Two Ducati MH900e’s on eBay for $1 Million

12/06/2010 @ 8:18 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

When it comes to Ducati motorcycles, none stands apart from the rest quite like the MH900e. Designed by the one and only Pierre Terblanche, the MH900e is more like art that you can ride than it is a motorcycle that looks good, which might explain the ridiculously high price tag on an eBay auction that is currently offering two low mileage machines for the measly sum of $995,000.

Before you spit your coffee out, that high price tag comes with a guarantee that 50% of the auction proceeds will end up going to charity (the auctioneer seems to prefer Habit for Humanity, but for that kind of money we’re sure you can pick the charity of your choosing despite words that he’ll “consider it”), which comes out to be at least a $497,500 donation because of the high starting price on the auction.

Of course that still means you are paying half a million dollars for two motorcycles that normally retail for about $20,000 each…but the author seems to think it could get you on TV for your efforts (let’s imagine the on-screen title to that one)…ok, now spit your coffee out. To us it all just seems like a ploy to use a charitable cause to make you forget about the fact you’re overpaying for two motorcycles by about $450,000. Greed is good, but apparently vanity is better.

Source: eBay via Rare Sportbikes for Sale

  • Keith

    I’d rather a baby monster with soft bags than and one of those. I’m already anatomicly gifted AND my ego doesn’t stroking…not that much.

  • Rexr

    Why would anyone pay that for a ducati……….especially as it’s designed by “Pierre Terblanche” all the bikes he designed for ducati didn’t really sell that well……multistrada……yuk!! , 749 not that pleasant to look at , 999 same as the 749 the only thing going for the 999 was it won 3 wsbk championships but overall ducati is better off without him designing their bikes (even though he did design the “Hypermotard” which still looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down…)

  • I know Pierre reads the site, but I doubt he’ll chime in, so I’ll say this in his defense. I think the Paul Smart, Mike Hailwood, Supermono, and Hypermotard are all great looking bikes that set themselves apart. There was nothing cookie cutter about them, and they have or will have a sort of timeless air to them.

    I have nothing against the 999 either, except for the fact that it probably changed too quickly and too much of what a Ducati should look like in the minds of riders. Put a different brand logo on that bike and I think you would have seen a different market reaction.

  • Richard Gozinya

    He also designed the entire Sport Classics line, as well as the ST2 and ST3. Gorgeous bikes all. And those Guzzis he designed with Galluzi are amazing.

  • Pierre is one of the most fantastic motorcycle designers! The 749R/999R is unbelievably good looking (especially in race trim). Hyper, SC, Supermono, MTS are all fantastic looking bikes IMO.

    To me the 1098 is the dud of the recent Ducati models. Talk about a boring looking bike! It looks like a poorly designed 998. Same for the new Monster. Ducati doesn’t appear to be good at evolving design, but rather starting design over.

    Wait until you see the 2012 Superbike. Again – starting design over and getting an AMAZING looking machine.

  • PD

    What an a-hole. So he wants to pocket $500K for a couple of Terblanche abominations. Terblanche was the worst thing that ever afflicted Ducati – not unlike the Bangle-ization of BMW.

    The potential buyer would be better off, if he really wanted the Terblanche stillbirths, to donate the $1M directly to charity, and pay the few measly pounds that a pair of the homely MHs would really command, certainly rather than padding this prick of a seller’s pockets with $500K.

  • Sean

    Let’s not make this about Terblanche…this is about some fool selling $24k worth of motocycles for
    $500k under the auspices of giving another $500k to charity. I’d call that using charity to try to line your pocket book. May he burn in a thousand hells!

  • Steve

    What an idiot. What kind of drugs is this guy on? I think I will go buy several slightly used ones for around $10,000 and sell them to him for 400,000 for all three. Now that’s a deal! Do you have his phone number ?

  • Westward

    In this economy, it’s hard to blame anyone for trying to make a buck. The optimum word being “trying”. However, The 749 and 999 are far from being unattractive. It’s hard to claim any iteration of a Ducati superbike less than a work of art. The MH900 is definitely an acquired taste that even I lack, but I have seen much, and I mean much worst at BMW or Harley. “Ape- hangers, what’s with that?”

  • John Morrow

    Looks like the seller updated the auction to say that now donating 90% to charity. (hmm 10% of a million is still 100k minus the cost of the bikes) I’m hoping no one buys and Ebay charges him outrageous fees for such a frivolous auction.

  • They are definitely loveit or hateit bikes.
    Although my highly modded #1175 isn’t for sale, there is one available on Craigslist for $10k.
    I’m tempted to pick up a second just for good measure. Hope it finds a good home!

  • Ted Shred

    This listing now states

    “eBay Giving works 90% of the final sale price will support New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity- “

  • Andrey

    Man oh man does this seller have an EGO problem or what… check out his auction name; “:worldsbestguy” and if you go to his website Ateliersvelocete, it is nothing moire than a gigantic EGO trip. Talk about a giant “pull through” aka jerk off!. What sort of drugs do you have to take to think that much of yourself?
    Strange….. very strange…… but he does live in weirdsville itself!
    What a wanker!

  • Yeah, 90%? Thats so a good man….what an poor guy :-|

  • 1198freak

    Who knows, maybe a Arab sheik or some rich collector will buy them. As for Terblanche, I like his designs. I have a Hypermotard and I had a 999. The 999 was a great looking bike in race form, in street form it wasn’t bad but the tailsection, exhaust, and front side panels on the fairing needed improvement. The Hypermotard looks great, its an original design as all Terblanches designs were.

  • Jeram

    the 999 was an amazingly good looking bike…
    if that was badged as japanese it would have been heralded as the sexyest thing on 2 wheels
    it was just unfortunate that it had such huge shoes to fill (998)

    the new 1098 is just a modernised 996/998….