It’s Monday morning, so that means our friends at Ducati News Today have let loose more details about the upcoming 2011 Ducati Diavel performance cruiser. Showing us what looks like a CAD render of Termignoni’s exhaust system for the Diavel, DNT also tells us that the Ducati Diavel will start with an MSRP base price of $16,995, while the up-market carbon version will hit the wallet with an MSRP of $19,995. Rumored to make around 165hp, the Diavel is based off the same Testastretta 11º motor as the Ducati Multistrada 1200, and weighs 456lbs according to Ducati.

Ducati has also revealed that the Diavel will come with variable riding modes, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. Enhanced versions of the photo Ducati released, along with the renders of the Termi exhaust, show that the Diavel’s rear shock will be mounted below the swingarm, which will help the performance cruiser be the lowest Ducati in the Italian company’s line-up (even more so when it’s tipped-over). We can also see that the Ducati Divael will have a second dash unit on the tank, while the license plate bracket is mounted to the side of the single-sided swingarm, right in front of the 240mm tire and 8″ wheel.

We have to say the Termi pipes look quite good (as expected), but judging from the usually hefty price tag that accompanies them, it’s hard to gauge whether or not Diavel buyers will be comfortable shelling out thousands of dollars for a cruiser exhaust. As always, time will tell on that one.

Source: Ducati News Today

  • Dark Horse

    Sweet, an Itailian V-Rod…just what the world needs.

  • gnmac

    And every penny a complete waste of the best racing pedigree in the history of motorbikes.

  • Sean

    Indeed, thanks to some overpaid charlatan, loyal Ducatisti are rewarded with this embarrassment. I hope and pray that sales figures will quickly put a moratorium on the Diavel.

  • Kevin

    Just remember, this isnt the first cruiser built by Ducati.

  • No crap. The thing looks absolutely beautiful. A superbike 1198 engine put in a comfortable cruiser is a great idea considering I only consider 2 models currently made by ducati to even be considered “rideable” on the actual street. The day I’m able to put a down payment on one and reserve it at the dealer I will. I bet this thing looks bloody beautiful in real life too.

  • I want one…

    This bike is beautiful! A muscular naked with the DNA of a sport naked. This bike is everything the VROD and the VMAX wish they could be. I could care less if no one else buys one. If it’s a complete flop (something tells me it won’t be) I’ll pick mine up that much cheaper.

  • Josh

    Absolutley beautiful. I Want one. Anyone wanna buy my 05 MS4R ???

  • JW

    I’ve ridden it and it’s rad. If you don’t like cruisers you won’t like this cruiser. So no need to talk about how you dislike it. If you do however like cruisers, as most of the US market seems to, this one is going to be the new king, hands down. V-Rod and V-Max sales will suffer. This bike is amazing. Well done Ducati, don’t worry about the sniveling snobs who want all your new models to look like the old ones.