Coming Soon: Honda Gold Wing F6C

11/08/2013 @ 2:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


The force is strong with the Bothan Spy network today, as we have received news that Honda is set to debut a naked-style power cruiser, named the Honda Gold Wing F6C — a noticeable nod to a similar Honda motorcycle, the Honda F6C Valkyrie.

Though we don’t know what the final form of the F6C will be like (the Honda EV 6 Concept is above), it is said to be the bridge between the Honda CTX1300 and Honda Gold Wing F6B, the 2014 Honda Gold Wing F6C is a light and low cruiser in style, similar to the CTX1300.

However Gold Wing F6C will also be like the Honda Gold Wing F6B in that it will be based around the Gold Wing’s 1,832cc six-cylinder engine, which will make and underwhelming 108hp at 5,500 rpm and an overwhelming 116 lbs•ft of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Despite being built off the Gold Wing platform, the Honda Gold Wing F6C is a whopping 154 lbs lighter than the Honda Gold Wing GL1800, which should bring it in around 750 lbs at the curb. This would mean that the F6C, with its naked approach, will also be 100 lbs lighter than its fully-faired sibling, the F6B.

The Honda Gold Wing F6C’s chassis is made from an aluminum mult-box twin-spar frame, with the GL1800 engine mounted as a stressed member. The subframe has also been made to make for a very low passenger seat height, all in an effort to maintain rider stability at low speeds, and to improve handling at higher velocities.

The aluminum swingarm is of a single-sided design, with the front-end of the Honda Gold Wing F6C dramatically stretched out with its 30.5° rake and 121.5mm trail. The F6C will be equipped with a dual-channel ABS braking system, with dual 310mm discs up front, and a single 316mm disc in the rear.

Expect to see the 2014 Honda Gold Wing F6C officially debut in a couple weeks’ time. Could the F6c look like the Honda EVO 6 Concept, pictured above, which debuted in the 2007? Only time will tell.

Source: Bothan Spies

  • Ian John

    Looks bad ass with the sportbike tail.
    More a reason it wont look like that in production form.
    Baah humbug….well they do it too us all the time.
    KTM you excused.

  • DWolvin

    Reminds me of the BMW concept6, but with the bonus of maybe being made… ;)

  • Paul McM

    Evo 6? Yeah baby. Me gusta mucho. I’m not into this category of bike, and I question the need for a flat six in a boulevarder like this, but DAM that’s a hot design. Nice theft of the up-angle “thrice pipes” exhaust tips from MV Augusta. The headlight module looks modern without being insect-like. I like the large v-shaped radiator “grill”. Rather than try to hide the water cooling make it a prominent styling feature — like on a classic hot rod. The elliptical mirrors and old-style grips add a nice retro touch. But the real deal-maker are those intake runners and sweetly curved headers. You got a six down there Pal? Let everyone know it!

    I hope the FC6 borrows as much as possible from this EVO 6 concept bike. Why mess with a good thing?

    I admit such a bike isn’t rational transport, nor will it go around a track as well as a 600cc sportbike. But I like the idea of a modern day Hot Rod bike — something with the bad-ass spirit of the V-Max.

  • jkedsnake

    Could this be the answer to the diavel?

  • Norm G.

    i remembered being floored when this bike concept first debuted.

    wait, is there an undercurrent of “renaissance” battling for control inside of Honda…? :)

  • Norm G.

    re: “Could this be the answer to the diavel?”

    more like did this inspire ducati to create the diavel…?

  • MikeD

    Always good too hear news like that BUT being that we are talking Honda “QUEEN OF BLAND AND SAFE” here i’m going to “severely check my feelings at the door” and not hold my breath at all ’til we see what they have coming.

    If said bike looks anything like the F6B or the MUTANT/Transvestite CTX1300 they can take it and SHOVE where the Sun don’t shine.

    If it does look A LOT similar to the EVO6 then we have something to look forward to own one day (pre-owned, of course, LOL).

    P.S: I’m still waiting for this to happen.

    Oh, BMW . . . GET THAT BROOM STICK OFF YOUR LOWEST BACK and build us a crazy looking K1600R or S variant, STOP wasting such superb engine ONLY on your NON-affordable sport tourers.
    Don’t forget to make standard that new fancy up and down quick shifter from the new 2014 R1200RT.

  • Darel P

    I bought the 1998 Valkyrie and Corbinized it extensively, looked great but no whiplash at the throttle. In 2010 I moved to the Yamaha VMAX and dropped another $10k in modifications…… if Honda gets serious, there are many like me that would spend money for an EV6 badass muscle bike and continue to accessorize/modify for years. +1 on the beast!

  • Wow! As an owner of three previous GL models through the years! this is! without a doubt! a stunning tour de force in design. Yes, the exhausts look a little like the MV but some say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. The flow, seen on the horizontal axis, between the intakes and exhaust is something to visually admire. Some have already commented about the radiator a la the old hot rods and I admit it looks ballsy and in your face. With a six speed transmission, this venerated six cylinder would almost be complete. This bike will not be towing a trailer or spending it’s hours cruising at 80 loaded down. It needs decent suspension, a bunch more ponies and the six speed box and then Honda would have some bragging rights. Take it up to two liters Honda and I’d buy one in a heartbeat since I have an affinity for the old gal!

  • Kevin White

    I don’t understand why Honda wouldn’t show this at the Italian show, but would unveil it a couple of weeks later. Wasn’t the Italian show THE place and time for unveilings?

  • MikeD


    Maybe they are shooting for an unveil at the Tokyo Motor Show or maybe the NEC Show on the U.K ?


    How do u like that V4 hearted Gorilla of a motorcycle ? and i mean that in the nicest of ways. I have always been a power monger & fan of the VMAX, specially the last Gen (too bad it drinks gas like a blind well and doesn’t have overdrive or a 6th Gear) but still one heck of a Machine.
    I like the Valkyrie a lot too but i just can’t get pass that cartoonish looking front wheel/tire combo . . . same problem i have with the Rocket III.
    The small 120/70-R18 front tire is one of the reasons i like the VMAX so much. Makes it look like a PROPER Hot Rod.


    Yes the individual intake runners and the headers makes wonders for the look’s department of an otherwise “FLAT” engine (pun intended). Let’s see if they make it to production.(fingers crossed).
    Punch it out to 2.0L ? ! 6 speeds ? ! You are a mad man, i like the way you think. (big grin).

  • Bingo, the Tokyo Motor Show is in two weeks. The Japanese OEMs always keep something special for that, even if it’s just concept bikes.

  • William Goodman

    Well I always been a fan of the wing. But I have to tell you the last time Honda come out with a bike like this that was suppost to be the fastest thing around Kawasaki came out with the KZ 1300 big 6 to answer the CBX 6 and it kick the CBX’x butt. The KZ1300 in 1979 had more hp. and power to the ground then most of your bike of today still. I know I own one of these bike and there is not much out there that will out horse it 34 years later. Honda if your going to go this way get it right this time and put enought power in the bike to out last every one for years to come.

  • smokin’joe

    Far better than the current release. I kind-of like it.