Ducati North America Q3 2012 Sales up 24%

10/24/2012 @ 7:48 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Ducati North America has some impressive Q3 2012 sales numbers, as the Italian brand is up 24% over the same time period from last year. Its ninth-straight quarter of retail sales growth, Ducati North America owes a great deal of its success surprisingly to the Ducati Diavel, which was Bologna’s strongest model for growth in September. Ducati North America’s sales were up 40% in September.

Ducati hopes that 2012 will be a record year for the company, with sales from the Ducati 1199 Panigale helping fuel that enthusiasm. While Ducati remains bullish about the Panigale’s sales, our Bothan Spies have hinted that the new superbike hasn’t exactly met the initially high-sales expectations.

“We have paid very close attention to the desires of our customers in North America and believe that we have successfully developed the most appealing product offering in the brand’s history,” said Cristiano Silei, CEO of Ducati North America.

“With this consistent, positive momentum in retail sales, we are confident that 2012 will finish as a record year for Ducati. And, we look forward to a great start for 2013, with the recent announcement of several new models.”

Ducati is expected to debut a brand new water-cooled Hypermotard at EICMA, along with an “R” version of the Ducati 1199 Panigale and other minor model revisions & updates.

Source: Ducati North America

  • Arghhhh

    I love Ducati but until they start releasing bikes in North America with metal fuel tanks, I won’t buy another one. I just had to sell my Streetfighter because of ethanol causing the tank to swell. Only the Panigale has a metal tank?! At close to $2,000 a tank, I can’t afford to deal with that problem. Fix it, and I’m back to Ducati!

  • Andrey

    As an owner of a number of new Ducatis I too will not be buying another with a plastic tank. Ducati North America have pretty much turned a blind eye to this issue and the support offered to address the problem has been way below the standard one would expect from a “premium” brand. Again…. accountants focused on the bottom line at the expense of the customers ownership experience….. very short sighted. Don’t these people read any modern texts on business, customer satisfaction or brand loyalty?

  • Alex

    Agree with the above, owned multiple Ducatis. Sold my Streetfighter 1098 as well (1 tank and 1 lower radiator replaced at 600miles). Love the bike ( I mean LOVE), but won’t open my wallet to Ducati until things are fixed. Even if they put that 1199 engine in some kinda streetfighter, we just lost that sweet fat torque curve down below and the 848 doesn’t scare me enough. Monsters aren’t doing it for me either, just personal preference and same tank material. Hurry up Audi, throw your monies into Ducati just like you did with Lambo. I am very pleased with the path Lambo went on with thier german buddies. Keeping the Italian style and passion…but then infusing the proper QMS and cash. So, now I’m forced to look foward to the KTM Superduke for 2013, or settle for the Tuono V4, but I hear the same tank issues for the Ape’s and Triumph as well. :O( Maybe we should all buy Confederate Hellcat x132s, you think they’ll give us a group discount? LOL

  • Damo


    All Ducatis manufactured after mid-2011 have addressed the tank swelling issue. There is also a proposed solution to the class action suit currently in process as a result of this.

    It should have NEVER (and I mean NEVER) happened in the first place, but they are aware of the issue. Aprilia had a similar problem with the first generation RSV4.

    Also the tank swelling issue is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty if you bought it new. If your dealer refused to fix it, they need to be reported to the BBB (assuming you are in North America).

  • sburns2421

    Ducati’s sales of the Diavel were no doubt helped by the cheap financing they had all summer on the bike. 0.9% for 60 months IIRC, basically free financing.

    They have that now on non-ABS Panigales and the 848 gets the first six months free (4.99%/72 month finance). So expect touting of big boost in Q4 sales numbers of those bikes in a three months.

    That Ducati already has to offer special financing to move the 1199 indicates to me it isn’t selling as well as expected.