Erik Buell Racing 1190RX to Debut at AIMExpo

09/20/2013 @ 11:48 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Heavily teased, we now know that Erik Buell Racing will debut its EBR 1190RX sport bike in mid-October, at the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida. Tipped to be a more affordable version of the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS, the 1190RX has been spotted with a seat for a pillion, has an uber-aggressive headlight, and will likely come without its premium suspension, wheels, and braking components.

“This is the culmination of decades of dedication, innovation and teamwork,” said EBR Founder Erik Buell. “We have been working to create a pure rider’s machine and a true world brand. From the heartland and the heart of America, these are extraordinary motorcycles that discerning riders everywhere will be passionate to own.”

The 1190RX is the first model to come out since Hero MotoCorp became a 49.2% shareholder in the American motorcycle marque, so it will be interesting to see if the Indian motorcycle company’s capital and manufacturing ability can help Erik Buell Racing lower the 1190RX’s price tag into an affordable realm for die hard motorcyclists. We’re expecting something in the $20,000 range.

EBR’s debut at the AIMExpo is an interesting move, as the trade show is hoping to become the American equivalent to Italy’s EICMA show.

Having manufacturers, like Erik Buell Racing, debut motorcycles at the show is one sure-fire way of making the AIMExpo a success. It will however be a tough pitch to get European OEMs onboard, which likely will be the ultimate determinant on the show’s continuation. Interesting stuff.

Source: Erik Buell Racing

  • I really think a 20,000 MSRP would be a big mistake. If he can hit anywhere under 18,000 I think he will hit the target.. or better even. Aprilia is at $14K with the base model RSV4 and Ducati is at $18K with the 1199.. which I feel is the most direct competition..

  • John M

    I agree with Tyler. You get close to BMW HP4 territory anywhere over $20,000. The Aprilia APRC and the S1000RR also get you a pretty incredible electronic package. If this bike is missing multiple levels of traction control, race ABS, etc., then it would be more like a KTM RC8. And the RC8 is an overpriced, underpowered bike that has no electronics package or ABS. It is also a twin, so that is the most direct competitor. And it also under $20K.

  • paulus

    The whole ‘made in America’ point must have a couple of thousand dollars of worth… but after that, it needs to be cost/performance based.

  • Gonzo


  • MikeD

    $20k . . .OK . . . Nah buddy, no way, go back and try again . . .

    $20k can be “burnt” in a way better way like the others pointed out before.

    Why would they go for a sector that’s pretty dead and dry unless your name is S1000RR HP4 or 1199 Panigale S ?
    For 20k this thing better come with an Italian Umbrella Girl and all kind-o-gizmos like the Panigale 1199S and the HP4.

    What about making bikes that most of us can buy ?

    And they wonder why they FAIL in becoming a stable and full size company . . .

  • MeatyBeard

    Pay more for made in America for a product that’s not as good as made in Italy or Germany? No thank you. I’d rather have made in Italy/Germany if the products were equal anyways, and let’s be realistic, this EBR won’t be on the same level.

  • smiler

    The only man in the US who knows how to make a motorcycle, or at least one that does not perform like one from the 1930’s. Good luck to him.

  • proudAmerican

    Although I applaud Eric for no longer being under the constraining control of H.D., and I believe he will now be allowed to build the performance bikes of which he’s always dreamed (with a new-found fit & finish), I’m with Tyler M on this one. If I’m going to spend anywhere near $20,000 on a sportbike, it’s going to be from a manufacturer that I’m guaranteed will still be around ten years from now.

    In that price range, an Aprilia would be at the top of my list…not an EBR.

  • Mike Marshall

    I’d LOVE to see an American built superbike capable of actually competing, not some 1300cc bike getting waxed by Ducati 748’s in its “own” series. (Anyone else here remember the “Buell Cup”?) Hundreds of millions of H-D’s money gone with little to show for it and now backing by Indian… Say what you want about H-D, they had loads of cash. Indian is treading water. Hardly a positive step. I’m with Proud American. For that kind of cash I want something with a track record… of success.

  • Variable

    Mike…. are you being serious right now or just trolling? Indian (as in the motorcycle company) is not involved with EBR. Hero is funding him….they are Indians… in they are from the country of India… actual Indians. Wow.

  • MikeD


    LMAO, +1. I think Marshall got his info all “shuffled”.

  • augustiron

    Much like Tesla was bashed for years for starting their production with an impractical and expensive $100k 2 seater roadster to prove their R&D to a limited market of early adopters with deep pockets, so will Buell sell very few very expensive bikes to those with deep pockets who want something unique and bought to support a local craftsman. Then as their reputation builds, tooling costs will come down, technology will be proven and developed further and like Tesla, he can follow a roadmap to produce MORE bikes at a LOWER price point later (if that IS their roadmap at all)
    Tesla will likely never compete with Honda or Toyota for the mass market econo sedan (and why would they want to) nor will Buell compete with the big 4 for mass market appeal.
    I thank those deep pocketed collectors in Hollywood and elsewhere who will pay Eric to keep the dream alive and take the next step.

  • I get the made in America thing ,but why does it have to be a v twin why not a v four? this will never fly