More Photos of the Honda MSX125

01/22/2013 @ 12:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


Judging from the response we got on Asphalt & Rubber, there is a lot of buzz regarding Big Red’s new monkey bike, the 2013 Honda MSX125. A small-in-stature motorcycle with a single-cylinder 125cc thumper that puts out 9.7hp, the Honda MSX125 is designed to be a world-market machine that is both fun and practical in nature.

We don’t know how practical the MSX125 might be on the roads here in the United States (it makes a lot more sense in the tighter, pot-hole riddled, car-less roads elsewhere though), but man it sure looks like a fun small-displacement motorbike. Maybe the marketing is working on us? More photos after the jump.








Source: Honda

  • Gutterslob

    Makes me want to yell “Wheeeee” out loud, for some reason. Nice.

  • Jay

    man that thing looks sweeeeeeet.

  • Jeram

    Put a 125 two stroke in it and Ill buy it

  • paulus – Thailand

    The first ones have hit the streets here in thailand.
    I got to ride one around a kart track… man, it’s fun!

    Perfect bike for a scoot around and big enough to cope with a fair sized haul.

  • 76

    Man I wish I had this thing when I was in college

  • Looks like a development of the Honda Mini-Trail that Honda originally released in the ’60’s:

  • @ 350 – 450 cc – it would be such a kicker..

  • Cpt.Slow