Is This The Erik Buell Racing 1190RS?

02/04/2011 @ 5:53 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

Posted to Erik Buell Racing’s Facebook page yesterday, this photo is what we presume is the soon to be released Erik Buell Racing 1190RS street bike. Based off the EBR 1190RR race bike, Erik Buell & Co. have been slowly teasing the idea of producing a limited production street bike, now that certain legal obligations are coming to a conclusion. No word yet on price or quantities, but we don’t expect this to be EBR’s foray into large production, and units are likely to be hand produced at the American company’s race shop.

From the photo we can see a mirror with an integrated signal, along with a stacked headlight assembly that has at least one projector element. True to the Buell brand, the EBR 1190RS looks equipped with a single perimeter-style brake disc and wheel system. There’s a lot of anxious Buell fans waiting for this bike, and if rumors are true, we could be seeing a few other bikes from Erik Buell Racing in the coming year or so.

Source: Facebook via HFL

  • Keith

    limited? heh, ain’t real until they are in dealerships across the continent…bring it in under 10k and make the wannbe rocket boys PO’d and I MIGHT get one. I say might because until a bike is worn out I don’t get a new one. 100,000+ on my ol’ GL1000. Only had it 4years…put 70k of those miles on it.

  • Mark

    @Keith, right, just like you bought one when they were available across the continent and were under $10K!

  • Keith

    Hmm, didn’t want one and unlike many I don’t go through motorcycles like other people go through girl friends in a highschool, 2 new ones a week.

  • ML

    Doesn’t “limited production” = expensive? Should be interesting to see how its priced…

    Also, I hope more bikes start shipping with projectors from the factory.

  • Craig

    OMG! Who cares! Seriously, you can’t find more interesting content that a shot of some kind of motorcycle behind a curtain? When was it that you became the PR agent for Erik Buell?

  • Justin

    the rotor looks slotted not drilled like the old ones

  • Isaac


    In Keith’s deense this will be an etirely different Buell.

  • Andrew

    Excited? About another whacky Buell bike with comical looks, vertical depreciation and all the reliability of a 70s Russian car? Not likely…

  • sburns2421

    This is a serious question, do the Buel bikes use inch fasteners? If you look at the toolbox there are rows of different sizes of inch fasteners and one drawer of metric. Odd.

    As for the bike, is this a heavily converted leftover 1125R like the early EBR product? Did Harley allow Erik Buell to buy new engines from Rotax?

  • DS

    Have the people who have written all the negative comments above ridden a bike with the 1125 engine? An 1190 version of that motor has got to be wild.

    The styling looks good as much as we can tell from that picture. Mirrors could use some changing, but how hard is that?

    Keith – in case you haven’t noticed, liter bikes haven’t been below 10k in several years. 600’s are now over 10k

    Craig – this is a DAILY moto news site. So, it is worth publishing whether you like Buell or not

  • buellracerx

    thank you @DS

    People are always afraid of what they don’t understand. Obviously there is a general lack of understanding surrounding good motorcycle engineering.

    Just like you have the freedom of speech to share your opinion @Keith, you also have to free will not to buy one…

    I for one find it impressive that a small, determined team in WI with great vision can compete with the hundreds of engineers working at certain Italian and Japanese brands

    oh and @sburns2421, H-D bikes (exc. VRSC platform) are all Standard, hence Buells up to 1125 platform are also standard. Engines sourced from Rotax = Metric, so bolts incl. and mating up to the engine need to be Metric. Chassis still = Standard. (screwy to work on, but not the first to do it)

  • Keith

    @DS gee didn’t notice that unlike many, I don’t replace a bike every year…then again I take care of them. I like buell’s work, dang fine and more foreward thinking than average.

    That being said…liter bikes as whole seem to be compensating for something.

  • 8that1

    Andrew says:
    February 6, 2011 at 3:14 PM Excited? About another whacky Buell bike with comical looks, vertical depreciation and all the reliability of a 70s Russian car? Not likely

    I’ll take 70 Russian car over 2010 japanese toyota technology any day,lol

  • 8that1

    Keith, its ovious you have limited budget, I doubt you will get a buell for under 10K.
    I doubt any buell owner would be happy be a buell went under 12K. Buells are in the same range as BMW, KTM , Aprillia and Ducati, the other bikes you can’t affors becuase you are a cheap ass,lol

  • Keith

    8that1 it is OBVIOUS you don’t know a cheap bastch when you see one. I ride in the real world not the track day world. 8^) The roads I see a liter bike wont be able to run hard…the bmw are expensive because they constantly beshate final drives, KTM is hard to find parts for as it Aprilla.

    I hope he does good!