UPDATE: You can see the new 2010 Honda VFR1200F here.

We’ve got an update on Honda’s hotly-anticipated new V4-powered bike. It has been confirmed by Honda’s Senior Managing Director, Shigeru Takagi, that the new VFR will be seen in its finished form sometime this Fall, and will be in dealer showrooms next Spring.

The VFR1200, as you might have guessed from its name, will be a 1200cc version of the VFR model line. With the added displacement, the new V4 will take on the likes of the Hayabusa and ZX-14R, while Honda phases out the 800cc VFR and CBR1100xx.

In a rare interview last week with MCN, Takagi said the bike will be a “new breed of Honda”, which is a phrase we’ve heard Honda saying a lot of recently. There certainly seems to be a cultural shift occurring in the Honda ranks.

“We really believe we can develop a new era starting with this V4-powered machine. It is just the beginning and represents a new breed of Honda which will define Honda’s own taste and styling. This bike will be the perfect road machine that Honda customers have called for. It will be an epoch-making machine and more bikes from the V4 platform are possible. We know people think this bike is going to be a replacement for the VFR800 and the Blackbird but we do not see this bike as a replacement for anything. We see it as an all-new breed of machine, something very special.”

With the final form of the VFR still a hot topic, Togei did say that, “the bike is different to the concept shown for the first time at Milan in 2009 but the link between them is very clear to see.” We look forward to seeing the spyshots as they come available.

Source: MCN

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  • Normally you guys are on the ball, but assuming it’s going to be a VFR when Honda has said it be “a new breed” isn’t really conducive to producing a VFR1200. Not saying that I know what it’s going to be either, but if anything I think it be closer to a super Blackbird than a VFR. Then again if it has a SSA you’d have 6 eggs in one hand and half a dozen in the other…

  • Alino

    I have the perfect first VFR 800 V-Tec 2002 and I’ve been waiting until today for the new model to change it.

    The bike really does not need this 1200 upgrade, but more important let’s hope it to be very different from all the ugly kitch images I’ve seen online until today….

  • Legions of hopeful VFR owners past and present have been waiting anxiously for years for this bike to arrive. The 90 degree V4 is a hypnotic engine configuration. While this bike should be a success, I’m just not sure these legions were waiting for a Busa fighter. It somehow misses the essence of VFR as a stealth sport tourer and lands a bit more ham fisted and blunt force trauma like. It’s unfolding will be interesting to follow here over the next few days..for sure!

  • VFR Replacement lets hope they do not over think this one, akak NO VTEC

  • dendron


  • Rich W

    I saw in a show that Mr. Honda thought that a V4 was the ultimate MC engine.

    I hope it doesn’t have stupid valves

  • Details on Honda new VFR – (via @EatSleepRide)

  • In todays’ MCN:

    MCN say this is the bike, official pictures, not saying how they got them.

  • Jenny Gun

    Jimmy on the spot hjworton, nicely done.

    Although, I feel like I’ve seen that photo somewhere before…hmm….

  • hjworton

    It certainly looks a lot more conventional than I would’ve guessed it’d be. The full details will no-doubt be more interesting than this first look. The shaft-drive is a surprise, the sports crowd will laugh at that one. Whatever it turns out to be like, if a 1200cc V4 does not excite you then…

    Also: It has more resemblance to the mock-ups than I would’ve thought likely.

  • Jenny Gun

    That’s what makes me go “hmm…” The photo in this article is from MotoReveue, and looks pretty damn similar…right down to the headlight that MCN was hollering about a few days ago.

    The only real changes seem to be a tail section more in line with the concept, a large (much larger) exhaust pipe, and wheels from the old VFR.

  • salzano

    thank you honda for ensuring everyone who buys your bikes will spend even more to replace your exhaust can. you are getting very good at ugly.

  • john

    Leuke machine,
    maar eest zien en dan pas geloven!

  • @ridermagazine

  • To each his own. Retro lovers and sportbike haters do not know what beauty is. The bike is gorgeous. Poetry in motion.

  • Scooby

    1 bike replaces 3, or at least 2: VFR12 supersedes VFR8, CBR11 b-bird, & maybe ST13?

    Probably uses existing pistons & rods for reduced development/parts costs.

  • kirk

    I have been looking at the BMW K1300S because it has a drive shaft which is a must for my next bike. I ride a XX now and love it.If new vfr has the shaft and the power I will buy it. Lets hope options are ,heated grips,adjustible bars, cruise control,alt,with some power I can add the rest,digital gear ind. temp , gps,radar,rear lug rack

  • David says

    I hope Honda have not been stingy and put the gear drive valves back in the bike like the 98-01 models. I would buy one if they have.

  • vegasvfr

    I agree a VFR based on a 2001 VFR with a liter bike capacity would be just fine. Keep it light.

  • They also said they were bringing out a 1000cc V5 version! where did that go? I will only believe it when I see it in dealrships. However, if they do release it, I will definitely get one.

    Love it.

  • Dale

    why not make it a VFive R? I have 1100XX and have loved the thing from the salt flats to 1000 km days to just warm evening cruises but really do like the thoughts of a shaft drive and 200HP. Please don’t dumb it down with the computer. A bike like that really needs some major attitude. On the edge power right out of the crate plus cylinder deactivation economy! sounds really close to the best of both worlds. Please don’t restrain the thing like a vmax though, one 1/4 mile burst before big brother takes over is not what the Honda faithful are asking for. Give me all or nothing, Hair on fire speed with the ability to rumble along comfortably with my Harley buddies. They are going to be really jealous…..

  • Rod McKeithan

    Anyone ever hear the story of the young boy who cries wolf……V-5 was last year, year before there was an outcry, This year even with mules sited in parts of the world the pictures that have been posted came from mock ups from Intermot…..
    Honda’s has presented the world with innovations seen on the “maxiscooter”, These bikes go against the grain of what a mid sized sport tourer is or is that the overpriced Deauville?
    Being an owner of a VFR, 5th generation and a second gen ST1300 I’ll be keeping what I have, even with the short comings few they are….in favor of trading proven technology
    for what will surely a bike that was well thought out but held back because of oversight.
    The fellow who responded above said he wanted the gear driven cams back, me too not buying other wise. While we sit and wait for the true bike to materialise all the conjecture is worth what has been written here and transmitted through electronic media…..The proff will be on the floor in the Spring….

  • ааааа какой красавчик … боюсь, что отныне потерял покой и сон

  • Terri Reid

    It had better be much more than my V65 or I’m going to pass on it. I really don’t need another CBR1000 with bigger payments than a Goldwing! That ugly x-face is going to be hard to get used to. The unveiling at the bike show will tell.

  • Ive ridden newer vfr”s 2002 and ill tell ya! Nothing like my 1999,I have 25000, on it and and runs like day i got it.Never had anything done to it. 2010 looks ok, but does it really feel like a vfr??

  • jamesy

    Gosh Rod
    You’re a tough guy to please, huh? “…what will surely be a bike…held back by oversight” Talk about the boy who cries wolf!!!
    Hey, what drives the cams on your ST ?? Shore aint gears my man but then, heck those only go for 200K plus MILES -commonly- in USA trim. So, now that you Michelangelos have pronounced her butt ugly, I guess old Honda better just pull it right off the market before anyone actually gets to RIDE THE DAMN THING for fear of your disappointment? Please advise, crikey, I kinda liked it.

  • david

    look this bike is def a new era. honda has the ability to make the nasties bike out there right now. this 1200 v4 is diff. yea the rsv4 is out now, and true they make a big bore kit for it. but how wants to pay 25 grand for it. if honda throws down in the same manier. it will be much cheaper. it will mostlikely be faster and a all around better bike. i hope they turn this sport tourer 1200 into a 8 sec sport bike. hell even come out with the 250 horsepower v60 they have in mind. all in all great lookin bike needs to appeal tot he younger crowd look wise.

  • Motowalt

    Love the advanced look. Makes the current FJR and C14, even the K1300S look stodgy and dated.

    I’m sure Honda has plans to use this V4 motor in other forms including a naked, cruiser, adventure-tourer and maybe even an all out sport bike.

    I’ve sold my ‘ol GS and am waiting to put my money down on the VFR just as soon as the dealer begins taking orders.

  • Bill G

    “Doesn’t need the 1200 upgrade” – Are you kidding me? The bike desperately needed the 1200 cc upgrade. If a company as conservative as Honda decided it needed a 1200 upgrade, you can believe it needed it. The present VFR is a nice bike, but underpowered by today’s standards (it weighs the same as a Hayabusa but only has a little over half the Busa’s power output). I would never have bought one unless they had upgraded it to at least 1000 cc – 1200 cc is even better. Hell, I wish they had made it a 1400! The major disappointment is that they felt compelled to make a heavy bike forty pounds heavier. What were they thinking about? And that butt-ugly muffler? They actually paid someone to design that? Amazing. I’ll bet that 3/4 of those mufflers end up in the trash can.

  • jamesy

    Yep, aint we all just some hell stompin engineers! Exhaust is not pretty as it would be if tinier, ageed. But if the output is to be 200bhp and it must go 200mph which it would be fair to say MUST have been the case, THEN it needs to be both large AND aero happy. A bunch of guys could easily draw up something more aesthetically pleasant but would it pass both DOT/EURO sound requirements and enough hot gasses to make 200 bhp?
    Every single engineering excercise involves compromises, the silencer may well have been one of those.
    As for me, cant wait to ride one… but it had better handle better than the Blackbird with its awful front end vagueness and more like the sweet turning ‘Busa.

  • Jeff

    Ok, this new VFR will not make 200BHP nor will it do 200MPH. Some of the expectation for this comes from the hype on the internet when MCN told all of us that the new VFR will be a V5 based on the MotoGp 990. model. Well they got that wrong. I have a 1996 VFR 750 which I love, but agree that the New VFR really needed to be a 1000cc or more motorcycle as the VFR lacked a bit of grunt. I don’t mind the weight of it at all. For those who want light and 200mph, go and buy a Fireblade or GSXR. You can find some of the spec’s on the new VFR 1200 here;

  • Bill G

    Good reply, Jeff, except that the CBR 1000 Fireblade (I owned an ’06) or the GSXR 1000 will not even approach 200 mph. Their top speeds are in the 170s. And the bigger, more powerful bikes like the Hayabusa and the ZX 14 governed to not exceed 186 mph through a manufacturer’s “gentleman’s agreement.”

  • Jeff

    Bill, true enough. That’s my point though, if the Blade and GSX won’t even do 200mph, how can someone expect a VFTR to do that even in 1200cc form? However, having said that my brother in law has a GSXK5 and he has had that over 190mph (on the clock thougth) I am just happy with the torque and rideability. Having another 70bhp over my VFR will make this bike a dream to ride. I am still not sure about the look of the nose though.

  • jamesy

    Honda Jeff, that’s who, and here’s why;
    You know that the Busa and ZX BOTH were designed for and will make 200mph, right? Would H be willing to abdicate that rare ground to S and K? Not likely from where I sit, you know, brochure wars and all. Regardless of engineered “limitations (300KPH)”, you KNOW the comparison zoom-fest on the salt flats is already being planned… hey, we’re guys right? that’s what we do.
    And given that the 1000cc superbike engines are making near 220bhp without all that much in mods, well I just dont see Honda making a new 2009 engine of that capacity for a supersport bike without 200bhp, either already there and throttled down to “the rules” or very easily had by clipping a wire here, reprog a chip there, opening an airbox eslewhere. See where I’m coming from?
    Therefore, the point that the machine was designed for those parameters is good and IMO valid, especially in the context it was made which was exhaust aesthetics.
    Still, my real concern is that the machine AT LEAST match the handling of the very good Busa. Ever ride one in some real twisty bits? A revelation akin to riding the snarky looking Beemer GS… crikey how’s this thing turn this well? and-looking in the mirrors- uhh, where is everybody? It is much to ask no doubt but it must be exceedingly good to reach those levels.

  • jamesy

    Also; If it’s a Honda, I’m betting it is capable of some pretty darn good fuel mileage as well. THAT would be big H, 200mph, 40mpg (no, not at the same time;-)).
    Many of us have very high hopes for this machine. Personally, I think the US is ready to pay $15K or more for a machine that exceeds in quality, engineering, speed, comfort, acceleration AND economy.
    It is time IMO for this incredibly capable engineering company to take it’s place at the top, and to charge what it must to furnish us machinery at that level. Any other voices in that chorus?

  • Jeff

    You guys are incorrect in your assumption that this is a 200mph motorcycle. Don’t get me wrong I see where you are coming from. Honda themselves have said this will replace the current VFR800 and the Blackbird. But it will not be a direct replacement for the Blackbird. The new VFR whilst it is 1200cc it has a170 BHP not 200 and Honda have also said that this is meant to be a whole new class of motorcycle. In addition it is shaft driven not chain driven so methinks it is more sports tourer than hypercycle.

  • Jeff

    For the guys who disbelieve that this VFR will not be a Busa crunching motorcycle, please go to this link: Click on the “Anticipation” link and then “watch Video” The Japanese engineer clearly states (with English subtitles “When developing this bike we didn’t go for top-end spec and top-end peak performance…..

  • Jeff

    Oh and another thought, this bike had better be able to get good mileage as it only has an 18 litre tank! My 1996 VFR has a 22 litre tank and on long tours I can get 200 miles on a tank.

  • jamesy

    Jeff is right, thanks for straightening us out, guys like me need guys like you, thank you!
    A glance at the tach face shows a 10,000 redline which indicates tuning that will NOT produce 200bhp IN THIS FORM, not by any mere clip of wires or tweaking of sensors. Besides it has a Catalytic Converter (capitalized to indicate maximum disappointment). No, it’ll take surgery to produce sub 10sec 1/4 mi times.
    Not to belabor the point but I still see this chassis as being 200mph capable but not with that sit-up riding position. One can SEE the air flowing past this baby even while sitting still.
    Supersport-Tourer is what it is. Made for guys like, well, me!
    A year ago I owned an ST1100 AND FJR1300. I’d kinda wanted to sell the ST but after toasting the rear shock on the FJR in about 7k mi and the various buzziness began I sold it instead. Still have Bertha (hey she’s chubby but girlfriend can dance too!) This could well represent the perfect replacement for her. Something to quickly get me (us) to the stellar riding available in the central and northern part of Ca.
    thanks again Jeff

  • jamesy

    OBTW didja notice the placement of the Honda badge on the fairing? Exactly where the BMW logo would be!
    Little doubt in my mind who they are targeting with this machine. To which I say Bravo, Bravissimo! Gosh she’s a sexy thing..
    Now if my Brazil stocks hold up… Uh hunny, you know that scratch on Bertha’s fairing?… well, I have an idea! You know it’s been forever since we’ve seen Trace and Edie…

  • FRE

    In September, I took a 5500 mile trip on my 2006 VFR 800 and averaged about 45 mpg. Once I rode 218 miles on a tank. The new VFR 1200 is heavier, has a much bigger engine, and a smaller gas tank. Unless they’ve found a way to increase fuel efficiency substantially, I would expect that it would not go nearly so far on a tank and therefore would not be so good as the VFR 800 for touring.

    Instead of making the motorcycle heavier and more powerful (the VFR 800 already has plenty of power), I would have preferred that they reduce the weight. It would also help if they would add crash protection. It makes no sense that a simple drop while standing still should do so much damage. Dropping the new VFR 1200 would cost even more, if only because of the rear view mirrors with turn signal lights built in.

    On my trip, my VFR 800 fell over after I demounted. I had to park on the shoulder and, because the sidestand was too long and the shoulder slanted slightly to the right, all it took was a puff of wind to blow the bike over. Surely such a simple drop should not scratch the luggage and the fairing.

  • KevMo

    I prefer the 2nd-gen VFR styling much better (98-01). The 3rd had that butt-ugly headlamp/cowl that I could never get past. If they would’ve beefed the engine to 950ish and kept other things similar that would’ve been ideal (imo).

    The ‘Bird is a totally different bike. I owned one as well (’99) and loved it. IMO Honda should bring that bike back out, maybe make it a little more “sport touring” friendly (ie: MINOR tweaks), leave the styling alone, and let it rip. I loved my ‘Bird.. just wish there was something like it more updated. I’ve experienced the Concours 14 but it’s not the same.

    The new VFR: meh.

  • brent

    seen the 1200VFR but images of 1000 VFR look better. Is the 1000 going to be released and when

  • jamesy

    If you loved your “Bird” for more than just its Honda badge, and long for it as you say then there is the purrfect bike for you now – today! Its called a Hayabusa Kev and there is not a single thing your beloved “Bird” ever did that the “Busa” does not do better, nothing, nada, zip! It is lighter, more powerful (a lot more) equally refined, handles BETTER, (much better), stops better, better seat more legible dash and instrumentation, silky controls, perfect fit and finish.
    Please tho, dont take my word for it, by all means drive one, a new one, and if you are prepared to be honest with yourself, you will discover the ONLY replacement for your “Bird”.
    rock steady bro


    Honda is always the best…

  • jamesy

    Awwwk, Hondas best Hondas best awwwkk. Best in what way? It’s like choosing between children, there are so many wonderful motorcycles being made. I own a Honda, I raced Hondas (650 Hawk GT’s) I love their engineering but they are not the only game in town Hubert. I cannot think of any way that my Hawks were better than my SV650’s. Equally bulletproof motor but a lot more power in the Zook and FAR superior handling especially with the same kind of tweaks I did to the Hawks.
    Go ahead and see for yourself. You ride Blackbird and a GenII ‘Busa and then we’ll talk.
    That said, I saw a guy polishing his new silver VFR and it looked fabulous! But I’ll need to ride one soon before I say “who’s best”.

  • Busaman

    I have ridden the new VFR, and I definitely would not trade my gen II Hayabusa for it. The one I rode had a noisy transmission, and I was disappointed in its torque. I expected more torque from a V-4. My Busa (which, admittedly has an aftermarket exhaust system and a power commander) has noticeably more torque throughout the entire rpm range than the VFR 1200.

  • jamesy

    maybe the counterbalancer mass slows down the revving. Didnt expect it to have a motor equal to the Busa but how did it RIDE. The rider position looks a lot more forgiving for a guy like me so it would prolly beat the Busa in that regard (for me) but how did it turn and stop? can you brake deep into the corners if you need to (like you can on the Busa) and pull up short under surprise attack by a Buick? Could you make the back end squirm a bit to shorten the turn? Be good to hear your impressions. thanks