Ducati Scrambler Spotted Again

10/28/2013 @ 8:20 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


The Ducati Scrambler work horse has made its way onto the internet again, this time with Italian site Insella.it getting a glimpse of the prototype on the outskirts of Bologna.

While the machine hasn’t developed much further than from the last time it broke cover, we do at least get a better view of the Scrambler’s early lines, and can clearly spot the bike’s air-cooled v-twin engine.

Also visible is the Ducati Scrambler’s elongated tank and flat-ish seat, key elements to the scrambler aesthetic. Absent however is a high-mounted level exhaust, though Ducati’s unit here seems to be anything but finalized.

From this angle too we can get a better idea of wheel rim sizes, and a little Photoshop measuring reveals a front rim that’s just over 10% larger than the rear, confirming what our sources have said about a 19″ front wheel. More specific details on the Ducati Scrambler are sketchy at best though, with conflicting information abounding at this point in time.

The operative phrase we are hearing from our sources is “if” not “when” Ducati builds this bike, suggesting that Borgo Panigale hasn’t fully committed, or fully formed, its plans with the Ducati Scrambler model — no doubt, Ducati is gauging consumer reactions carefully with these leaked photos.

We do know that we will not be seeing the Scrambler in production form at EICMA this year, and at the earliest it will be a 2015 model. With Bologna already registering “Ducati Scrambler” as a trademark in several markets, it will be interesting at least to see if Ducati talks about the model during its EICMA event Monday next week.

Source: Insella.it

  • yippee

    I’m guessing this could be the new stepping stone bike for Ducati, to get people into the brand if it is inexpensive. And a way to keep the air cooled motor alive since the new Monster is supposedly going to be water cooled.

  • Dan

    looks like a viable alternative for Triumph. Neat looking bike. could be a lot of fun.

  • Damo

    For sure a prototype mule, judging by the mismatched wheels.

    I wonder if Ducati has found a way to increase the valve adjustment intervals on their air cooled motors yet?

  • MikeD

    Meh . . .

  • Gutterslob

    Biggest question;
    Will any future owners do any actual scrambling on it?

  • MikeD


    +1 my good Sr.

  • Paul McM

    Sorry Ducati, my eyes are still hurting from looking at that. Stick to Hypermotards you do so well. Here’s a nice production based scrambler for the street: http://www.roadandtrack.com/go/news/aftermarket/news-aftermarket-docs-chops-star-bolt-scrambler

  • MikeD

    @Paul McM:

    What you are seeing here is nowhere near by A LONG SHOT what the final product will look like.
    Maybe it’ll be horrid looking either way but remember to look at these “mules” for what they are, NOTHING concrete/solid yet.

  • TomL

    I do so *want* this! Just change the back wheel and it’s ready :) I’m so longing for a good looking bike to travel around on big and small streets and a little bit further than the streets reach, especially outside of central europe. Low exhaust is perfect for my saddle bags, passenger seat just for short distances is exactly what I need, front section of frame looks like it allows increased manouverability (very good!). Btw: the frame looks geourgous, so lucky that there’s no ugly back part like on the new small monsters. Like the color of the fork too. The only thing that I would probaby modify is the tank: it looks tiny and I guess that’s a design decision. But having a bigger tank made is not such a big deal with this kind of bike layout. And since the Ducati engines are consuming fuel very reasonably even being stuck with a small tank would not be a deal breaker.
    Really: bring it to market, please, better today than tomorrow!