Honda TT Legends’ CBR1000RR is Sex on Two Wheels

02/29/2012 @ 12:17 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

When it comes to motorcycles that pitch more tents than a Boy Scout Jamboree, the Honda CBR1000RR probably isn’t at the top of your list. That’s not a slight to the venerable CBR, but Honda has always been more of a “function over form” type of brand. That being said, I never thought I would see that when Honda would give up its technological dominance in production sport bikes, but for 2012 the Honda CBR1000RR will have to fight the battle of being low-tech offering in war where electronics are the new horsepower.

While the 2012 Honda CBR1000RR is likely not to come out the victor in sport bike sales figures this year, the Japanese company has a very good chance of dominating at the Isle of Man TT in a few months. Of course it helps when you have “King of the Mountain” John McGuinness at the helm of your TT bike, but we’ve got hand it to the Japanese brand, as the TT Legends scheme that McGuinness and Simon Andrews will race at the IOMTT and Northwest 200 makes us forget all about the fact that the Fireblade comes sans an sort of electrical aids. Get your computer desktop ready, jumbo resolution photos await you after the jump.

Source: Honda TT Legends

  • KungFuGrip


  • To paraphrase Kanye – “Sex is on fire, this is the king of leon.”

  • Craig

    IF the corporate companies would just buy the rights to the racing paint schemes without the companies logos, you would have bikes that looked good instead of odd looking sticker kits with skulls or skylines or something else.

    Heck, Honda, if they did produce this would need electronics to make the sell; heck I would just hang an extension cord off of it and call it electronics. :)

  • Chris

    well, technically Honda came up with this paint scheme themselves circa 1987 with the original RC30. Maybe they’re saving this scheme for their next production V4 superbike? I’m going to start holding my breath right…. now

  • Joe

    Fap, Fap, Fap.

  • jimmy smith jr.

    Nah f*ck that! I want another black bike with graffiti or tribal stickers on it.

    Dude, what color is your bike? My bike is black bra! No way Bra…my bike is black too! Dude sweet bro.

  • Westward

    Is that a Rothmans livery…?

  • Eric

    Looks like a tribute to the original paint job of Honda’s great old 1990 RC30. One of my all-time favorites!

  • s2upid

    to be honest i like last years more for some reason.. the colours were more balanced on the bike..

    e.g. here

  • i didn’t understando why Fireblades won all street races…. where the S1000RR and the others?

  • SiafaAlvin

    ~Looovin’ youuuu, is easy ’cause you’re beau-ti-fulll~

  • bruidsbeurs

    Nuttige site met bruiloft tips.

  • Steve Lang

    RC 30 livery. Love it!