Ok Buell, We’ll Bite…

07/30/2010 @ 7:13 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

The question is a bit rhetorical in nature since it’s the company who is asking it, but why would Erik Buell Racing be putting turn signals and radiator fans on an EBR 1190RR race bike? Well if you were a company that was rapidly approaching the rumored end of a non-compete agreement, wouldn’t you like to get ready to stick it to the man? We’re still not sure about the whole rock band thing though. Maybe if Erik played Freebird more often we could get into it.

Source: Erik Buell Racing (twitter)

  • duca

    I would really like to see this bike for sale next year. it looks great, hope they don’t mess up the lights. keep it a 1up (forget the 2 seater). i would love to own an american bike.

  • John

    “Hey there is fans in der, what tha heck gives?” HAHAHA!


  • Faceplanter

    Please, please, please…

  • Hopfully

    Good God Harley Davidson made a stupid move in axing Buell. I sure hope Buell makes a come back. I will never cross the threshold of a Harley dealer.

  • Rob

    I sure hope we have a real contender on our hands with this bike

  • buellracerx


    I’ll look forward to it’s debut }:)

  • TwinMe

    Man, that thing looks BEEFY… i like it ! , not a fan of that front brake tho.

    C00l bike, wake me up when it becomes reality (selling at some dealer’s showroom floor). The more choices the better.

    I hope this will press somehow some of the the big fours develop sporting HONKIN 1200cc twins (RC51, TL1000S) like they used to before Buzzing Bombs I-4 became all the RAGE.

  • Dave

    I’ve got an 1125R and would love to see them put out a street 1190.
    Maybe now Buell can do the bike the way he wants and how HD thinks it should be done.
    Sure, he has less resources now but maybe more freedom to do it their own way.

  • Gary

    Put me on the list! I suspect the first few will be high-priced and hard to get. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford one, but if not, I can wait. Just the thought that we might finally see an American world-beater is exciting even if I won’t be able to afford it.

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  • We all know the day is coming. Start saving, boys and girls, it’s time for a fun new toy!

  • Aj

    NOW, I’m interested in Buell.

    I had no interest in those Harley engined bikes. Then came the HIDEOUS 1125’s

    But now, free of those Iron vibrating lumpheads, Eric can make proper sportbikes. I’ll take one…two if they come in funky colours ;)

  • KK

    I hope they he can start building soon. that bike looks/sounds sick

    I also hope that they eventaully make a middle weight variant as well, something maybe 800-900 cc (AKA cheaper too) that i can maybe get in the saddle of!!

    COME ON EBR!!!

  • CarbonBigfoot

    Think 180 HP 1190cc CR. Brutale THIS!


  • TwinMe

    CarbonBigfoot: Just whats i was thinking too, along with a half faired version maybe a la Sprint RS & TL1000S.

  • unclewill

    I predict the S1000rr will crush it flat.

  • TwinMe

    @Unclewill: LMAO…

  • We’ll wait for an official announcement from Avril Foujour.

  • SatRnFReAk

    Heh… love it, im with the half faired version as well. I own a TL1000s and it was purchased because i love the nakeness and v-twin, but couldnt afford a Buell. Hopefully, now that i am later on in life, if this becomes a reality it may be my next bike….

  • andrewjl

    its no longer official but rather unoficially official :) she is in preproduction testing…
    here is the link