Videos: The Ducati Diavel Explained

07/14/2011 @ 10:44 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

We’ve already talked at length at how much we liked riding the Ducati Diavel, as the Italian company’s take on the American power cruiser is a peppy and fun machine to ride on the streets and in the canyons. While there’s been plenty of reservations prior to the Diavel’s launch, Ducati seemingly has a winner on its hands as many dealerships in the US are sold-out on the machine, and the Bologna factory just reported that 5,000 units have been sold worldwide already this year (about 1,000 or so of those ending up in the United States).

There’s also a strong business case as to why Ducati had to build the Diavel, and by most journalists’ accounts, the company has successfully walked the line between staying true to the Ducati brand and extending the Italian company’s reach onto riders in other demographics. Shedding some insight onto the development and features of the Ducati Diavel, the Italian company put together a series of videos that expound further on perhaps one of the hottest bikes for 2011.

They’re obviously marketing materials and an overview of some of the Diavel’s core features, but for someone on the fence about buying a new Ducati Diavel, there’s a bit of edutainment to be had here. Find all five videos after the jump.

Source: Ducati North America

  • Other Sean

    If it was so successful, they wouldn’t need to explain it like this. I’m still a hater! Thing looks like a beached porpoise.

  • Grant Crandall

    Thats all fine and dandy. With all that profit, why aren’t they racing??? Jason is winning with no help from the mother company. WTF?

  • Haters , keep hating. It’s simply the best bike I’ve ever had. Ride it, you’ll buy it

  • kevin

    @Other Sean

    That’s all you got. A proper “hater” would come a bit stronger than that.

    Step up your game man. Step up your game.

    Ohhhhh…… and balance sheets don’t lie. BANK

  • This is an absolutely wrong bike. The only good thing on it is the engine. Period. Everything else (desing points, concept, marketing, etc) is just an exercise in futility. What were they smoking when they came up with an ugly thing like this…

  • Alexontwowheels

    Yeah, the fact that these videos are coming out now are an indicator that the bike is “flopping”. Any sane marketer would have used these videos (which I do like BTW) at time of launch. Instead, creating and releasing these videos now scream “No, seriously, we’re really proud of this bike, you should buy it even though you don’t like it!”.

    That said, I haven’t ridden it, and would like to see if it lives up to promises. Alonzo, lemme get your keys!!!

  • I wouldn’t read to much into it Alex, especially since I requested to publish these videos from DNA. In reality, the Diavel is a sellout in the US, and has already hit 5,000 units worldwide, having only been on sale for half the year…it’s even out-selling the Superbike models, which is very telling about where the market is headed.

  • Jesse

    I still like it. I’ll get one when I’m old.