Erik Buell Racing Prices Announced

05/09/2010 @ 9:01 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Erik Buell Racing has released pricing details on its EBR 1125R DSB, EBR 1125RR, and EBR 1190RR race motorcycles. In addition to these models, Erik Buell Racing also has a few track bikes that are available for sale. Prices after the jump.

EBR 1125R DSB – 140hp – 80lbs•ft – 390lbs (wet no fuel) – $16,900
EBR 1125RR – 170hp – 86lbs•ft – 368lbs (wet no fuel) – $41,900
EBR 1190RR – 185hp – 93lbs•ft – 360lbs (wet no fuel) – $44,900

Erik Buell Racing is reporting that is has a few trackday bikes, which come with a full fairing, chain drive, and other track-only goodies. These bikes are available for $10,500. Contact Erik Buell Racing for details.

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  • With the price of the EBR 1190RR more than twice that of a Ducati 1198S (though less than the Desmo), the odds we’ll see more than the pair produced for Pegasusraceteam is pretty slim.

    Even though the 1125RR is homologated for AMA racing, at just a slight discount in price (and 15 hp) down from the 1190RR, it’s still going to be out of reach for any privateer I know of. The 1125R DSB remains within reach, but with no contingency money to be had, only a privateer with a deep desire to make a statement of loyalty is going to make that purchase.

    Until Erik’s non-compete agreement expires, EBR’s six employees are going to have to rely on whatever funding they’ve been living off of since December, and hope for the sale of a few $10k track bikes.

    I’d like to see them open up a program of rebuilding existing 1125Rs to track spec. But who listens to us? :)

  • Yes, no, maybe on the price. When you look at those racing classes and what it takes to be competitive in them, these prices are more than fair. DSB uses close to stock bikes, whereas the other classes allow for much more modification. In these classes teams aren’t buying bikes from dealers and modifying them, they’re buying race-prepped bikes directly from manufacturers.

    These bikes can cost up to $250k for a front-running WSBK level bike. The base models of these bikes cost much less, but are still nearly double from the EBR’s. A Ducati 1098RS is about 90k euros, with the Aprilia RSV4 rumored to tally in at 60k euros. Check this post out for more on that:

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  • Jim John

    Yes jensen, but the ducati and aprilia are winners….

  • Well Ducati is having a hard time of it this year, but that’s besides the point, ehh?

    In some senses you do get what you pay for, but I think real winners succeed despite the obstacles in front of them.

  • Jim John

    We will see at infineon AMA if the buell even has a chance in superbike. I wish buell luck

  • Have to agree with SoCal Buell Rider. EBR has produced some awesome bikes, but unfortunately, they really don’t fit into any class — at least, economically.

    For 44 large, you can build a race ready GSXR, R1, CBR, F4 and have a number of classes to race it in. Just sayin’…

    Hopefully, some VC money will come along and Buell can get back to building street bikes.

  • CarbonBigfoot

    Sure would like one of those 1190 motors for my CR….



  • unclewill

    Here we go again! Buell motorcycles went out of business because they built somewhat competitive bikes with premium prices. The market responded by not buying their bikes, Harley Davidson pulled the plug, and the m/c community lamented Buell and vilified HD. Now, Buell has returned and it’s the same story all over again! Public opinion seems to be much the same as it was before regarding bikes vs price, so it will be interesting to see how this latest endeavor in custom motorcycle building pans out for Buell. I hope EBR is a success because Eric Buell is a creative engineering genius and is fighting the good fight for independent motorcycle builders and racers.

  • John Garcia

    These bikes can barely compete with the 600 class, ala – AMA. And you want to pay 44 gs for a Buell? Are you people on crack. Yes, you can build a superbike that will out perform the buell even at 25k deep including bike… Hell, you can build a Factory Graves Yamaha R6 for about the same price and again will smoke the balls off the Buell. The AMA is biased and geared towards the Motor Harley Gearheads for the American Public. The reality here is its an overpriced 6oo with the reliability of a two stroke… Now, I can see why HD pulled the plug.. Obsolete!!! And why Mladin and Spies left the AMA… Its nothing more then overzealous Club Racing sponsored by fat walleted Michael Jordan has beens.

  • Mike H

    John what are you missing here? You cannot be serious that a 600 in line 4 can compete with a 185 Rear Wheel HP 360 pound wet weight machine. You may be talking about a 1125r which is NOTHING like this bike. (Although the 1125 did wipe the floor with the 600s last year.) This bike is near identical to the Ducati 1198R which is right up there with the new BMW as one the fastest road bikes ever made. Buell has announced they will be selling a street version of the 1190 next year. That means they will likely race in superbike next year.

    By the way a non-race prepped 1198R is $39,995.00.