Photos: Ducati Alstare Unveils The WSBK Hotness

02/07/2013 @ 9:33 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS


Ducati is back in the World Superbike Championship, and today the Ducati Alstare team debuted its Ducati 1199 Panigale R race bike that Carlos Checa and Ayrton Badovini will campaign with this season. Heavily supported by Ducati Corse, it comes as no surprise then that the team’s livery is in the customary Rosso Corsa, and comes with some very familiar names on its side.

Energy Trading International (ENERGY T.I.) is a name you will see on Andrea Iannone’s Pramac Ducati, while communications company TIM has been a feature on the factory MotoGP bike for a number of seasons. Battery maker FIAMM has also been in the MotoGP paddock with Ducati, while energy drink FICC is the only new-comer to the world of two-wheeled motorsport on the team.

Despite all the cross-pollination, Ducati Alstare is true to form with a stunning machine for 2013. Enjoy some hi-res photos after the jump.

“I can only be pleased and optimistic with a team like this, and a bike of this level, with our two riders and a team of friends and sponsors that will support us throughout this demanding season,” said Team Owner Francis Batta. “The challenge that awaits us is not an easy one but thanks to our partners and the trust Ducati puts in us we will find the strength and the incentive to tackle the new season. I thank everyone who believes in us; we will do all we can to repay such passion and respect.”





Source: Team SBK Ducati Alstare

  • Sixty7

    Is it me or is that a bit on the boring side how can u make one of the nicest bikes out there look boring..????

  • T.J.

    @Sixty67: You’re right, at first glace it’s just another Ducati racebike, one of the many…

    However I am still curious about the horizontal damper. On the TL it was a shame…

  • With the TL, the issue wasn’t how the shock was mounted or linked, but the rotary damper…which was also placed right next to the exhaust pipes.

  • L2C

    I think the Ducati GP boys might be a little bit jealous of the looks of this bike, even though they have more important issues to worry about.

  • Jake F.

    Success in WSBK would go a long way towards validating the frameless chasis design. It’s regrettable that they either chose to or were forced to abandon it in MotoGP.

  • shallwedance?

    see that shock? with the adjusters near the fuel tank? they stick right in the back of your leg when you stop :-(

  • David Dungan

    Boring, Really?
    Actually, not too busy, clean and hopefully fast enough to get the job done.

  • Jake F.

    Also, I wonder how well that little strip of carbon fiber is going to keep Checa’s sensitive bits from catching on fire from the exhaust header immediately underneath his seat.

  • Sixty7

    I wasn’t on about how good the bike is…….I was airing my views on the boring paint job…..

  • Beautiful bike !! Now lets start racing already !!

  • I predict that the rear suspension will explode before the end of the first race. Remember when Ducati was a great company, that built great bikes… well those days are Obviously coming to a close my friends.

  • L2C

    @ Aaron B. Brown

    And yet they are selling more bikes than ever. Go figure. Word of mouth on the street hasn’t caught up to them yet? Or was it just Justin Bieber and his friends buying all them cycles last year?

  • I’d be curious to see how this bike stacks up against the MotoGP Ducati offering with equivalent talent on the same track.

  • Motonut

    Damn! I was hoping they werent going to use those ugly 3 spoke wheels and use the 10 spoke ones like on the RS.

  • Westward

    Bike is awesome, livery not special but not too shabby either. Just hope it stacks up to the competition like it did in Superstock last season…

  • @Trane Francks – very interesting question. I bet Results will vary depending on the track. Brno would be a good one.

  • Jake F.

    Laguna Seca will provide another opportunity for comparison this year.