First Shots of the Ducati Desmosedici GP13

01/15/2013 @ 11:43 am, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS


Ahh, now here is the genuine article. Relatively unchanged from the bikes raced at the Valencian GP, the Ducati Desmosedici GP13 has finally broken cover at the 2013 Wrooom event. Shown here we see the Ducati Corse bikes of Nicky Hayden and Andrea Dovizioso, which will race alongside the similarly-spec’d machines of Ben Spies and Andrea Iannone in the Pramac Ducati “junior” team.

Unveiled just moments ago on the mountain’s summit, we’re still waiting for Ducati Corse to drop the hi-res version of these photos in our mailbox, so more details and snaps as we get them. In the meantime, notice how the shots after the jump aren’t nearly as creepy as the ones released by Yamaha earlier this morning.









Source: Ducati Corse

  • What’s the name of that one Whitesnake song..

    I can’t remember the name.. .. damn.

  • Aj

    I can’t lie, if someone was going to throw money at me to ride their bike in motogp, I would not care how bad the bike was.

  • SuryaD

    That front fairing looks rather large. Also Dovi on a Ducati? I think his career his finished the Desmo will eat him up chew him and spit him back out because to my untrained eye it looks like he falls in to the category of smooth riders like Rossi and Lorenzo. I think the Ducati will suit riders like Spies and Crutchlow who are a bit more Stoner like I think.

  • ted

    i liked the spoof pic better. livery is a bit of a letdown for 2013; hopefully, NH69 will return to kick ass and AD04 will maintain his T3 momentum

    I am not holding my breath

  • Neilmatic

    Photos are focused on Dovi. Where’s Nicky? Hayden should be Ducati’s top rider in my book. I hope he and Spies do well and make this year’s MotoGP series less boring. I also hope Audi changes their
    mind about MotoGP and jumps into the fray sooner than later.

  • irksome

    “Meet the new bike… same as the old bike…”

  • “i liked the spoof pic better.”


  • smiler

    Its the GP12 with 3 different number decals on it. Cannot see any differences.
    Can anyone else see any changes?

    Except the Ducati name appears to be raised onto a plastic strip. Perhaps so they can take it off and put the Audi name on.

    Fewer decals to save weight?

  • Smitchell

    Also the lever guards, don’t forget those. Ducs get uglier every passing year, prod and proto alike. Why the hell am I still a Ducatista?

  • nace

    We all know how stickers add massive amounts of horsepower to our bikes and cars, so in order to tame the beast’s power delivery, those clever engineers at Ducati have finely tuned the stickers’ surface area to provide a linear torque curve and maximize usable power during corner exit.

  • Halfie30

    @Smitchell: I’m assuming your a lady…? LOL

  • Halfie30


  • MikeD

    I’m just glad it doesn’t look like Ronald McDonald’s bike anymore.

    Now…when are going back to being Ducati again ? U know what i meant (Trellis or CF Frame)…screw this whole TwinSpar Frame copycat effort.

  • ZootCadillac

    Some interesting comments.

    First, well of course it looks very much like last year’s bike. How could it not? I expect the same could be said of all the other entrants. After all, how much of a radical change can be made? It’s a motorcycle. There is nothing wrong with the aero of the bike, it’s still the fastest in a straight line so very little can be expected to change on the exterior.

    They have made their radical change now with the twin-spar frame and although most would see that as an effort to placate Burgess and Rossi the fact is such a change was inevitable as the new rules regarding engines mean that the old design of trellis frame using the engine as a stressed member meant that any change in engine geometry needed a new casting for the engine casing and as such counts as a new engine. Plus engines have to be sealed in advance so the whole concept meant that necessary changes were often much later than when needed because of that process.

    Always talk about the V angle and yes, the Desmo is in the most basic of terms two L-Twin’s welded together and it’s traditional. I have no idea if Ducati have been working on a V-Four but it would not surprise me if a working group had been on something like that. However a new engine takes years from concept to finish so I’d not expect something to happen of that nature for a few years. I think that ‘tradition’ is not the only thing holding that concept back. After all, the engine is sound. It poses some geometry issues with being a little tall so lowering the centre of gravity has been an issue in the past. Slinging it in a twin-spar relieves a lot of that.

    “i liked the spoof pic better.”

    Was that the picture that was doing the rounds on twitter & social media that a few jumped to conclusions about and assumed it was this year’s bike? If so, that was a GP8 in 2012 tricolore livery, although it was a shoddy camera-phone picture that was very noisy it was clear to see that it had no twin-spar frame. Initially I thought it was a desmo RR with GP exhaust & track plastics for a moment as the GP6,7,8 are very similar bikes.

    @Neilmatic. Press photos released of the bike and from Wrooom 23 were just as focussed on Nicky as they were Dovi, it’s just that Jensen has chosen less than 50% of them to display in this article. You can see more here

    As for

    “Ducs get uglier every passing year, prod and proto alike”

    Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. I have two 999R’s and some say that’s the ugliest Ducati ever ( it does have a face only a mother could love ) but in full Fila replica trim to me they are beautiful.
    And anyone who says that the Panigale ( going on the waiting list for an 1199R this week) is an ugly machine frankly needs to see a head doctor. In my humble opinion of course :)

  • Rudi Triatmonyet

    still the same shit

  • anders eliasson

    What’s with the goofy pics in the snow? … :D


  • ZootCadillac

    !anders eliasson says:
    January 16, 2013 at 6:59 AM

    What’s with the goofy pics in the snow? … :D


    It’s Wrooom 2013. The annual Press ski meeting for Ducati and ferrari to launch their respective seasons. It’s in Madonna di Campiglio and yes, it’s snowing.

  • JW

    None of us know what this bike really can do. The season will tell. I wish them the best.

  • Isaac (Spektre76)

    Pramac’s bike looks better.

  • gsp75

    is it just me or does Dovi’s # plate look like S**T !!! looks like a bad General Lee copy ???

  • “is it just me or does Dovi’s # plate look like S**T !!!”

    I definitely liked his 2012 number style better.

  • Clay

    I love all GP bikes, race bikes are just so raw, purpose built missiles.

    This bike is not so different than last years, but what is different is Ducati has 3 new riders who are going to throw it all in this year. I suspect Dovi will lead the way, as Hayden is not going to be pushing the envelope on a bike he has come to believe is not a winner!
    As for Spies and crazy joe, I reckon they will have a year of many low sides…

  • Chance Gray

    At least put a little thought into a cool paint scheme.

  • Jean-Charles Delsol

    I hope there are some improvements in technology/chassis /engine, we do not see, but are there to improve the performances…because there so much a good racer can do if he does not have the top bike…or very very close to the top…and so far Ducati was behind Yamaha and Honda…