Erik Buell Racing continues to pump the interwebs with material on its EBR 1190RS street bike, the 1190cc v-twin American street bike. In what looks to be Part 1 of a multiple-part video series, EBR throws a bunch of cut-scenes together, giving us only a quick glimpse of the 1190RS. Although details are scarce about the winged-stead, we do know that the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS will be based of EBR’s 1190RR race bike, which was based in-turn off the now defunct Buell Barracuda 2.

Unfortunately Harley-Davidson closed down Buell before the Barracuda 2 could make it into production, thus gaining the ire of Buelltisti (we think that’s a word) around the world. Reports that the EBR 1190RS can be fueled by the sheer will of Erik Buell and tears of a unicorn might be exagereated, but we’re not certain. Enough fluff text, check the video after the jump.

Source: Rat Pak Records (YouTube) via HFL

  • Ken

    o0o0o0, cant wait to see production version. hopefully everything works out and we can actually get our grimy paws on this bike within a year or two.

  • Jp

    I was going to post earlier but it took me a bit of time to recover from the seizure I got from that video. Looks like a pretty promising bike and hopefully it turns into a nice big FU Harley once the dust settles.

  • MikeD

    I saw NOTHING! , IT STINKS like Triumph’s Commercials for the 800’s. Sick of this TREND.

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  • Rob

    I too am quite tired of the teaser videos. Bike looks great either way. I don’t mind the exhaust – somewhat 500GP-ish

  • jackie

    Why is the first engine sound you hear a four-banger?

  • Keith

    That exhaust is no uglier than another stock pipes out there. The Kzed and ninjette come to mind for ugly exhaust systems.

  • AndrewF

    That exhaust looks almost exactly like the one on Bimota DB7. I don’t remember anyone bitching about it then…

  • It’s Buell-isti dude, not Buell-tisti ;)

  • I highly doubt Buell is going to defer from their underbody exhuast. That is, unless HD does not release patent privileges, which is entirely a possibility. My bet is, given the projected retail price, that this is a removable street use silencer.

  • I like the idea of exhaust being vented through the swingarm but it appears that HD owns that patent. Too bad, it would add to the exotic-ness of the new bike. Come on Willie G., let Eric incorporate it into the new bikes, or are you gonna use it on something? Not! Buells Rock!