WSBK: Ducati Gets Another Weight Reduction

07/13/2010 @ 7:31 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

From the official results of World Superbike’s stop at Brno, the FIM has once again determined that twin-cylinder motorcycles, i.e. Ducatis, will get another minimum weight reduction. Averaging more than a five point deficit over the last three WSBK events (Miller Motorsports Park, Misano, and Brno), WSBK rules require that twins be given another 3kg weight reduction, as the rules have been deemed to “favor” the 1000cc 4-cylinder motorcycles too heavily.

This means at World Superbike’ stop at Silverstone in two weeks, Ducati race bikes can weigh 162kg (357lbs), or the same minimum weight as the 1000cc four-cylinder bikes. This move is the second time the minimum weight for twins has been lowered, as a part of rules set in place before the season.

Agreed upon in 2008, the floating minimum weight requirement for twins was a part of Ducati’s pitch to bring 1200cc twins to World Superbike racing. The theory behind the rule is that it would ensure that twins are competitive in WSBK; however the last weight reduction saw little affect in the Championship standings.

The FIM reports that the average point difference for the twins was almost double the required threshold of 5 points, with 9.5 points averaged over the last three rounds. While this number certainly would have been lower had Carlos Checa taken the double at Miller Motorsports Park like he should have, the poor results for the other five Ducatis on the grid would surely have kept this rule modification in place.

If the Ducatis in World Superbike continue to average a five point deficit over the four-cylinder bikes, the FIM will impose a larger bore size for the Ducati air restrictor plates, which should allow for the bikes to create more horsepower. A lack of power has primarily been the complaint of the Ducati teams.

Source: World Superbike

  • A far cry from when twins had a 33% capacity advantage AND a 25kg weight advantage in the good old days!

  • irksome

    Interesting photo… two exhausts.

  • Dude… there’s a big crack on your bike.

    Seriously, you _know_ this guy’s spent a ton of money on carbon and magnesium bits to cut his bike’s weight down.

  • Shawn Ting

    Pocket Bikes are not allowed on the highway!

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  • Jaybond

    The best solution for this WSBK V-Twin engine fiasco, is to reimpose the weight penalty, but take out those air restrictors! That should make everybody happy..

  • that other guy

    tell me that photo is shopped, please do say so…

  • Sean Mitchell

    Must’ve had a crane lower him onto the bike.

  • Woody

    Not shopped, that’s just good ol’ America.