Valentino Rossi’s personal photographer Gigi Soldano was on hand for Rossi’s debut on the Ducati Desmosedici this week during the MotoGP test at Valencia. Granted unfettered access to what goes on behind-the-scenes in the Ducati garage, Soldano combined his magic behind the lens with the events that unfolded in front of him, and lucky for us, he shared them with the world on his blog today.

Although the Ducati reared its ugly head and front-end problems ensued, which caused a rocky start to the relationship between Rossi and the Desmosedici, Soldano still seems to have captured the special moments along the way. Ducati will go back to Bologna next week to plan for the upcoming season, while Rossi will be left to contemplate how to prepare for his second date with the GP11.

While we wait until then, check out Soldano’s full gallery on his blog, there’s pages of great MotoGP moments to be found there beyond this week’s GP and test.

Source: Milargo via MotoMatters (Twitter)

  • Sean

    “Valentino Rossi‚Äôs personal photographer”
    Who has a personal photographer? How big does your ego have to be!?

  • Minibull

    Had a look at his site, dosnt really look like a hard out, “personal” photographer. Not too the extent of other famous people at least…

  • Prich

    It sounds obnoxious, but if I was VR, I’d be aware that I have a pretty charmed life that I worked hard for and it would be good to have photos of all the important moments in life for posterity.

  • patron

    a lot of those guys have personal photographers. its not ego. its for documentation and nostalgia.

  • patron

    not to mention a lot of thos people give personal photog jobs to friends or relatives to spread a little of the wealth.

  • prasanth


    No need to be rash

  • Idgy

    He should probably take that Yamaha backpack off now!

  • Personal photographer? Ick…

  • Fr1z

    if i were a superstar like rossi.. i’d like to have a personal photographers too… so what the big deal..
    i have the money… so don’t wine if you’re not a celeb… and don’t have any money to get you’re own personal photographer… and if you’re not rossi’s fan… chill out man… it’s his money not yours…

  • the yamaha backpack?….symbolic-ironic – it’s behind him —(you missed it) — and the personal photographer who took that great shot of him NOT looking back? — hell — I’d document every moment as well— can you ride like that? not even in your next life…. …bow to italy you chump

  • Jeff

    I am a Rossi Fan and a retired roadracer. Valentino Rossi is the epitome when speaking of those that have thrown a leg over a bike. If he wants a personal photographer he should have one. If I were of his caliber I would. You are just jealous. Rossi has done more for the sport of road racing than anyone. Maybe he should have a personal movie camera crew, video game crew, clothing design crew….

  • Keith

    anybody consider he has the personal photographer to maybe just maybe thin out the paparazzi? Not to mention at least he can get paid for these shots.

  • Frank

    Racing is a business, a big business with serious money involved and that requires PR and press to make the most of it. Having a personal photographer means having someone who knows how to stay out of the way (while limiting intrusive press) as well as get photos that can be used by sponsors, manufacturers and publications among others. This is also part of the VIP treatment for sponsored guests, in addition to getting to hang out for a few minutes in the garage with all the company graphics you get your photo taken with the racer.
    I hope all of you who race get a chance to have one someday. Until then study the teams and how they treat sponsors and their guests including how the garage looks. It will help you appear more professional. By the way Roger Penske started all this stuff at Indy years ago, until then having an oil stained garage at the track was the way it was.

  • Gusmar

    VR is a star. He does what a star does, and he takes all the consequences, having all those possibles inclusive. I haven’t seen any evidence why we not raise our two thumbs for all the thing he’s sacrificed to teach the people with something.