The Frog FZ750 Rana Heads to SFMOMA

03/20/2012 @ 11:22 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

Frog Design is better known for its work designing computer cases for Apple, but  in 1985 Frog Design’s Founder Hartmut Esslinger designed the Frog FZ750. A two-wheeled concept vehicle that was a Yamaha FZ750 underneath the skin, the Frog FZ750 actually helped give birth to the venerable Honda Hurricane.

Conceived just a few years after Frog Design opened its California office, the now iconic Frog FZ750 was a reaction to increasing pressure for safer motorcycles (the Yamaha FZ750 was outlawed in the Golden State at the time), and set the standard for a generation of motorcycle design to come.

After residing in the company’s San Francisco office for the past 25 years, the Frog FZ750 is about to make one last journey — down the street to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Going on permanent display at SFMOMA, the folks at Frog have put together an interesting history of how the Frog FZ750 came to be. Check out the story on the Frog Design company blog, and if you are in San Francisco, be sure to stop by the SFMOMA. Thanks for the tip Mike!

Source: Frog Design

  • BBQdog

    I am sorry, but one that is not even able to pump up his motorcycle tyres shouldn’t design motorcycles.

  • FeelgoodInc

    Never seen this before. Where have I been? Beautiful looking bike in it’s own way. Like Akira meets a Sinclair C5! Frog NEED to do this again with a modern bike. Would love to see what they could do with the current crop of somewhat awkwardly styled litre class sportsbikes such as the R1 or GSXR.

  • Stacius

    Hm. They have an office just down the street from mine. I’ll have to check it out…

  • jtb

    Same year that Ducati showed the Paso. :-)

  • Love the helmet. It’s so Sci-fi.

  • johnrudpree

    Outlawed in the Golden State? That doesn’t sound right. Was it just not being imported because of the tariff Harley got the ITC to impose on Japanese bikes over 700cc?

    And does anybody else thing the front end look like a Dakar bike?

  • Ed Gray

    Christ what a mess. I do see the connection to the Hurricane and Paso both design disasters in their own right. At least Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki didn’t get sucked into that psychedelic hell.

  • FeelGoodInc, I hear from my old colleagues there that the thought of losing this bike from the front lobby prompted a couple of designers to take up arms (err, pencils… errr, styli) for a 21st century version. Not sure how far along they are, but I bet you see something in the near future.

  • If you check the Frog Blog (some trademark that name ASAP) posting’s last photo, I believe we’re getting a glimpse of that bike Marc, no?

  • MikeD

    If no one told me what i was before me laying eyes on it i could have sworn it was a BMW !


    Indeed, it looks Dakar-ish.



    I think it looks alright…like a LEGO Bike…lol.

  • Grant Madden

    Yes,the Ducati Paso.The helmet looks like a Givi top box!!

  • Johnny

    Wow, the helmet looks like my old Shoei GX-1 !

  • carboncanyon

    Horrendously ugly bike that has not weathered the passing of time well.

    Was it designed with a ruler and circle guides? Where is the emotion in the lines?

  • Bob

    Looks like a plastic toy version of a Suzuki GS 1200.

  • FeelgoodInc

    @Marc F, class!!! One to look forward to. Interesting to see what bike they choose as a basis and why. All the comment s on here about why this bike is so wrong are, to me, missing the point a little. Yes it looks a bit Dakary…daiquiri…like a rally raid bike, it looks a bit Lego, it looks a bit like Asimo or like a Buck Rogers prop and that is what makes it so good. Its from a different mold an all these year later its still dividing opinion and getting talked about! In nearly 3 decades time, who is going to be talking about a 2012 GSXR1000?

  • Gritboy

    Gods that’s hideous. As a graphic artist, I’d say that’s a miss. I’ll take a Suzuki Falco Rustico prototype any day for cool bizzaro, or better yet, a mint condition red/silver FZ750. ;-)