Honda RC-E Concept to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

11/10/2011 @ 8:55 am, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS

The Tokyo Motor Show is next month, and Honda has something special for two-wheeled enthusiasts. Fresh on the heels of KTM debuting the first major OEM electric dirt bike, Honda has an electric concept of its own: the Honda RC-E. The japanese company is being fairly terse about the RC-E’s details, simply stating that the bike is “an EV version of a super sports bike that pursues the joy of riding. A powerful and smooth ride unique to an EV model is achieved with the 250cc-class compact body.”

The bike looks fairly well-finished overall, hinting that the production of such a machine isn’t too far down the development timeline, should Honda give the project a green light. Shod with Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and a motor that looks large enough to come out of hybrid car, Honda’s design here is very appealing.

It’s hard to say how serious the company is about making an electric motorcycle though, but it does seem interesting is that the bike has an RC naming scheme, is wearing number plates, and has an obvious racing slant with its components. Could we HRC go racing electric soon?

Source: Honda

  • Honda…I dont care if this bike is electric or fossil fuel…build this bike please!!!!

  • Dr. Gellar

    O…M…G! Now this is quite a pleasant surprise for a Thursday morning… :-) And here I was thinking last night how the Toyko Motor Show has gotten really stale over the years with nothing of any real interest being debutted or offered. Nice Honda…nice!

    I certainly hope Honda/HRC go electric road-racing soon with a version of this!

  • adam s

    Mike D says it straight… dont care WHAT is under the hood. i want one.

    (incredible how with one stroke- Honda has made Zero, Brammo, Czyz(?) and all those others look like a cheap prop from the original Star Trek)

  • froryde

    From the tank backwards it looks surprisingly like the Brammo Empulse to me?

  • adam s

    the back half does not a whole bike make.

  • Jackie

    Ah, there we go. Way to go Honda.
    Finally, an electric that doesn’t look like it was built in a woodshed.
    Make it red, give it some range, and make the price graspable.

  • Damo

    I dig it. That is a hot little machine.

  • Gary

    Oh to be company president for a day. By morning tea I would have bridged the disconnect between the development and production teams. Never again would the market have to ponder how a company with such consistently brilliant design concepts, could construct the absurd finished products that they do.

  • Isaac

    This is going to be a $50k + bike. I’m not holding my breath. None the less, absolutely beautiful machine!

  • Isaac

    Oh P.S.

    Honda, THIS is how the new CBR600RR should look for ’13.

  • Random

    As good-looking as the CB 1100 R concept. Even seems to be a “functional concept”, if there’s such a thing, with radiators, functional brakes etc. Co-axial swingarm attachment, front sprocket AND eletric motor, take this BMW! :)

  • John Magnum

    Well a little closure for those buying a 2012 CBR1000,
    Your getting an 08 bike with a new face and whatever forks, R&D allocation for watch should have gone to updating the blade has gone here by the looks of things.

  • Westward

    Looks intriguing, but what are the facts. I want to know range, speed, battery technology, and weight…

  • Nobody

    Bitchin. Awesome job, Honda. Give us an option for a V4 1000cc motor, too, please!

  • looks great!

    i wouldn’t say it blows the motoczysz away though, more the contrary. The czysz cost a fortune to build, and it looks it too…IMO one of the most gorgeous and best finished bikes of all times. Nothing woodshed or cheap about that!

  • Looks like a Britten with conventional forks to me. (that’s high praise) I’d be seriously considering it if it comes in at a reasonable price. Honda should be able to mass produce something spectacular at a great price if they put their mind to it.

  • Westward

    It all comes down to price… and what type of range you get for it… I like it, and that is hard for me to say for anything Honda…

  • Alexontwowheels

    Tee Tee Ex Gee Pee Domination!

  • Isaac

    @Westward says:

    [QUOTE]PMLooks intriguing, but what are the facts. I want to know range, speed, battery technology, and weight…[/QUOTE]

    Range: 50mi
    Speed: 100+
    Battery: LiOn
    Weight: 500lbs +

    typical of eBikes.

  • fazer6


  • Kyle G


    Got any sources for those spec classes. I mean they seem reasonable, just curious if you found a leaked spec sheet. I have heard that this uses a Insight Car electric motor

  • Sean in Oz

    Range and particularly recharge time need to improve a LOT before electric sports bikes become relevant to me.

  • @ Isaac

    How do you get 500 lb (277 kg) as “typical for ebikes”. There are only two ebikes in any kind of mass production, the Brammo Enertia which is 324 lb (147 kg) and what I have, the Zero DS/S. I have the DS and my ebike has a range of about 50 miles and weighs 268 lb (122 kg). There are no ebikes anywhere near 500 lb either as a production bike or a prototype. The heaviest I know of the Mavizen (which is a built to order thing not a production bike) is 374 lb (170 kg)

    Why have you just made up “”500+, typical for ebikes “as a “fact”? You’re not alone, every single thread about electric bikes is full of made up facts

  • @Jason. The 500 lbs is typical of the weight the race bikes in the TTXGP and e-Power series, so it’s not baseless.

    I am curious as to where Issac got his info. If those stats are true, compared to CRP’s, Brammo’s, and Zero’s top proposed 2012 bikes, then this is a poor execution by Honda.

  • @ttxgpfan Yes, the race bikes can be heavier, but there are only three road bikes in mass production at the moment. Zero XU at 221 poounds, Zero DS/S at 290 pounds and the Brammo Enertia at 324 pounds. Given that this is a road bike we’re talking about if you’re going to put in a throw away line like “typical of ebikes” in response to a request for “facts” then it’s just plain wrong.

    I’ve been involved in a lot of internet discussions and it’s common for people to interpret things differently but it’s rare for people to just make stuff up. (I’ve never noticed it) However in electric bike comments sections it seems to be quite normal.

  • Btw In my previous post I gave the 2010 state of play. The second post I gave the 2011 state of play with the entry of the XU and a 10 kg increase in weight for the DS/S. The 2012 Zeros are a bit heavier at up to 340 pounds. Still no where near “500+”

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  • 450

    Besides KTM one year later still the same play bike Sherco presented way more advanced real size water cooled two speed off road bike and Gas Gas came up officially with their trials bike. Plus numerous good level children trials brands starting with the bikes for the 2 years old!
    On the street esthetic Volta bikes are way ahead from others for a while now. Honda effort is good if it’s not some pointless prototype again. Husky proto was already strong enough so there is no competition at the moment;) But true as mentioned here above already, give us an option for a V2 1200cc motor, too, please! This electric stuff is lame PlayS generation thing where is no man any more. Any way the bike looks good. Make it happen Honda.