Ducati CEO Confirms Rossi/Hayden for 2011

08/03/2010 @ 7:29 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

UPDATE: Ducati has denied del Torchio’s statements in Cycle World’s article.

It’s not like we didn’t already know that Rossi had signed with Ducati, but Ducati Motor Holdings CEO Gabriele del Torchio let it slip during an interview with Cycle World magazine that both Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi would be riding with Ducati for 2011. This makes the first person at Ducati to go on the record about next year’s MotoGP rider line-up at the Italian company, which should send Ducatisti into a fervor, and drool marinara┬ásauce.

Del Torchio’s exact words to Cycle World were: “Nicky is a wonderful person and a great rider. This year, he greatly contributed to improving our Desmosedici racer. Next year, he and Valentino will hone the bike to its ultimate winning potential.” Del Torchio goes on to tell Cycle World about the upcoming “Vyper/Mega Monster” bike that will debut at Milan, if you like your desmo’s go on over to Cycleworld.com and read the full article.

According to our sources, Valention Rossi signed with Ducati a month ago, during the Catalan GP. It was rumored that Rossi was set to announce his move to Ducati while in Barcelona, which fit with the information we received, but later when that announcement didn’t come, news of a gentlemen’s agreement between Yamaha and Ducati came to the surface. With Rossi himself saying he would make an announcement at Brno, everyone is waiting to see what happens after the Czech GP on August 15th…that is of course until today with del Torchio’s confirmation.

While many knew about the Stoner/Honda switch, we think with all the leaks this story has sprung, Rossi moving to Ducati is officially the worst kept secret in the MotoGP paddock.

Source: Cycle World via Ducati News Today

  • MotoGP needed this to be confirmed, now confirmation of other movements should follow. Truly a massive coup for DUCATI!!

  • This move makes motoGP more exciting :-)
    and hopefully develops more talent to par with vale

  • Peter G

    Looks like I stop being a DUCATI fan now… Back to HONDA for me…

  • maha dey tambi

    i cannot believe it..how can rossi sign agreement with the ducati camp while he still have contract with yamaha?i like to see him so..but that i think imposible right now..imposible..rossi still not giving any clues about this issue..

  • Peter G

    Not a problem. After all, STONER has signed for HONDA for 2011 and beyond. So, ROSSI has now signed for DUCATI for 2011 and beyond. Happens all the time in sport..

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    ” According to our sources, Valention Rossi signed with Ducati a month ago, during the Catalan GP “…mmmmmmm… none of them were here in Barcelona that weekend…

  • KK

    next year is gonna be so exciting for motogp

    Ducati paddock is gonna be like a giant uberitalian supersandwich with an italian rider on an italian bike sponsored by an itlian car company (if he brings fiat)

  • Isaac

    FIAT will follow Rossi. I don’t know that will play with teh Marlboro sponsor. Maybe a small blu white logo on the faring where the TIM logo is now. Kind of like of the Ferrari F60-10.

  • OOPS! CW is retracting this story.

  • wheres the cw link john?

  • just an update its confirmed guys,
    rossi will now ride for ducati

  • johndoe

    maybe petronas is the main sponsor for ducati next year if rossi join ducati?? Petronas Ducati Racing Team…hmmm not bad

  • nick b

    This is what you get when you simply cherry pick media stories and/or press releases.

    The deal has not been done, as confirmed by Ducati.

    Both Ducati and Jarvis (for Yamaha) have confirmed that VR has both deals in front of him and to date has not decided. Brno may see a development.

    A key issue has been Jeremy Burgess’ reluctance to start from square one all over again.

    In the meantime, lazy journalism like the above informs no one.

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  • hey yamaha is giving a hint on what will happen in Brno this weekend! :-)

    Thats 99% sure rossi is moving to ducati!!!!

  • nick b

    He probably will go, the point I was making was that a week ago he had both deals in front of him and had not commited, which was why Ducati were forced to isssue the denial.

    Until he opens his mouth and confirms its all speculation.

    The real question is Jerry Burgess. Even with JB, I cant see Ducati troubling Lorenzo next year.