Ducati Desmosedici RR Trike Concept

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Nicolas Petit, a 25 year old Frenchman who lives just outside of Paris, is a motorcycle mechanic by day, and motorcycle sketcher by night. With already an impressive resume of motorcycle design sketches and renders to his name, we think Nicolas can add one more stunning example to the list: the Ducati Desmosedici RR Trike concept. We’re not huge fans of trikes here at A&R, but when you base your concept off one of the most powerful streetbikes ever created, it certainly catches our attention. Photos and more after the jump.

In his drawings, Nicolas doesn’t just take a D16 and add a two wheel front-end to it. Instead, he takes the Italian lines and design elements and extends those into thought process on how the trike would look if Ducati was responsible for its production. The result is a dead-sexy front end that looks like the cross between an ATV and a Formula1 car. There’s some subtle changes to the D16’s tail section, but overall the lines of the Ducati remain intact.

Two wheels may be better than three, but we’d pick this thing over a Can-Am Spyder any day.

Source: petit motorcycle creation via Moto.Caradisiac

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  • joe

    Almost as bad as Ducati making a cruiser. Well done, but a horrible idea. I would at the very least spit at someone who made this, and possibly try to do them serious injury.

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Ducati Desmosedici RR Trike Concept – http://bit.ly/cGoSWE #motorcycle

  • Definitely NOT liking this Ducati RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Ducati Desmosedici RR Trike Concept – http://bit.ly/cGoSWE #motorcycle

  • CBR600RR 09

    What’s with all the hate? I am an avid two wheel fan but holy heck that is one sexy Trike! I would easily take that over many other 2 wheelers!

  • Ducati Desmosedici RR Trike Concept http://bit.ly/cxSAsz

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Ducati Desmosedici RR Trike Concept – http://bit.ly/cGoSWE #motorcycle #ducati not sure if I like this or not…

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  • Competition for a Can-Am Spyder?? Check it out! RT @ducatiparts: Ducati Desmosedici RR Trike Concept http://bit.ly/cxSAsz

  • Sean Mitchell

    People will do anything. They race bar stools for cripes sake. If there’s a ill-begotten concept out there, somebody will bring it to fruition: see above. Now, maybe if this was an original concept that didn’t dice into MotoGP replica, I’d give it a pass. But you don’t take an F1 car and make a hot air balloon out of it.

  • Greminn

    *smack head*

    Oh. My. God. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

  • Well.. not that good.. but a Ducati made a monstrous like structure… hmmm… not that superb..

  • unclewill

    Now, to find a nice donor desmo…any takers? NOT!!

  • BRose

    Trikes; all the risk of a bike and non of the reward! No thanks! I did, however really dig the Ducati Cruiser though – I think that was a miss on their part to not move forward to production.

  • Ducati its not just making fun to have rid, but it also show about the passion of bike rider to take on very spending way. if you think to drive than go only for ducati.

  • simon batty

    this is superb and i’d buy one any day …. if it still leans like they can …man it would be fun and make most bike look old fashioned ….