Oh the ever *cough* elusive motorcycle spy photo, how we love to hate thee. No brand has been a greater “victim” of its pre-production motorcycle being caught by eagle-eyed photographers than Ducati, so it should come as no surprise then that first machine on the pre-EICMA buzz machine should be one from the Bologna brand — though cynicism, it is an interesting machine that has been spied.

Having the clear lines of the Ducati Monster line, our subject today has the curious oddity of being equipped with what appears to be a water-cooled Testastretta 11° motor, which is fitted with an exhaust that looks suspiciously like the lump found in the Ducati Diavel.

If the interwebs are correct, and this new Monster is indeed a 1198cc beast, then that means that we likely have a modern take on the Ducati Monster S4 on our hands, which should good for 150 hp of street terror.

News of this machine doesn’t surprise us here at Asphalt & Rubber, as we have been expecting the Ducati Monster line to move to water-cooled engines, as emission standards are constantly pushing beyond the boundaries of air-cooled engine designs, especially in the European market.

With Ducati showing a new Testastretta 11° motor for the Hypermotard and Hyperstrada, one would guess that the peppy 821cc v-twin would end up in the Monster line as well, since the two bikes’ predecessors also shared power plants.

That still may be the case though, since the Ducati Monster plays an important entry-point to the Italian brand’s product line-up; however, with this presumed 1198cc Ducati Monster on the horizon, the Italians clearly have another devious plan also in the works for 2014.

Like the S4R & S4RS, we  would expect the new Monster to be a curious oddity in Ducati’s line, and one that is meant for the more discerning Ducatisti who likes mega-horsepower in more streetable motorcycles. Plan on seeing this new Monster debut in November at the 2013 EICMA show, when all our question shall be answered.





Source: MCNMoto.it, & Motociclismo.it

  • Grant Madden

    Am just loving the textured tank look.Got to be the new thing.Mind you those spirals look pretty zoomy.Bit more grunt wont hurt the little sucker.Better for pulling wheelies with I suppose.

  • Max

    Yes. So much.

    Totally prefer the feel of the Monster and sometimes wish it had more power than the 1100 evo offers. Boom, this is my next bike.

  • Nicolas

    Aesthetics aside, wouldn’t this cannibalize Streetfighter sales? Personally I would rather see an updated streetfighter 848 S or better yet, a Panigale Streetfighter.

  • Jeram

    yeah whats the difference between the monster and the streetfighter it terms of functionality?

    Nothing wrong with the air cooled 1100’s… so much more torque down low than the 1198 short stroke motor!

    it sort of defeats the purspose, the monster is meant to be a practical performance bike for the road, not a rip snorting road racer with no grunt bellow 4000rpm!

  • Sixty7

    Personally I don’t think the streetfighter is a good seller…….I mean when they built the S4R and S4RS in the older shape the bikes sold well but since introducing the streetfighter range their sales have been poor this is whats needed get rid of the SF it’s ugly anyway….

  • Damo

    “Nothing wrong with the air cooled 1100″: Aside from the service intervals, I agree the engine is great.

    Currently Ducati annual sale reports show the Monster line to be outselling the Streetfighter by almost 4 to 1 (even when both SF’s were still available). I love the Streetfighter as well, but try riding a pillion on that thing.

    I personally think these spy photos are of a Monster fitted with the 821cc Hyper powerplant, but it could be the 1198.

    They really seem to be taking practicality and ergos into account with their new models. Look at the right leg side shot of the bike and see how they modified the pillion foot pegs for passenger comfort.

    The new Hyper is very similar. I sat on one with my wife a few weeks back (I am 6’1″ and she is 5’11”) and we both fit on it perfectly, I was shocked.

  • Starmag

    Amazingly the seat and passenger pegs look like they are made for adults. Even with the disguises the tank shape isn’t what I’d call pretty though.

  • Jason

    Am I the only one who sees what looks like the “frameless” design being used here??? The front end seems to be attached directly to the heads of the motor by a camouflaged triangle in the shape of the Panigale frame/air box…

  • Reed Parker

    Jason – No, I can see the frame in the shot where the rider is looking over their shoulder. Look right behind the headlight and you can see the red frame.

  • Nick Napoda

    Nobody sees the frameless design really??? There is no trellis frame connecting the front and rear! The front “frame” is very very short and clearly bolted to the front cylinders. The subframe is clearly bolted to the rear cylinder/transmission. Rather than the cast aluminum front on the Panigale, they have made a welded tubular piece which is similar in function.

  • Brandon

    I love my Streetfighter, and sad to see only the 848 still being sold. This would be a perfect compromise though. I’m thinking the Panigale streetfighter would kind of miss the mark for me; the whole point is the massive torque. Nobody’s doing 150mph on the track with a naked bike, so what’s the point of changing to a higher-revving engine?

  • Miles Prower

    @Nick Napoda, I agree. In the first shot, you can clearly see the rear subframe is bolted to something other than a main trellis frame. And if there is a trellis frame, it too is bolted to parts of the engine, as @Jason mentions.

  • Max

    @Brandon – You’re right, a high revving naked bike may not make much sense… but if this is a Diavel engine in a Monster, I’m all about it. The Diavel is liquid cooled and has plenty of torque. People literally giggle in video reviews, hah.

  • Willie

    I believe its a very small frame – even shorter that the Diavel. A triangle from the stem to the front cyclinders

  • buellracerx

    perfect bike for Ducati to take back the PPIHC crown…oh wait, the Streetfighter can already do that…

  • Joerg

    Also interesting… It has the Hyper speedometer, a new handlebar mount, a new headlight and probably a lot which is not visible yet… This could ne a completely new Monster line for 2014. Maybe something which could stay in parallel to the air cooled line which still sells really good.

  • jet057

    Just having that oil cooler that looks lower to the ground and is huge makes me say dont but it,punchering oil cooler scares the heck at of me..

  • love my street_fighter 1098 .. very underrated – which is great .. xx

  • Norm G.

    is it me, or was there nothing wrong with the old monster that required a makeover…? the gen 2 language only came out in ’07 with the 696 and was brilliant there is clearly something different going on with that chassis. look at that subframe…? the gen 2 had adopted the MV philosophy of mixing trellis and castings. did I mention it was brilliant…?

  • ZootCadillac

    I know exactly what Jensen speaks of in the first paragraph. I’m almost certain that many ‘spy’ shots are spoon fed to us with a wink but i can say from my own experience that Ducati are not always up to it ( but in this case i think they are ).
    I’ve often had a visit to their offices, taken a trip down into the warehouse to look at some bikes, camera ever in hand. Taken some pictures and gone one twitter that night to say, hey, look at my day. Only to wake up with phone calls from irate people in a Ducati office, Journalists complaining about something I have ‘broken’ without them getting a nod and a very Irate Press officer ( who has since banned me from taking any photos inside Ducati now despite the fact that I will be working the UK MotoGP for them…as a photog ;)) asking me what I was thinking posting pictures of a certain thing before an official launch.

    We are all friends ;) But they do keep secrets, or at least deadlines for secrets to be launched. That’s my experience.

    As for the comparison to a naked bike like this and the streetfighter? I think you have to ride them to understand. They are not the same bike. Big difference in weight distribution and ride height for one. They ride very differently.
    The streetfighter is not a big seller in Europe, being more suited to the US it would appear. The monster is Ducati’s bread and butter, sells great worldwide. It’s time for a facelift and lets face it, all their range has transitioned to liquid cooled now. It was inevitable after the Hypermotard and Hyperstrada ( which is another great ride, but another odd bike, very close to the Multistrada )

    Don’t take any notice of the bits you can see, they will be off the shelf and used for the dev bike to get it on the road. There is no guarantee that things like that will remain on the prod bike.
    One thing is for sure, they will get it right, they can’t afford to mess up the monster, it brings home the bacon for Ducati.

  • @ Zoot

    Well said re the ride height and weight distribution on the street_fighter verse the monster range .. not the same bikes at all. ..
    Yet the water cooled motor on a monster will narrow a margin somewhat. Personally, I can’t wait for the Panegali styled street_fighter .. Hope it’s in development / then I can hopefully afford to have an old and a new !

    The new monster will be stunning though – for every day commuter / consumer riders !

  • Chris

    @Norm G
    Nope, you’re not the only one. They really lost me with the 2nd gen Monsters, and now moreso if the aircooled motors are going away.
    If the aircooleds vanish completely, I’m picking up a spare M900 to go along with my ’99.

    I remain skeptical however, that emissions is really forcing this shift and that there’s no technical solution to this.
    HD seems to be managing just fine, for now (Yes, I know about the rumors..they seem to crop up every couple of years)

  • The 821 engines clutch cover is quite distinctive. The engine in these pictures definitely does not have the 821 clutch cover. Also the 821cc engine does not need/use an oil cooler in the Hypermotard/strada. However what’s the bet Ducati don’t bring out two different size engines in the new water cooled monsters as replacements for the twos different size options in the current air cooled bikes. One engine based on the Diavel engine and another based on the 821cc engine in the 2013 hypermotard/strada?