Thinking of Off-Roading a Ducati Hypermotard SP?

07/26/2013 @ 3:44 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS


When a press bike shows up at your doorstep, the miles on the odometer betray the sights and stories the bike could tell about its relatively short existence thus far.

At just nearly 2,000 miles, our little Ducati Hypermotard SP in the normal world would have stories of high-fives at the Ducatisti bike nights, hours spent in the parking lot outside of the local Starbucks, and maybe some tall tales of a wheelie or two.

But sort of on-par with dog-years, press-bike miles act as a multiplying factor, when in regards to the maturing of the machine. So with our machine at 2,000 miles, well that’s a bike that has really been around the block. Burnt clutches, blown fork seals, and chewed-up tires — those all likely describe this little SP’s first stop on the magazine tour bus, so multiply accordingly dear reader.

It is rare though that you really get to see/hear what the machine has gone through before it gets to you, but a quick check of the license plate in the video after the jump confirms that this “pretty impressive machine” has found its way into our hands. As far as we can tell so far, the description fits.

I am pretty sure that the rider here didn’t set out to make a promotional video when he took this Hypermotard for a spin outside of Palm Springs; but seriously Ducati, just edit this puppy down, put some bumpers in with the company logo, and call it done for advertising the Hypermotard SP to man-children.

After viewing Q’s jaunt, grown men will arrive on your doorstep offering their first-born for one of these machines.

Source: YouTube

  • Damn. The way he pushed that thing over gravel on stock tires? Eep!

  • David

    Wow that was impressive, I guess the stock suspension setting is pretty good out of the box.

  • Ross Ewich


    that’s not “off road”. that WAS a road. a dirt road. my honda element does that kind road/speed every frikin day.

    like people with Range Rovers posting youtube videos of their vehicle tiptoe-ing off the asphalt.

    now you put just the slightest whiff of Colorado rocks/Florida sugar sand/Kentucky clay/Georgia roots/etc anywhere on that road and lets see what happens.

    that would be a whole lot closer to “off road”

  • Terrence

    I agree with Ross. Show me some single track, hill climb, switchback action. If the bike is still in SoCal, I suggest taking it to Gorman, not the most technical dirt riding, but would be impressive if a hypermoto can handle it. And if you do go, at least put conti TCK80’s on there or some other equivalent 17″ street knobby. Be sure to put up some video of you going through some black diamond trails. Maybe even a lap on the MX track. Don’t worry, I’m sure Tim C. the Ducati PR guy will be okay with it as long as you put up some awesome video.

  • “my honda element does that kind road/speed every frikin day.”

    Unless your Element has had two wheels removed and is shod with Diablo Supercorsa SP rubber, Whole Nother Universe. Just sayin’. :)

  • That front brake fluid reservoir looks awfully vulnerable…

  • Paulo

    LOLOLOLO……….Ducati people love to love the image of their bikes becoming something grander then something less common because lets face it, they paid a lot and they need something to show for it.

    This video is definitely a feel good video but truth be told, it’s not when this bike goes down……it’s how painful the wallet will be to make it look Ducati good again! Listen people, Ducati’s are street bikes……period. Yes they can go in the dirt or around the world… the guy on an R1…….but everyone will think your nuts for doing it and have more money then sense. Great video but it’s all PR Ducati propaganda.

  • froryde

    Not sure what you Ducati fans are whooping about and you haters and whining on about – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RIDER (and he got skillz).

    I’m sure he could’ve done the same on a CBR1ZSX-R if he wanted, Ducati or no Ducati.

  • Jake F.

    I feel like taking more chances when it’s not my bike, too.

  • Damo

    “LOLOLOLO……….Ducati people love to love the image of their bikes becoming something grander then something less common because lets face it, they paid a lot and they need something to show for it.”

    Actually the Hypermotard isn’t very expensive. The stock version only cost $11,999 and still comes with full traction control and ABS as standard.

    Find another sub 12k bike on the market that has the same trim as the base 2013 Hyper.

  • Faust

    Ducati haters gonna hate. Nothing anyone could say would make this video less awesome. Are there bikes that are more suited to off road? Certainly. Could those bikes also tear up the streets like sport bike? Do they have traction control and abs? Do they have as much power? Nope. If you don’t like the bike, buy something else. As for me, I’m envious.

  • e

    i have owned a few ducati’s and I loved every one of them. I have also owned a 690 duke R an SD and just got an SDR and Pani on the way and oh might I add i also owned an R1, cbr 600RR, gsxR, zx10r and as it stands, i will never go back to jap: and thats my choice. Hypermotard and correct me if I’m wrong are not full-on dirt bikes and are not meant to be and so if you’d rather have d-tracker or rmz go head. Top vid good rider

  • Daws

    As a Supermoto racer, I think this is awesome. Who cares if its not going through 5 foot deep rivers? That’s why we have enduro bikes. The Supermoto ethos is all about going stupid fast on the bitumen and then doing the same thing on the dirt, with the added bonus of having very little grip :) Oh and my KTM Superduke and Honda VFR love fast dirt roads too :)

  • Lttlcheeze

    Hate to be a nay-sayer but I’ve done similar roads at higher speeds on my Aprilia SL1000R (with Michelin Pilot Road 2’s). No long travel suspension, no traction control, no ABS. And no blown fork seals either. This can be done with just about any bike out there, with a skilled enough rider. Like others have said, if you want to impress me lets see this thing doing some real off road.

  • falcn

    Not all Ducati bikes are street bikes….This one did the Pine Barren 500 in 2014 since some grandma decided to run over my 450EXC. It also did AltRider Conserve the Ride the first year I went.

  • Luis Fernando Ponce

    touring mode? diablo supercorsa wow, that road goes behind what this monster was meant to be.