The Isle of Man has to be the ultimate location for a motorcycle commercial. Not only does the small island in the middle of the Irish Sea host the famous Isle of Man TT, but the small country’s picturesque hillsides and ocean backdrops make for some spectacular visuals in their own right. Add in the lack of a speed limit outside city limits, a thriving motoring culture, and well…you get the idea: two-wheeled paradise.

Taking Kawasaki’s TT rider James Hillier and the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, Kawasaki launched its latest supersport machine at the Isle of Man last year with one of the more compelling series of videos and photographs we have seen in a while…and they pulled a few awards in the process as well. Now, Team Green is giving us a glimpse in what went into the commercial’s production. It’s good stuff. Check it out after the jump.

Behind the Scenes:

Final Video:

Source: Kawasaki

  • Afletra

    Those wear-out tires are awesome :D

  • Fabulous, emotion-evoking work. Simply fabulous.

  • Hooi

    Good stuff!

  • David


  • david

    every single inch of that course is epic. a truly awesome,frightening, exhilarating spectacle.

  • jason

    It’s the split seconds shredding through the moss walled curve that we live for.


    Amazing ad… but here in Indonesia, ZX-6R is priced USD $23,000…
    yeah, tax sucks

  • j.davis

    Contrary to the commercial, the Isle of Man is not an independent country. It is a Crown Dependency. The Crown Dependencies are not considered independent nations, but are granted local autonomy by the crown and British citizenship by the United Kingdom – though the UK does reserve the right to over-rule the laws of their local assemblies.