Erik Buell Racing had a good weekend at Sears Point, with Danny Eslick riding the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS to its first podium in Race 1, with Team Hero. Making an encore podium in Race 2, Geoff May also put the EBR 1190RS on the third step, this time for Team Amsoil/Hero. With the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS benefiting from Sear Points emphasis on handling instead of horsepower, the EBR has made up a ton of ground in just a short amount of time.

While the EBR 1190RS race bikes were on the track, their $40,000+ street-legal counterparts were on display outside of the Erik Buell Racing garage. Rocking an American flag livery, I naturally took pictures of this show bike. Eye catching to say the least, nothing says “Made in ‘merica” better than a red, white, and blue color scheme, especially when it is laid over carbon fiber. And while I want to love this bike because of its nuances and outside-of-the-box technical design, I don’t.

Trading patriotism for originality, Erik Buell Racing is still pushing the same worn-out Americana marketing plan that Harley-Davidson built for the sport bike company way back when. With two podium victories, a gorgeous product, and a story that is an encapsulation of hard work overcoming adversity, you would think that the folks from East Troy could put away the cheap parlor trick of using Americana to sell motorcycles. One gorgeous bike in its own right, but a played out theme as well. What happened to being innovative guys? Photos after the jump.

Photos: © 2012 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • TJ

    “you would think that the folks from East Troy could put away the cheap parlor trick of using Americana to sell motorcycles”

    It’s always easy to sit back and criticize.

  • cds

    Are you seriously complaining about the paintjob?

    Next you’ll be criticizing Ducati for their Tricolore editions, right?

  • Harb

    I think this article is being a bit too critical. If they painted EVERY 1190rs in a flag livery then yeah, that’d be lame. But considering the competition, it seems perfectly acceptable to fly the colors a little bit and stand proud that they’re doing something that nobody else in America is doing – building world-class sport motorcycles. “pushing the same worn-out Americana marketing plan that Harley-Davidson built” would be constantly spouting garbage about tradition and history at every turn, something that Buell doesn’t do.

    What do you want them to do, discover a new band of the electromagnetic spectrum and invent the only paint that makes it visible to the human eye? Develop a paint that is lighter than air and subtracts weight from the machine? It’s just a paint job – to discount all the innovation and originality underneath the colors is a discredit to Erik and everything he has accomplished in the past few years. Let the man be proud and dress up one bike however he wants – he’s earned it.

  • Merican

    Don’t you think a bit of patriotism in regards to American jobs and manufacturing is precisely what this country needs right now? Apparently not, apparently patriotism is just a cheap parlor trick to you created by Hardly. This just in Jensen Beeler is in need of a reality check.

  • Bruce


    Good point on the Ducati. I guess they are trading Italian patriotism for originality.


    Easy solution for you. Design from scratch a motorcycle capable of a professional race podium finish, raise the capital to manufacture it, and paint it with an original paint scheme of your choice.


    Congratulations on your achievement. Nice paint job.

  • Tessier

    I am all for a little red white and blue. EBR has one amazing looking bike and has done wonders in the economy bringing a new bike to market! Ducati does a great job with the tri color bikes and always has, but really mimicking a flag really! I am with ya Beeler! Now here’s to hoping for something a little more tasteful in the red, white and blue!

  • Jordan J

    I with Beeler, this paint job really doesn’t look all that great and it seems like a double standard in a sense. It’s cashing in on cheesy Americana, just like what Harley does, and they made Erick Buell and a lot of other motorcyclist cry when H-D shuttered Buell back in 2009. I’m all for showing a little national pride in an exotic, American made motorcycle but maybe next time take a cue from Ducati in how classy their tri color schemes look.

  • Merican

    A simple act of due diligence reporting and you would have learned that the bike’s paint job was commissioned by a EBR customer and was not at all the brainchild of EBR.

  • Dewey

    How many motorcycle companies have you built? How many bikes have you designed and built from scratch?
    GD prima-donna keyboard warrior with a journalism degree. Can you change the oil in your own car, or do you just criticize the mechanic who does it for you?

  • Cpt.Slow

    If EBR can get one that bike into the $teens, Id seriously think about getting one.

  • John

    The Triumph truck carts around a Daytona 675 in Union Jack livery, but nobody seems to complain about Triumph using a little British Nationalism to promote their products.

    But I can see how this could be different. Erik Buell doesn’t have an iconic brand; he just independently designed and built a world-class superbike from scratch, then put it into production and managed to be incredibly successful in earliest stages of racing and developing the bike. If that’s not a good reason to call out paint schemes and marketing, I don’t know what is!

  • Mark L.

    Beeler, I can’t seem to find your slam on Ducati for the Stars and Stripes on the Hayden replica. WTF?

    Don’t tell me that the “innovative Hayden 848” Ducati was so advanced it was above reproach, what with it’s steel tube frame and monoshock suspension and all……

    Wait a minute, patented fuel in frame, 1987, oil in swingarm, patented a decade ago, perimeter brake, patented last decade, Extension shock, patented a few decades ago. Underbike muffler, etc. All Buell innovations, but as you pointed out, old stuff.

    Why Beeler, you are right. All that innovation that Buell did is old shit. I think he should try some super light Steel plasma sprayed aluminum brake rotors to really save some un-sprung weight.

    Oh yes, I forgot. Erik Buell did that on the first go around in the late 70’s – early 80’s with Pittsburgh Performance. But that was probably before you were out of diapers. Disposable diapers, that is. (Another American innovation from the 40’s)

    In fact, just ban those damned Buells, EBR’s, or whatever they call them these days. Let the real innovators like Suzuki and Yamaha race and not be threatened by those flag wavin’ patriotic bastards from Wisconsin trying to make some kind of statement.

    I for one am tired of having to constantly having these no-name racers like Eslick and May and Filmore etc. messing up my UJM parade. After all, that great racer Hacking already told us that Eslick has no skill and it is all the bike.

    While you are at it, get rid of that Disalvo fellow on that Triumph also. He has no right to take podiums away from the factory UJM teams that have supported this series for so many years.

    I don’t know what this DMG stuff is coming too. Races being won by guys I never heard of, on bikes I’ve never seen. I want to go back to the way it should be, Mat Mladin wins everything. That away if I miss a race, it does not matter.

    Go stick your head back under a rock where it belongs.
    Even better, why don’t you go show Buell how real marketing is done. With your own innovative engineering of course. (I hear China is hiring, and Shenzen is nice this time of year)

    Mark L.
    Engineer, Roehr Motorcycle Co.
    and yes, I have built a bike from scratch.

  • Will

    Iznt the ebr running an austrian motor? Dont most japanese bikes run mostly japanese parts? Albeit from different suppliers, showa, nissin, tokico come to mind. Isnt that the same thing ducati has been doing for a while, except from italy, and a little from japan. ‘Mericans produce the world’s best fighter jets and tanks etc, why cant they entirely do the same with bikes and cars? Something about the almighty dollar?

    I’ll stick with my eyetalian sh!t, besides this thing looks like a flounder, as does the roeher

  • Leo

    @will I agree wholeheartedly

    Also ‘mericans can’t make a proper sport bike in the USA because it costs too much.. However the jets and tanks contracts are possible because they are wayyyyyy overpaid for by the gullible taxpayers and unscrupulous politicians looking out for their friends…

  • Steve Sisler

    I think that the author has probably realized how far off into his mouth he stuck his foot this time.

    Not only, as has been previously pointed out, was this a customer commissioned paint job, but this isn’t something that is new. While Buell has never done a national flag paint scheme, EVER, in the history of the company, Ducati sure has. Often. Both Italian flags AND the American flag scheme as mentioned earlier (the Hayden 848). But those don’t count. Neither does Triumph using the Union Jack. Or painting a Union Jack on a Mini Cooper roof. Or what about the names of some of the Japanese motorcycles, such as “Ninja” and “Katana” and stuff like that? No creativity there, just trying to exploit an image of Japan in that. Hell, Datsun used the Japanese flag as their logo!

    I look forward to you posting a reply to everyone’s comments, or at least an apology.

    Apparently, Mr. Beeler is happy to take American money, go to American schools, and use American tracks, but God forbid he actually have to look at our terrible flag. I’m not sure if Mr. Beeler is a UK citizen or just one of those worthless “America Apologists”, but either way, his conduct reflects poorly on this site. I truly used to enjoy the articles and commentary on this site. And I do mean “used to”.

    Steve Sisler

  • Steve Sisler


    The EBR 1190RS is running a Rotax motor, which is Canadian owned. However, the engine is of Erik Buell’s own design. As you have never designed your own internal combustion engine, I don’t expect you would understand the problems inherent with running your own design, but one of the issues is not being able to get production costs down at a low enough level to keep all of the production in-house. Many companies outsource their engine production to Rotax, including one manufacturer of “Eyetalian Shit”, Aprilia. Bimota doesn’t build their own engines, neither does NCR, Confederate, and on and on and on.

    If you are able to come up with a production facility that you can pay for selling 50-100 bikes per year, let me know. I’m sure Mr. Buell will be happy to take on your plan.

  • Ferdinand

    @Mark L. Is that the motorcycle built from scratch with the Porsche engine??? Or the one using yz250 base, or maybe the Swedish Highland!! all made in USA I’m sure! Hmmmm.

  • spanner

    Finally a bike make by Erik Buell that I’d actually give some consideration to buying!

  • marshharrier

    Jeez, there’s a lot of hate in the comments here.

    I kinda get what the guy is saying. One of the journos in the UK put across another equally ‘alternative POV’ in which he suggested that the rebirth of bike manufacturing in the UK in the past twenty years would be better, more noble and more genuine if they had been bourne out of their own hard work, and not using the headline grabbing boost that comes with a well known historic marque -Triumph and Norton,

    With the Triumph and the Duc. Tricolore I feel that the design is more subtle; the Duc with three plain coloured bands across the bike, and, if I am getting the correct model, the Triumph with a rather small Union Flag across the headlights.

    With the ‘Murcan Flag in general there isn’t that much subtlety, and not when it’s blazed all over the bike. As the guy tries to say, it’s the flag you see first, and not the bike, which is a bit of a shame. To use the companies mentioned above, I don’t recall New Triumph or Norton selling their bikes with full flag paint-jobs.

    However, let’s see where this is – at a US National race in front of US fans watching a US bike racing against a mass of foreign metal. I guess if it was time to raise the flag, that would be it.

    Also, for a start-up company where sales should come pretty much at the top of the list, it’s perhaps better to go with a safe bet on a promo bike livery than go out, be innovative, and run the risk of a failed promo opportunity.

    Sure this post is critical, but just because Buell has achieved an awful lot in a short time, and also happens to be the darling of many motorcyclists, that doesn’t mean that there is the Midas touch in everything the company has done. You don’t have to build a bike in order to have an opinion on it either.

    Congrats where they’re due though. They must be doing something right… even if the colours aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

  • paulus

    Buy it or dont buy… just shut the **** up.
    get out on your bikes and just ride!

  • Gary

    So Erik Buell Racing – which is as much of a polar opposite of Harley as any company could possibly be – has become Harley because they created 1 bike with a flag-based custom paint job? Probably the most idiotic premise ever postulated. But it gets a reaction. And it seems that’s the goal these days. Thoughtful analysis and journalism seem to be a thing of the past.

  • Jake Fox

    I like it. Captain America and Jorge Lorenzo would love it.

  • SJ-Steve

    wait a minute…. hasn’t everybody been screaming about how we need an American Superbike & how bad H-D was for getting rid of Buell, etc…. The loudest screamers against H-D for axing the Buell line didn’t own a Buell nor would they…ever. Same thing with the “WE NEED AN AMERICAN SUPERBIKE”… so EBR gives it to you with custom paint to emphasize the fact that it IS a TRUE AMERICAN SUPERBIKE & what does Jensen say…. he immediately resorts to aligning EBR with H-D & bashing the paint scheme.

    He starts out saying the bike is a good performer & then abandons this line & proceeds to criticize the paint scheme… HUH!

    Jensen is bit*hing for the sake of bit*hing… &/or purposely trying to incite an argument…. Forums all over the web (MCDAILY, etc…) are full of guys like him.

    & if the red/white n blue paint scheme/parlor trick is a page from H-D marketing…. how can Jensen argue with H-D’s stock price & sales #’s….

    same ol, same ol (BS) from a guy (Jensen) who wouldn’t own an American motorcycle no matter who made it…..

  • Damo

    I am just happy EBR has risen from the ashes and is doing well. I want to see EBR be successful and some day mass produce and affordable American made street bike.

    I had to scrap my plans to buy a brand new 1190RS after those Powerball numbers didn’t pan out like they were supposed to….

  • BikePilot

    I like Buell (and rode an XB to work this morning) and the paint job, but the idea that it’s somehow more patriotic to buy a Buell than anything else is just silly and requires a fundamental misunderstanding of economics (and beside the point, there’s probably not much on that thing that’s made in the US–swedish suspension, Austrian engine, Chinese wheels and random bits (if it’s like HD-era buells anyway), Japanese brakes… ).

    I don’t think this shows EBR as doing well though, doing well would mean selling bikes, making a profit and generally looking like a long-term viable, cash-flow positive company. EBR has a super-long way to go before they break even by my very rough estimation. I hope they pull it off, but $40,000 bikes probably isn’t going to get it done, especially if they don’t best $20,000 bikes from Italy and Austria.

  • Adam

    Harley Davidson has been dooping Americans for years with it “Made in America” slogan, more like “Assembled in America”. much like every other bike manufacture. they are designed by the company and parts are out source. people need to wake up and realize that nothing is born and bread to a single country anymore, it is a global market with many players that produce better machines. good on Erik for taking on his passion and I wish him all the best in his AMA effort, but until it races in WSBK and wins champions ships like Ducati… that crappy Italian bike that can’t hold its water against this mighty machine then I will take notice. Flags on bike are tacky it doesn’t mater if it is american, Italian, or Japanese, and it doesn’t make you any less patriotic for saying that.

    I never read the article only a few comments, but I got the jist of it. so much hate for not liking a paint scheme. lol. “don’t bash Americana”. (said with a southern accent) lMAO

  • R. Davis

    Your problem with the EBR & Erik Buell after all that he’s been through…is the paint job? An American flag, stars & stripes on top of a bike that has already outperformed in a few months the best HD could with it’s VR-1000 could in a few years. If the bike was Canadian, I’d have a HUGE maple leaf on it. A really big one. Jeesh.

  • Tom

    Hey Buell, How about first having something the wave the flag about before chanting U…..S…….A.! U….S….A! U…..S…..A! This paint job is just Donald Trump gauche over-the-top tacky. Nothing wrong with a little patriotism but this is like a lonely kid desperately trying to get his father’s love. The criticism I see is centered around this rather FABULOUS flamboyant Liberace attempt at attention rather than making something worthy of attention.

    Liking the bike and wanting Buell to succeed does not entail shutting up and just loving whatever he builds, says, or does. If being a mindless coward afraid of having a contrary opinion to the herd is what America is about, I don’t to be associated with that flag any more. However, to me that flag means something completely different than it apparently does to some on here.

  • John


    If you had actually taken two minutes to READ the article (it was more of a short blurb than an article), perhaps you wouldn’t be so quick to make cheap ad hominem attacks on those criticizing the article.

    Beeler is not simply critiquing the aesthetic value of the paint job; in fact, he never comments on its visual appeal or lack thereof. He jumps right into accusing Erik Buell Racing of being unoriginal and lacking innovation simply due to resorting to the “cheap parlor trick” of a stars and stripes paint job, despite Erik Buell’s well established track record as one of the most original and innovative engineers in all of modern motorcycling.

    There is also the issue that others have pointed out: This paint job isn’t an EBR marketing gimmick at all; it is a customer-commissioned custom paint job! If we’re going to hold factories accountable for custom bikes, then Triumph has some explaining to do over this custom-painted (I had seen it displayed at Triumph demo event and mistakenly assumed it was an official factory bike, much like Beeler seems to have done here.) union jack monstrosity:

    In the past I have enjoyed most of Beeler’s editorial pieces, but I feel he has missed the mark here. This article has the “look and feel” of something designed to be controversial for the sake of generating buzz and page views, something I would think would generally be below Jensen Beeler’s own standards.

  • Ed Gray

    Cripes what a lot of discussion about a paint job.

    What I am interested in is the homologation rules. how many does he have to build to be legal for Superbike?

    I don’t really think he has an unfair advantage given his relatively small budget, but rules are rules. Then again this is the AMA, the rules are there to be bent.

    The bike is really beautiful (whatever the paint).

    I love the brake venting, even if it appears to be too small to do much. If iI was doing something like that I would have made it more like the fairings they are using on the Moto2 bikes with a taller scoop. But maybe this is sufficient. Are they using it on the race bikes?

  • Damo

    “Harley Davidson has been dooping Americans for years”

    Unfortunately Harley has been dooping EVERYONE for years. Their international sales went up by a butt load this year! It is a complete mystery to me.

    I have no idea why anyone would buy a Sportster, when you can get a Triumph Thruxton or Street Triple for less than $10k.

    I agree Buell has a long why to go. If they could make a $16k bike that could at least compete with a $13k Japanese bike, I would line up to buy one. Only because I love Rotax lumps though.

  • chrome

    Beeler was either feeling snarky, or felt the urge to boost comment participation on his site. If the later, well played, good sir.

  • Gritboy

    *uck Yeah!

  • jackie

    I’m sad for Erik, his bike reminds me of John Britten’s famous two wheeler in a lot of ways. It’s got its own way of doing things, but you just kind of feel it in your gut that in the end, it’ll all just end up as a footnote in some book someplace. It’s a shame really.

    As to the paint job…I think it makes a mockery of the underlying purposeful design of the bike itself.
    It takes a beautiful machine and turns it into some sort of patriotic parody.

  • Shawn

    I agree with Jensen. Even ignoring this particular bike, EBR spends a lot of promo time spinning the Americana angle when he should be spinning the fact that he’s clearly made a very good race bike. Not a winner yet but hopefully soon. American bikes will ultimately be judged on performance and reliability, not on how many “Made in America” tags he can fit on the bike or in a promo video. It does a disservice to the whole industry to hide performance behind patriotism.

  • Westward

    @ Shawn, well said…

    Beeler too… Sorry that so many “Keyboard Critics” fly off the handle without recognizing context…

    For all those whining about patriotism, how many of you own this gem of an EBR…? Put your money where your mouth is and support the cause and buy one of these things, cause you sure didn’t buy them the first time, or Buell would not have been in dire straits to begin with…

    The article has nothing against the Manufacturer, the Paint-job, or Location of Production. Rather it’s the marketing. If you you have a machine you are pour of, sell the merits of it being a good innovative design, not that it’s made in America…

    Too many of you miss the mark in your vitriol…

  • MotoJoe

    The article is typical of a liberal ACLU individual.

    I like the paint job and am proud of the heritag of our flag!

  • Anvil

    Let me just repeat that, apparently, this was not a marketing effort. It was a customer bike with custom paint. Although, it seems that the EBR gang probably didn’t mind if it caused a stir.



    Hell I still like it anyways. Great to see the Buell namesake again. Maybe if they ever mass-produce; I’ll buy the $20k variant.

  • JD

    What a bunch of sorry saps anyways…”American’s cant build sportbikes”..”.not made in America”….”American flags”…boo hooo

    What I remember is this, Buell actually getting out there and doing his thing at a time when most americans could give a crap about roadracing or else it would of been a big thing, it was all flat mile tracks and dirtbikes. So if properly thought about its clear that every big player has a good 30-40 year jump on him. As far as paint jobs he could run it upside down, half burnt, backwards it makes no difference..its the bike that matters. And its coming along very nicely and Im glad its not a Harley Davidson Toaster Company made. Thats whats been holding him up. Go Buell, Go Nicky, Go Ben and Go to huell you idiots

  • Richard Gozinya

    Wow, butthurt everywhere. It’s not like it’s some bizarre hentai painted onto a hot pink bike (Yes, someone actually did that to a bike). It’s an American flag theme, actually quite tastefully done, compared to the usual crying eagle crap that jingoistic butt monkeys like to have. It’s not my cup of tea, but to say that it’s overdone is just being retarded. Most sportbikes, have gaudy, tacky, overdone paintjobs that look like it was thought up by a caffeine addict with blue balls. Sportbikes really are quite ugly in general, even the Italian ones. About the only sportbikes I’ve seen in recent years that didn’t look like the fevered hallucination of a graphic design drop out meth addict who watches too much anime have been the Moto Guzzi MGS-01 Corsa, and the Norton NRV 588.

    So in conclusion, sportbikes are tacky, and this particular bike isn’t anywhere near the tackiest.

  • Gc

    Everybody stop typing…. Marl L has capured the EBR & the state of racing in america, so STFU.
    I actually re-arranged my day to watch the sears point race. Why, because for once I couldnt really predict who would place where.

    cool, huh.

    Racing is happening again…. shit, and there are contenders aplenty. Hayes is fine tuned as his bike and team…. even Matt Jr. won one, well…. sorta.

    Go “racers”

  • Gc

    damn it..

    Mark L. -!
    …. Sorry Mr. L.

  • Mark L.

    Ferdinand et al-

    The 500cc “YZ based” V-twin 2 stroke basically used the cylinders, heads, and rods. Walter machined the patterns for the cases in his garage on a manual mill. He designed and built the cases, transmission, frame, bodywork, etc. The bike was small and made 102 hp at the wheel, while weighing in at a whopping 322 lbs in street trim. No one bought it. The Folan engine was bought from Hans Mott before Highland was really involved. Again, no one was interested.

    The Roehr RV1130 & 1250SC used a made in the USA, (KC MO to be exact) V-Rod engine with a supercharger drive that I did, using a frame and swingarm designed by Walter, built entirely in the USA by Framecrafters, wrapped in bodywork designed by Walter and built in the USA. The wheels and brakes are Italian, and the forks/shock are Swedish Ohlins parts.

    As soon as you find someone in the USA building forks and wheels that we can buy, let everyone know. Or even better, why don’t you go do it? You seem to have plenty of time to criticize all of the doers, so go be productive and accomplish something.

    As far as a Porsche designed engine, that is media BS. The basic engine was designed by HD, and as far as I know, their only involvement was with combustion chamber “guidance” and input on some manufacturing details that had to do with the cam drive.

    I know on my VR1000, which was serial # 1 by the way, there was nothing built by Porsche on it. Erik did all of the initial cooling system design in the university of Ontario wind tunnel in the early 90’s.

    The frames were built in Oregon, the brakes by Wilwood, the original forks and shock were Penske, etc. All American companies by the way.

    The piss-poor performance of the VR1000 had nothing to do with the basic design. That falls squarely on the conflicts between HD and Scheibe at Gemini Racing, and the best engine that we ever got made 127 HP and 77 ft lbs on my dyno. I could show you crap on that bike that you would not believe.

    On that same dyno, my Muzzy ZX7RR world superbike as raced in WSB by Anthony Gobert (SN# RMRF9504) made 149 Hp on the same dyno on the same day.

    I would know, as I was on a lease program for engines for the 96-97 season, and they were “factory HD” engines built by Gemini and they were sealed.

    I was blacklisted by HD, Steve Scheibe, and Pete Mohar at Gemini because I actually had the balls to open my mouth and call a turd a turd.

    The political BS at Harley and Gemini is the sole reason that the VR program failed. the fundamentals of the VR were solid. HD is currently doing what they should be doing, and Buell is doing what he should be doing.

    If the VR program had been left to Erik, it would have succeeded in a year, and that is why it was taken away from Erik.

    As far as all of the armchair quarterbacks out their, the reason that you don’t see many posts from actual builders is that we are actually doing something productive instead of sitting on our asses criticizing what the doers are actually doing.

    I have absolutely nothing but respect for Walter, Erik, and every other builder that actually DID it instead of belittling someone else for trying it.

    As for me, I owned and operated a motorcycle roadracing team on the national circuit for 14 years, ending in 1998 with the VR1000 program.

    I am an engineer and the engineering manager for a large medical device manufacturer that designs artificial heart valve and implantable stent systems in the medical industry for a day job, and help out with parts design and finite element analysis and production assistance for builders like Walter and others on the side where I can.

    For free, I might ad.

    Mark L. aka “sick of the couch potato haters” dude

  • Dan G

    Correct spelling is “duping”, “duped”, not “dooping”.

  • Westward

    The only fault I see in the article, is that the promo video was not shown. That way everyone would get a better understanding of context, cause some people think there is an issue with the paint scheme…

  • Damo

    @Dan G

    I used “dooping” because it reads like “pooping”.

    I am aware Firefox has a “right click” spell checker, but thanks.

  • Damo

    @Mark L.

    Well said. Also semi-related hasn’t Penske been partnering with Tommy Hayden’s race team to test a high end road racing shock to compete with Ohlins? I remember seeing a foot note about that some where.

  • Johndo

    Love the bike, but it was so not necessary to put the cheesy graphics. Going around looking like captain america, isnt cool to me. We all know the bike is american, and I’m sure it’s a great bike too. Just not necessary to put the flag all over the bike. My Yamaha isnt all white with a huge red dot…I dont think you can compare these graphics to tri-colors from Ducati. Cause stripes are stripes, but the US flag design isnt just stripes. I think they could have simply used the colors from the flag without trying to make the bike look like a flag. Anyways, to each his own, but Im Canadian and would never ride a bike that is covered in our maple leaf flag, I’d still think it would look cheesy.

  • F1

    Lame report.
    First, Harley is different. Their marketing is to placate their “made anywhere else sucks” demographic, buyer. There is no similarities with the Buell marketing plan. Theirs is about the CURRENT chiseled in stone “Japan and Europe are the only country/continent that can make the best race bikes” challenge. And that the current sportbike profile is “MADE IN JAPAN” so it needs a message. The EBR is a bit optimistic about it’s goals but you have to respect the challenge,, America takes on the world never gets old. Flaunt it!! I’ve always hated the AMA and Buell for running an 1100 in the 600 class 2 years ago,, and no shit, they won. Now they take the challenge to the proper open class and are doing well. Flaunt it !!!

    Your not looking past the surface Jensen.

  • Damo


    Come on, a nice new Fireblade in red and white Maple leaf livery would look so awesome!

    Personally I just think there would have been more stylish ways to incorporate the flag. I am all about nationalism for every country in every corner of the world. We should all be proud of where we are from. I just think that paint job looks corny as hell.

    The Nicky Hayden 848 looked tasteful and had an American motif. Odd that the Italians got right.

  • Bobby B.

    @Mark l., You are my hero…lol Beeler always takes any opportunity to criticize buell that he can get. He’s always been that way. And yes, I own a buell. I own the first buell 1125r ever sold in the state of Alabama. I also own a honda and a suzuki, not to mention countless others over the years. I was a big fan of the vr1000’s and am one of the few people that can say they ever rode a street version. I like the paint scheme. Quit bitchin beeler and show the man some respect.

  • Gabe

    Man, Jensen is snarkier and bitchier on this one than Wes Siler on that other website!

  • ben

    Cranky old Beeler… the tone of this article is worse than the photos – and they are mostly rubbish too.

  • Artistimo

    If the writer of that story had a better grasp of grammar I might give him more credit. He also should have asked instead of basing his facts on assumptions. The bike was painted for a private client and is a one-off custom.

  • Artistimo

    Ha, just read through the other comments just now… Mark L., love your last response and agree wholeheartedly. Are you based in IL? I am in Milwaukee, would love to chat with you about some things. I’ll look for your contact info on the Roehr site. BTW, why did the author single out this particular custom? Where are the pics of the brushed aluminum paintjob? He’s clearly picking on the one that he dislikes. Neither of the two customers are marketing gimmicks but were taken to Road Atlanta so EBR fans could see them and the customer(s) could pick them up. They were both one-off commissions. I should know, I painted them. In fact, all of the carbon bikes.

  • Keith

    Well Trolled Mr. Beeler. Well trolled indeed.

  • monkeyboy

    Its just paint.

  • Court Canfield

    How do you propose that ERIK BUELL RACING control how private owners (that 1190RS is one of 3 owned by t Texas businessman) paint their bikes?

    I’ll be interested in your answer given some of the outrageous color schemes I’ve seen here in NYC.

    You also failed to mention ERIK BUELL being named, by Entrepreneur magazine, as one of the all time design and engineering geniuses. They missed the part of about the paint job.

  • X-10shooter


    As a reporter/author for Asphault and Rubber, it’s your duty to get all the facts and publish a story of truths. As mentioned several times in the previous comments, the bike is NOT a special publicly availible edition but, a costumer request that Mr. Buell happily filled. I would also like to mention the lack of AMA information on A&R. I have been waitng and looking for some news to show up but all I find is an endless drab of WSBK and MotoGP soap operas. I was exiced to see A&R spreading it’s wings and producing some information about something out of the ordinary but, I was met with this grevous attempt at journalism from Mr. Beeler. Next time, give us some more of the facts and less of your “flavor”.

  • Rob

    Here are a few facts about the painted flag over carbon EBR 1190RS bike and the painted brushed aluminum over carbon EBR 1190RS bike.

    I own the bikes.

    I made the final approval on paint for both custom painted bikes. Both paint jobs are innovative in technique and are truly stunning. Thanks Erik, Jim, and Jason.

    Both bikes were painted without knowing either bike would ever be on display outside of my garage. I made the decision to display the bikes at select AMA venues this season. EBR has been kind enough to trailer the bikes from race to race. Thanks Erik, Michael and team EBR. You are dedicated professionals and I appreciate the time, effort, care, and concern you have shown for the bikes while busy tracking two successful SuperBike teams.

    Erik and company went well out their way to accommodate me. Erik Buell Racing is exceptional. They are a positive asset to the motorcycle community and the United States. I celebrate them and wish them continued success for years to come. Cheers.

    Rob M.

  • Harlan

    I saw this American paintjob at Sears Point and it’s FANTASTIC. Pictures do not do it justice–at all. People were drooling about the flag bike. EBR did a great job at Sears Point all around. Merchandise, bikes, race results. There was a real “EBR” buzz around the place.

  • One, I heard the brake vent is good for over 300 degrees decrease in temp…the bike wouldn’t be on the podium without it. Two, the real question is: does it really pass AMA homolagation? really? and why isn’t Yoshimura allowed to make a $40,000 boutique special with real forks to compete with this one?

  • Harlan


    “and why isn’t Yoshimura allowed to make a $40,000 boutique special with real forks to compete with this one?”

    Do you think the Yosh bikes (race ready) on the grid cost less than $40K? If so, I have a surprise for you.

    Not to mention the electronics on the Yosh bikes (along with the rest of the SB field)–EBR podiumed in both races sans ANY electronic aids…and one could point directly to traction control as the main reason Young was able to hold onto 2nd place in Saturday’s race, as the tires went off late.

  • TexusTim

    Im not a fan of EBR, 40 grand ! and you only get one front rotor ? with all his engeneering prowes they didnt even put it on the opposite side as the rear rotor, for 40 K I can take two CBR 1K and convert then to superbike specks or one cbr and have the rest as a racing fund for the entire season.
    just way too much for the bike…he’s counting on his name an some billet pices to convince people to drop more than double what the bikes worth. I wonder if hes really made enough and sold them to be trully homalagated to be race legal, or the ama has made an exception due to the economy

  • GC

    Texas, please stop while you are ahead.

  • Bob Smith

    Texus Tim,

    you are an idiot.
    The one front rotor is mounted on the perimeter of the rim, and has more surface area and stopping power then two regular rotors.
    Do you watch the races, watch the 1190rs late brake and fly into the corners. The 1190rs is about handling, the bike is designed to minimize unsprung weight, and notice that it doesn’t need or use traction control systems.
    The one rotor saves unsprung weight, which is a very big deal with motorcycles, as im sure you know.
    The bike has all the goodies, ohlins forks and shocks, carbon fiber body, mag wheels, hand built engine.
    EBR is releasing a version w/o CF, ohlins suspension for $15k, same $ as your precious CBR.
    You couldn’t make a CBR compete with the 1190rs for 40k.
    As a fellow engineer and having seen the level of engineering that went into buells, you would realize how well engineered this bike really was if you actually looked at it or worked on it. Erik Buell raced AMA while he went to college for mechanical engineering, he has the perspective of a racer with the brain of engineer, the best combination.
    Some unique features:
    the engine is a stress member
    the frame doubles as the gas tank
    the shock mounts from the frame to the swing arm directly, without linkage, yet this is one of the best handling bikes

    You clearly don’t understand Buells, or Erik Buell, so enjoy your CBR.