Ducati Monster 848R Concept by Isaac Chavira

03/24/2011 @ 6:54 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

Today we have a concept sketch that should appeal to A&R‘s Ducatisti readership, as Isaac Chavira brings us his rendition of a Ducati Monster 848R. The name sort of gives off what’s going on here, as Chavira has incorporated the 848’s superbike motor into a Monster chassis (a Monster 796 chassis to be exact).

While the Monster line has become Ducati’s air-cooled street machine, we like where Chivra’s head is at when explains his choice for using the 848 Superbike’s water-cooled motor: “As you’ll see I have given it a heart transplant stuffing the 848’s motor into the Monsters chassis. After all they gave it a menacing name, why not have the heart of a beast right?”

In addition to adding the heart of the beast, Chivra has added an 1198R’s front-end and rear shock, and also fit the Ducati Monster 848R with some of Ducati’s go-fast Performance parts. A DP slipper clutch has been installed, as well as a full Termignoni titanium exhaust with ECU upgrade finishing out the kit.

Chivra also says that he sees his design having the trellis frame pipe thickness thinned out to 0.5mm, with a cast magnesium sub-frame to boot. All-in-all a package worthy of the “R” designation from the Bologna brand. Don’t expect Ducati to build one anytime soon, but then again, that’s not really the point of this now is it?

  • Eric

    As a former Ducati Monster S4R owner I’m all for it. I know Ducati prefers to keep the monster air cooled, but a power infusion would be most welcome. I’ve never been sold on the Street Fighter. Just looks too much like a stripped down Superbike instead of a bike designed from scratch to be naked.

  • Nate

    Not to be picky, because I love the idea, but any “R” or even an “S” would at least have Forged Wheels and not Cast. I know I’m being picky, But I like this and want to do it. To have an “R” motor it needs to be more powerfull than a stock 848 motor… so, I’m thinking 1040 bigbore kit… YEAH BUDDY!!

  • Jesse


    Funny you post that up as I simply thought newer monsters were water cooled and older ones weren’t. I had no idea that the water-cooled version was just that, a version. . . I was confused while reading this article until I saw your post and then it all made sense.

    Obviously I’m not a Ducati expert. Still can’t (actually, won’t) afford one.

  • Josh

    Jesse, in ducati-land, all (well except for the ST2) 2-valve motors are air cooled and all 4-valve liquid cooled.

    The superbikes of the past decade+ are all 4-valve motors as are monsters with “4” in the name. All other ducati monsters are air cooled, 2-valve motors.

    Ducs aren’t really all that expensive – often they aren’t even any more than similar Japanese bikes. Just bought a lightly used Monster for my wife for less than I could have snagged a Japanese 650 twin of similar vintage and mileage. Upkeep is a little more (a lot more if you don’t do all your own work) though.

    As far as the photochop – doesn’t look too bad, looks like what I’d expect an S4* version of the new monster to look like. I think we are far more likely to see a 848 streetfighter than an 848 monster though. The radiators never did mesh with the monster’s styling though and still don’t in that ‘chop.

    Now where’s an 848 Hyper when ya need one?

  • Cory

    The cluth on an 848 is wet. The photochop is not. Picky picky, I know, but I own an 848 and that’s the first thing I noticed about the pic.

  • Isaac Chavira

    A side note on the trelis frame. I meant 0.5mm was shaved off to make it thinner =o)

    Now for my next trick, the KTM 690 Supermoto ‘R’.

    Thank You A&R you have made my day!!!

  • buellracerx

    beautiful concept; would love to see it make reality, especially after seeing the power of that 848EVO at Daytona… with an increase in power, tho, I’d really rather keep as much stiffness & strength in the frame as possible, unless there was a switch to chromoly intended (Monsters come stock w/ chromoly trellises?)

  • AC

    Photoshop itself is nice, but I think we’d be more likely to see the 848 motor in a Streetfighter body. Afterall, the Monster lineup is all 2V now while the SF is 4V.