FIM Reviewing How Rossi/Stoner Crash Was Handled

04/05/2011 @ 8:23 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) will be reviewing the conduct of track officials regarding their handling of the crash aduring the Spanish GP, which saw Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner crashing out together in Turn 1. After separating the bikes, as Stoner’s had been on top of Rossi’s, a vast majority of the corner workers rushed to Rossi’s aid, leaving Stoner stranded until the Italian was underway.

Stoner in the post-race debriefs was noticeably upset over the favortism shown by the Spanish workers (he did not re-enter the race), a complaint that was also levied by Marco Simoncelli, who also got no assistance in his incident.

From these complaints, and surely fueled by the controversay and speculation in the media, the Race Direction has decided to organize a hearing with the Clerk of the Course and the Chief Marshal in order to review the Rossi/Stoner incident at Turn 1 (sorry Marco). The FIM apparently wants to hear the explanation for the circuit workers’ actions, but we think the answer is pretty clear.

Take a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts, tell them they can watch one of the biggest races of the year for free as long as they haul crashed bikes out of the gravel (some people would even pay to do that sort of manual labor), give them probably 10 minutes of instruction, and Bob’s your uncle with the chaos the ensues.

Nevertheless the FIM surely needs to save some face and look proactive on this issue. As the ruling will not affect the outcome of the race (they’re not examining the crash itself, instead everything post-crash), there’s no time pressure, thus the hearing will be held Thursday April 28th in Estoril, Portugal.

Source: MotoGP

  • Other Sean

    So what are they gonna do, pull these regular blokes to Portugal to answer for what they did as volunteer work for giggles?

  • No, but they’ll probably go into how much training was involved, what SOPs they used. Maybe they’ll look at some videos, and then agree it shouldn’t have happened, and to try harder next time. Maybe they’ll high-five…it’s hard to say really.

  • jblaze

    I would run straight to Rossi’s bike and start collecting the broken bits to put on my garage wall!! hahaha

  • Mark

    Mandating that engines be equipped with electric starters would eliminate the need for outside help in case of a stalled engine, thus keeping track marshals out of the equation. Their job is to insure a safe track by removing stalled bikes that may cause a safety issue, not to restart a stalled engine.

  • TM

    Corner workers should never assist in starting any bike. If the rider can’t pick up his own bike and get it going down the track then he’s done for the day.

  • SBPilot

    FIM doing this purely to save face.

  • I couldn’t agree more with what TM has to say its your bike your race pick it up your self and get back in the race conner workers should only help get the bike off the track. or if your injured. so no one else runs over you.

  • 76

    TM is correct, corner workers should not be assisting any racer in bump starting his bike. It is the race teams choice not to have a electric starter, not a rule.

    If corner workers are allowed to bump start bikes it creates problems like this and even bigger safety issues with personal on a hot track.

  • Nick

    You’re arguing against reality, the reality is that marshalls do help riders restart and that they did treat stoner pretty shitty here.

    Saying “they shouldn’t even be doing it” is stupid when they aren’t prevented from doing it and in fact usually do help the riders.

  • irksome

    I think the new Honda clutch makes it near impossible to bump so the point is moot. Is this true?

    Kick-starters, anyone?

  • Shaitan

    In this instance I do think Stoner was snubbed, but his bike wouldn’t have started anyhow, while Rossi’s was still running. FIM needs to handle the issue though, maybe put the burden of restarting on the teams, and let the marshalls focus on safety only.

  • Josh

    I didn’t watch the whole race, but from what I’ve seen the workers seem to have done an ok job. First priority, get the rider out from under the (very hot) machine. Second help the rider get going who’s bike is still running. 3rd help whoever’s left. Its really lousy luck for Stoner to be sure, but I wouldn’t blame the course workers.

    Wacky idea of the day: how about a rotor that the motor spins up to store energy for starting. Make it spin opposite the engine crank to cancel out the gyro effects as well…. ?

  • MTGR

    I remember the days when anyone but the rider picking up the bike, or even touching it, meant an immediate disqualification for that rider. But back then they were two strokes designed with bump-starting in mind since the the races started with dead engines and the rider bump starting it.

    I think one of the arguments for why that was changed (the restarts, not the dead engine race starts) was because it left crashed bikes in a crash zone which was deemed more dangerous than getting them going and back to the race or pits.

    Not sure I agree, but you have to admit there would have been about 9 bikes left stranded in the gravel by the end of this one with maybe no way to get them behind the airfence and that could have made it more dangerous for anyone who crashed into that mess after the fact.

  • 76

    I’m not saying get rid of corner workers, and honestly thank all that do that thankless job. They should allow for helping in picking up the bike but not starting and or advancement in position.

    Also they of course continue their primary job of pulling bikes off the track and notifying crews when a rider is down

  • dmclone

    If these guys weighed a little more than 110lbs they would probably be able to start the bike themselves.

  • 305ed

    Stoner got a push. What is he complaining about?

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