What do you do when you are the only race team outside of the United States racing a Buell…and winning…a lot? Well you build a street bike concept of course. Based off the Erik Buell Racing 1190RR race bike, the folks at the German Pegasus Race Team have taken the 1190RR race platform and made the EBR 1190 Typhon streetfighter concept. Drawing inspiration from the lines of the Buell XB, some parts from the soon-to-be-released EBR 1190RS superbike, and the blessing of Erik Buell himself, the folks at Pegasus have put together one stunning 185hp bike.

With the idea that the EBR 1190 Typhon concept could pave the way to an EBR-made model down the road, Pegasus drew heavily from the Erik Buell Racing 1190RR’s design, as well as the general Buell ethos. “Our idea was with our years of experience in Buell racing to concept the ultimate Streetfighter with outstanding performance and a unique design,” said Team Manager Jens Krüper. “To combinate a cool minimized look with real good aerodynamics is a real challenge, especially if something is so powerful as that EBR Superbike,” said Heiko Jessat of Gruner Engineering, the company that technically assisted PRT with the design for the Typhon.

“EBR is working intensely right now on getting the new 1190RS Superbike model ready for production, which is consuming all our resources,” explained Erik Buell. “We had been talking with our friends at Pegasus about our plans for a streetfighter model that would follow the 1190RS, and mentioning we could not work on it at this time, Pegasus asked if they could build a concept model to show, so we sent many CAD models over for them and our friends at Gruner to use to speed up the design process. They did a great job in a very short time!”

Like what you see? Let us know in the comments as Pegasus is thinking about making parts kits for XB and 1125R/CR owners.

Source: Pegasus Race Team; Photos: Sabine Welte

  • BikePilot

    That is awesome! Why couldn’t the 1125 CR have been this? Stunning bike that promises to be equally fantastic to ride. Where do I get one?

    If pressed, I’d argue the radiators are just a bit much and of course the race tail section needs some work to make a good street bike, but overall they are really onto something there.

  • patron

    Wow. I would be all over that bike. As a current XB owner, that looks like a great next gen of what I’m riding. Better HP, chain drive, cooler looking tail section, tho not practical for street really…. Much nicer controls, however for some reason I like analog gauges on my streetfighters….but overall I like. I would have to agree w bikepilot about the radiators. There has to be a better way to situate those things

  • Cool bike! Love the look.

  • Brij

    Wish they kept the 1125CR headlight! I am a current XB owner myself, but i would love to own a 1190 with a 1125cr headlight and xb tail on it!

  • Other Sean

    Germans know how to build. This is more BMW, whereas the Buell 1125CR was more Pontiac.

  • RD350


  • hoyt

    clever & attractive radiator. Doubles as a fairing on a naked bike. It also looks like there is additional airbox volume integrated into the radiator structure. Clean.


  • Finally! A Buell that looks decent! I could have used some more pictures of that beautiful subframe and tail section, though.

  • Doctor Jelly

    It looks cool, but I wouldn’t put a kit on my 1125R. Now the yellow bike in the sixth picture with the shark gill pods, I’d rock those!

  • joe

    Sub frame and chain yes, radiators still to wide. I guess the wheelbase would be compromised with a stealthier radiator. Maybe put it in the sub frame? Definitely on the right track.

  • Tom

    Once again, Americans create a brilliant design only to walk away from it seeing it refined and successful in another country. I guess we’ll never get tired of doing this. The American people want to win….why don’t “American corporations”?

  • Wayne P

    Build it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d love to have one. I still have a ’96 S1 Lightening.

  • Rob

    Bike looks fantastic. I would dig the radiators if they were angled a little more and used simple aero fins to direct the air toward them to slim down the front of the bike. Or possibly a ducted flat radiator layout a-la britten v1000?

  • Westward

    Not a big fan of that radiator either, otherwise it’s an awesome looking machine

  • Ry_Trapp0

    Gimme that with a belt(maintenance), analog gauges, and that awesome black and translucent red paint(from the XB series), and I’ll take it right now! My god that thing is sick!!!

  • MikeD

    I like it… needs a seat though!

  • Black XB2010Scg

    What a great design!

    Following up the real XB spirit and impact at first sight.
    Really happy to see Buell back in bussiness.

    Erik is a legend. With true followers.

    I will be following this up very close. I now have one of the last 2010-model XB´s. What more could I wish for to have the first 1190 streetfighter next to it?

    And I would love to see it built near the old factory. So all of his loyal employees can rejoin in this project. And look forward to a bright future again.

    I will definitely buy one!

  • Kim Parry

    I have a 07 XB12Ss and think this bike is totally awesome….please build it.

  • Chalres

    Beautiful bike I would love to see this bike produced.

    only thing would change is the angle of the radiators and there aero pieces