Although Ducati will not be racing the 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale in World Superbike this year, the new offering from Bologna found itself unsurprisingly on a revised homologation list this week for the World Superstock 1000 FIM Cup. While there will not be an official factory-backed WSTCK effort, taking up the cause to develop the Panigale on the track will be Effenbert-Liberty Racing, who will campaign two Ducati 1199 superbikes, with Brett McCormick and Federico Sandi at the helms of those machines.

Our first chance to see the Ducati 1199 Panigale S in true superstock trim (checkout our up-close photos of the Ducati 1199 Panigale S in superstock form with Ducati Performance parts), McCormick & Sandi were at Phillip Island this week testing the Panigale for the World Superstock 1000 class, while WSBK teammates Sylvain Guintoli and Jakub Smrz made do with their Ducati 1198 S Superbikes.

With Sandi putting down an unofficial best lap time of 1’37.8, and McCormick doing a 1’38.2, the Ducati 1199 Panigale in Superstock trim is roughly six seconds off the pace of Carlos Checa’s Ducati 1098R Superbike, which topped the overall timesheet with a 1’31.8.

Source: Effenbert-Liberty Racing

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  • Daz

    Looks better black than red.

  • Smitch

    I agree, and I think it’s because it washes out those aspects of the lines that look mashed up.

  • Rob

    Does Superstock rules allow the electronically adjustable suspension, and all of the other factory electronics that the 1199 comes with? And if so, is it truly an advantage over other machines on the grid?

  • Six seconds off of Checa’s Superbike pace? Sounds significant. Any numbers available for other Superstock 1000 bikes that have tested there? That would be a more understandable comparison.

  • MikeD

    Daz says:
    February 16, 2012 at 2:51 PM
    Looks better black than red.

    +1 on color.
    Is 6sec off the pace significant in a bad or a good way ?
    To me it sounds way off the pace…then again the machine is being run for the first time with these guys…so they have to fine hone it and get use to it ? I guess ? For my life, i don’t know any better…lol.

  • JasonB

    1000cc Superstock hasn’t raced at PI the last couple of years so it’s hard to make a direct comparison. But if you look at the free practice times at tracks where both WSBK and Superstock race there’s usually a 4-6 second gap between the top riders. With the bikes in a lower state of tune and the talent not quite at the same level this is to be expected.

    My question: how on earth is that belly pan legal? There’s no way it holds the required amount of fluid with the exhaust and all those holes.

  • JasonB – THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I’ve only been asking this question since Duc revealed their 1199 performance parts.

  • JasonB: Thanks for helping to put the lap times into perspective for me. Seems that the bike is immediately right on the mark and should only get better.

  • Rob: The bike in SSTK (race) trim does not use the electronic suspension adjustment system, it is designed for road / trackday users to adjust the bike with ease between WET – ROAD – TRACK settings.

    JasonB: The SSTK race bike has a belly pan / catch tank system above and between the pipes running to the radiator at the front that satisfies the riquired FIM homologation rules.

    The lap times: The bike is good and will be a front runner from day one, Petrucci so far in testing and bike development has matched his 1198 SSTK times…..

  • SBPilot

    The looks of this bike will take time to grow on me, the exhaust under the bike is actually quite ugly. I would have thought Termi would use some Carbon cans or a pipe type of look and ditching the strange triangular shape silencer for a race bike. The pinched nose also still hard to get use to, but perhaps with race livery it’ll look better. Amazing bike non the less and even though it’s still weird looking to me it’s somehow my background….

  • 76

    Bike looks pretty awesome, cant wait to see some other livery on it. Of course everyone is going to be focused on the times she can put out in SSt. Just alittle perspective, If Ducati put out a bike that could match a WSBK in SST form, well they would have rewritten the entire scope of production racing hands down.

  • antti.l

    I bet that changing a motor is a be a pain in the a$$ with these “frameless” bikes.

  • Smilo996

    Termi cannot use carbon because the exhausts run too hot.
    The bike still looks tiny but reviews are saying it is quite roomy even for tall people.
    Seems there is a shroud missing off the front of that exhaust, compared the the official pictures.
    Pace look pretty good though.