Ducati Superbike 1199 Spotted Again

08/01/2011 @ 9:34 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

The 2012 Ducati Superbike 1199 is shaping up to be the school yard tease, giving us a glimpse of its still unfinished form seemingly on a regular basis now. Spotted with another cameraphone “spy photo” somewhere on the streets of Italy, we get a fairly clear side profile of the new 1199. The underslung exhaust is perhaps the focal point of this unofficial teaser shot, which is interesting as we hear Bologna has recently been having internal meetings about its final design.

The underslung can fits in well with the bodywork, but hopefully will arrive in a less conspicuous color, as the bare metal in its current form is very distracting from the Superbike 1199‘s overall form. Speaking of eyesores, the rear-cyclinder exhaust loop is still large and in charge, which to our eye looks totally ridiculous. Hopefully the final package comes together in a more pleasing way (that is what Ducati excels at, right?), because watching the sausage get made has our stomach churning at times (though the new Superbike as a whole seems to be a stunner).

Only three more months until the Ducati Superbike 1199’s launch at EICMA. This certainly won’t be the last photo of the bike to emerge from now until then.

Source: Ducatisti.myblog.it

  • Cpt.Slow


  • Nobody

    Very nice. And neither the pipe nor the rear cylinder exhaust loop bothers me at all.

  • 76

    That rear tire looks meatier than a 200 , could it be possible? I know the angle is helping but for some reason that tire looks big

  • BikePilot

    Its not all that wide, but the aspect ratio is larger than normal – it may be a 190/55 or even 60-65. Its definitely taller than the ubiquitous 190/50.

  • Kento

    A 190/55 aspect ratio rear tire is common on most liter-class sportbikes, far more than “the ubiquitous 190/50”. There’s only one or two actual sportbikes that come with that configuration 190-size tire.

  • 76

    Aprilia RSV4 APRC comes stock with a 200 section tire, many who race the 1198 run a 200 currently and actually have issues with clearance without the proper link count on the chain and spacing on the eccentric hub (Tire will actually rub the front of the swingarm). I have a 200 SCpro on my 1198 as we speak, just this looks even bigger which I ask is anyone running something like that? Like a 210?

  • GeddyT

    I always thought the underseat exhaust got a worse rap than it deserved. I still think it’s the best looking exhaust configuration out there. I like a LOT what KTM is doing with their underengine exhausts (RC8), bust most others I’m not a big fan (R6, GSX-R, 1000RR, etc.).

    The argument for mass centralization is just over the top. It just doesn’t matter on the street, and race exhausts are so light that it’s not a huge penalty there, either. But the upside? Not smashing your exhaust like a beer can every time you take a lowside to the right? That’s pretty priceless.

    At least this version doesn’t have a silencer that protrudes out, but I still think Ducati has had the underseat look absolutely perfected and will hate to see it go.

  • ML

    Is it me or do the mirrors look like they are extended further out than on past ducati’s? Could this be the first ducati where we don’t need to tuck in our elbows to see whats behind us?

  • aaron

    I love the lego bodywork!