Honda EVO 6 Supernaked Concept is a Go

06/13/2009 @ 11:19 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


According to the Spanish news site Solomoto, Honda is about to launch a bike based off their EVO 6 concept. The EVO 6 debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007 as Hondas stab at making a hypermotard built off the Goldwing 1800cc motor.

Current Honda President, Takeo Fukui, promised that before he left Honda the company would build a bike as innovative as the EVO 6 concept. Fukui is slotted to be replaced by Takanobu Ito at the end of this month, so the rumor fits with that promise made two years ago. Also fitting this announcement is the unveiling of Honda’s upcoming factory in Kumamoto, which will take up production of the Goldwing touring motorcycle.

This will also mean that production of the Goldwing will leave its current home in Marysville, OH. Since the EVO 6 will use the same 150hp 6-cylinder powerplant as the Goldwing, we can expect that the production of the EVO 6 will also occur in Kumamoto.

Expect Honda to adjust the concept to meet more realistic production specs. We should see a showing of the final production design sometime in the Fall, perhaps at the EICMA conference in Milan, which A&R will be attending.

Source: Solomoto30

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  • Honda EVO 6 Supernaked Concept a Go: #asphaltAndRubber #supernakedConceptBikes #hotMotorcycles ~ I so ♥ #Honda! #1800cc !!

  • Waw…nice motorcycle with big power from Honda…will it be available in asia region?

  • Quisiera cortesmente saber si hay alguna propuesta concreta de Honda (Evo 6), Suzuki (Stratosphere) o de Bmw (6) en poner en producciòn las respectivas motocicletas de 6(seis) cilindros que tienen como “concept”? Si alguien me pudiera dar informaciòn se lo agradecerìa muy cordialmente! Saludos!