, but the outside engine cases* need more character for such a unique soul

    *aluminum? bits

  • MTS Lust

    Very cool, but only 200hp from a forced-induction 1200cc 6cyl? They could achieve that without the forced induction – perhaps the supercharger is just to pump up what is probably an otherwise weak low end from the relatively tiny individual cylinder displacement. Would be curious to see what sort of boost its running. I’d also love to see direct injection so more boost could be had with a fairly high CR without detonation. Better power and better mpg.

  • Josh

    The Super Squalo, a supercharged ducati 999 makes 200hp with fewer cylinders and 200cc less displacement.

  • BikePilot

    They’ll probably have to come up with a new name given that VW has already claimed VR6 for their own narrow-angle V6 engine.

  • RSVDan

    Josh: The Sqalo runs pretty high boost and is a very highly stressed motor. This thing could likely make far more than the 175hp-200hp with higher boost, but who on God’s good Earth needs that?? I nice 180hp with 110ft’lbs of torque should do quite nicely I would think, and do it in a nice comfortable, non-frantic sort of way (as non-frantic as a 200hp motorcycle can be anyway…)

  • Josh

    Fair enough. I certainly don’t need that much power, it just seems like a lot of work for not a lot of gain. Another motor that makes this sound a bit weak is the sea-doo PWC motor – 1.5L supercharged 3cyl making 260hp with a 8200rpm rev limit. relaxed, will make peak power hours on end. Its more displacement, but the extra cylinders and presumably more rpm of this v6 should make up for the 300cc disadvantage.

  • Racklefratz

    @Josh: <>

    But what self-respecting rider would be seen on anything called a “Squalo”?


    Different strokes. I need a lot more, which is why I own/ride a 445hp Boss Hoss. And it does that without a supercharger or turbo.

  • Well. Not rather what I expected, but you have produced me feel about this topic from yet another perspective. Wonderful job.