Enigma 1050 – Britain’s Kit Motorcycle

12/12/2011 @ 6:37 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS

Former British moto-journalist Jim Lindsay is behind one of the more intriguing motorcycle projects in the UK right now. Working from the list of contacts he’s made covering the motorcycle industry, Lindsay and his crew are building the Enigma 1050, a Triumph Speed Triple-powered custom sport bike.

Collaborating with the minds that bring us Tigcraft, K-Tech Suspension, Promach , and Dymag, the pedigree behind the Engima 1050 is already a promising one, but what intrigues us the most is that the Enigma crew is considering offering the bike as a kit build, in addition to a finished ready-to-ride motorcycle.

Like Legos for grown-ups (one could argue that you never out-grow Legos), a kit-built Enigma 1050 sounds like the ultimate Christmas present for the motorcycle enthusiast in your household. Unfortunately however, it won’t be in time for Christmas 2011, as the Enigma team is still finalizing the design and parts for the Enigma 1050. Recently completing the 8kg(!) frame, and beginning work on the swingarm, it’s hoped that the first Enigma 1050 will be completed by April 2012, where it will begin testing.

The final aesthetic of the Enigma 1050 is still up in the air, though we like what we’re seeing here already from the team. If the Enigma 1050 is a success, we could very well see more models from this rag-tag crew of motorcycle manufacturers. But baby steps first, it’ll be interesting to watch this bike unfold. You can check-in on Enigma’s progress on its website.

Source: Enigma via The Kneeslider

  • MikeD

    Someone please pass me the Poppy Corn, this might get good or maybe it will never make it pass the Chasis Jig. Let’s watch…(^3^)

    Best of luck guys but don’t get too full of yourselves like Norton and try to sell NOTHING OUT OF THIS WORLD/SOME GARDEN VARIETY MOTORCYCLE WITH FANCY BITS AND PIECES for Space Shuttle Ride Prices.

    Again, best of luck. It takes some balls and specially MONEY, LOTS OF IT to pull a stunt like this off [apparently $$$ ain’t no issue judgeing by the crowd’s composition] if u know what i mean. LOL.

  • Jake Fox

    As a current and very satisfied owner of a Speed Triple I love the concept! I don’t know that it’s different enough from what I already own to warrant buying one but I hope they bring it to market.

  • joseph wild

    looks very MV and 999 from waist up !!!

  • Lumengrid

    It very intersting concept! This could be fun if you can get this working as in case of kit cars.

    Getting engine or other bits from your crashed R1, R6 or CBRs etc and putting a custom kit together in your garage over winter time.

    A bit of alternative over restoring a bollocked bike and on the plus side not everyone who is a welding torch magician or a mechanic by trade could complete such kit.

  • Terry

    Looks really good, best of luck to them!
    Nice to see people trying something brave and different, I am absolutely sick of reading comments on bike sites where people criticise anything that looks even remotely different.
    I sometimes get the impression that the majority of bikers, at least those who post on internet sites, want bikes to look the exact same and never, ever deviate from the old school idea of what a looks good as a motorcycle.
    Bikers are supposed to be a bit more daring and non-conformist by nature, so it staggers me the amount of reticence towards new and brave design.
    Anyway, hope this becomes a reality, I’d deffo be interested!

  • joseph wild

    Nice to see people trying something brave and different
    as i said ..looks very MV and 999 from waist up !!!

  • Dawg

    Pukka. The Best of British. Love it.

    Good luck with the project it looks like a prefect blend of top components and ideas.

  • bikepilot

    Very cool. They just need to add a little something unique to really set it apart from the triumph from an engineering standpoint. I know that triumph’s triples respond quite well to a touch of forced induction :D A small self-contained turbo mounted beneath the motor as on the original buell XB (before HD screwed it up) would be just right I think.

  • 100% stole the RSV4 tail. It was that tail section the led me to buy the V4, so naturally I’m a fan of this creation as well. Let’s see how the package continues to develop. I agree with Joe Wild that the nose looks like an MV/999 love child.

  • Westward

    Love it, naked with a mask… Randy…

  • MikeD


    Dude, u got some wierd fetish right there. ROTFL.

  • Hapo

    I have been longing a replacement for my Daytona 955. And as long as T themselves are not providing the 1050 sporty, this would be the excellent option on that category. I wonder what would be the price and avaiability outside UK.

  • Ron Jennings

    If I was only 50 years younger I would be very tempted to own and ride one now at 74 I think I Had better stick to 2 Bonneys a81 ES and 2010 limetd addition, Now I can only dream about them

  • Yatsura

    Jim Lindsay is not a very *former* journo – he still writes for PB at least.

  • BW

    You said it, @Hapo– I too have been waiting for the boys at Hinckley to stuff that 1050cc monster into a proper sport bike chassis of their own. The Enigma looks the tits– I hope they’re able to get this idea to market.

  • irksome

    I particularly like the 3-1 pipe that appears to emerge on both the right- AND left-hand side of the bike. Magic!

    Also, the reverse lettering on the left-side view; do I sense a new trend?

  • I think they just photoshop-flipped the image from the artist.

  • irksome

    Dear Mr. Beeler: PLEASE don’t make me include a “sarcasm alert” in my posts!

  • Hippy

    well guys the best of Luck with the new design, but being an old style girl,the engine might sound great but the look is too Japan, Italy style. With all the techno around these days, you think maybe you could be old style in the design that made Triumph a Legend name through the ages,and maybe improve the frame and handling of the old girls.I love my old bikes and my hubby has a limited edition 595i,and after killing the full fairing in one go,she looks better than any streetfighter I have seen,but I did not fall in Love with him because of that .It was all those year’s ago (23 year’s to be right) when I saw the most awesome Triumph Bonniville 650 parked next to a grave site of his best mate that I fell in Love with her not the rider but the bike and lucky me I scored the guy too.So I beg if you have to make something new,make it with the class that Triumph is known for.Not baggin the new stuff but I know people would Love classic style as well.With much Love a Lover and a rider.

  • Phenix_Rider

    LOVE the conceptp art. I’d take it in red, but the black/silver is tits!! I like the idea of a kit too, as long as it brings the price down significantly, and includes decent tech support. OH YEAH, and there are NO issues getting it registered.

    Did anyone else notice that the concept art and ACTUAL frame look NOTHING alike? I like the trellis! The big-tube looks too much like my Kawasaki.

  • Andy

    I will be following this with interest. Initial impressions are that it could be a stunning bike, but I suspect the finished price will reflect the quality and be too rich for all but a lucky few. If the kit form comes in considerably lower in cost I would be interested.