Are You the Ducati 899 Panigale?

08/20/2013 @ 11:09 am, by Jensen Beeler43 COMMENTS


With the 2013 EICMA show just a couple months away, it is unsurprising to see next year’s bikes cropping up on the internet — case in point, this photo of the Ducati 899 Panigale.

Rumored since the Ducati 1199 Panigale broke cover two years ago, the Bologna Brand’s supersport-class sport bike appears to be mostly as expected, though it is surprising to see Ducati fitting a standard-style swingarm to the machine instead of continuing its iconic single-sided design.

Expected to be a 2014 model year machine, the Ducati 899 Panigale should be good for north of 150hp at the crank — though it’s not clear if the 899 designation (which is mostly a work of the associated press) will reflect any material increase in the engine’s displacement.

It goes without saying that the expectation is Ducati’s Superquadro engine and “frameless chassis” designs reside underneath the machine’s fairings.

We can expect to see the baby Panigale with a boat load of electronic packages though, with ABS and traction control practically guaranteed to be on the offering. It is also likely that we will see Ducati’s engine braking control (EBC) and selectable riding modes make it onto the Ducati 899 Panigale’s feature list.

As expected, lower-spec suspension and  braking components can be seen in the photo, as well as the same wheels found on the base model 1199. There is of course no word on pricing at this point in time, though we hope that the 899 doesn’t receive the same sizable bump in price like the 1199 did over the 1198.

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  • I’m a bit surprised. This swing arm looks very low-cost for a Ducati sbk, even for a downscaling of the 1199.And a so clean picture leaking for a new bike…

  • BBQdog

    Was happy to hear the EICMA was coming soon, but it’s a little bit later, 7 to 10 November

  • BBQdog

    @Olivier: there can be plastic covers over the rear fork and other parts to hide the real stuff.

  • ADG

    I don’t get the single sided swing arm infatuation. It was designed in the ‘8Os for endurance racing and quick rear wheel changes. It is definitely not the lightest or most efficient design for anything other than what it was intended for. Are you willing to add un-sprung weight just to look hip in the parking lot at SixBucks?

    Sheep, rappers and fish, like bright shiny objects.

  • keet

    Agreed ADG, I had the 749 and It was blasphemous that it had a double-sided swingarm even though it was lighter and stronger than the previous bikes SSSA.

  • triple

    I would like to see a new Ducati 750 superbike, so it fits the FIM Supersport rules.

    @ADG i agree on that. Though it is a additional, special optical gimmick (besides the advantages you already mentioned), common swingarms dont look worse in my opinion, just normal, or in other words: i dont understand the rejection about inventing common, double sided swingarms instead of single-sided swingarms. Didn´t got it in the 999 era either.

  • ADG

    I live in Panama now and would love if Ducati or KTM came out with a semi-light weight 750cc dual-sport V-twin (not a pig “adventure” boat anchor).

  • onespeedpaul

    while that swingarm does indeed look pretty cheesy (maybe just a quality photoshop to troll with?) if indeed it is it, i agree with the above and am glad to see a double sider, it’s always going to have a superior strength to weight ratio… iconic single arm….PSHHH wasn’t honda doing it way before ducati?

  • No one is questioning the single or double sided swingarm here, i’m just surprised of its quality witch is not the’s done more or less like the monster 696 one, with large molded parts, and this is typically the low cost way to do it, take a look at all the other sbk, they have a mix of machined formed sheet metal and few molded parts all welded toghether, that’s all i’m saying.
    @BBQdog agree with you for typical prototype leaked pics, but here it really looks like the final part.

  • Jake F.

    The decision to go without a SSSA is a mark against it in my book. Setting aside the question of engineering merits or drawbacks, the SSSA certainly adds aesthetic value. And let’s be honest, if aesthetics don’t factor into decision-making on which bike to purchase, you were never considering a Ducati Superbike to begin with.

  • EA

    Very well said. I think that the majority of people who choose to purchase Ducati Superbikes are more interested in their aesthetics than performance. This is not to say that Ducs are all for show, and can’t keep up on the race track, because they can, even if they have slowed down in recent years in professional competition, they are still cutting edge performance machines. My point is that this bike is not at all being marketed to the right demographic. Whatever the reason was that they chose to abandon the SSSA it will be a costly mistake. This bike will not sell nearly as well as they want it to if this is actually how it looks. Sorry Ducati…

  • onespeedpaul

    SSSA are sooo 1997, good riddance!

  • MikeG81

    Meh, the 851/888 didn’t have single-sided swingarms, and are iconic in their own right.

    I don’t mind this ‘899’.

  • Bigred1100s

    SSSA all the way. IMO this is a fail without SSSA and I dont care about a few extra pounds , i’ll just take up insanity workout and loose the weight from up the top or better yet get BST’s.

  • JD

    BLAH BLAH its It takes 30 seconds to swap wheels no adjustment…..this is fact and its superior in that regard

  • paulus

    We can’t even be sure which version we are seeing.
    it may be similar to the monster.
    Higher spec Euro/US version and budget Asia/South America version.
    Eicma will reveal all LOL

  • Mike

    I think paulus is right

    This swingarm looks a lot like the Monster 795 out of Thailand

  • Smitchell

    I’m an 848 owner and never been in love with the 1199’s lines, so this swing arm makes little difference to me. What I think is wrong, is bestowing this with the Panigale name. I think that should be reserved for the flagship, but that’s just me.

  • JLo

    I don’t mind whether it’s SSSA or double-sided swing arm, that swing arm on the 899 shown above looks terribly cheap and not good looking at all. Look at the side mirrors. They don’tlook like the same mirrors on the 1199 at all. Look fat and clumpsy. If the production bike looks like that, it will be a major disappointment for me as I have been waiting for it for the past two years. I was considering an MV F3 but decided to hold on to see how the baby panigale looks like. Now either I go with the F3 or 1199 panigale, here I come !!

  • I’m thinking this bike will debut ahead of EICMA…Ducati likes to tease the more mild releases ahead of Milan. From what I understand, something very good is coming our way come November.

  • dave


    what do you mean exactly with ‘something very good is coming our way…’ ?

    can’t be the 899.

  • damn

    Wow i hope its the same no frame concept like the panigale. That should be amazing. Like carlos said the panigale is made for wsbk it makes all the other bikes look silly. I hope this baby does the same thing as good as the panigale. Cheers ducati for building another amazingly bad bike

  • 1199 is superrrr…. superb
    then 899, maybe…
    wait. frameless, …. i hope that easy to use like 1199

  • ADG

    JD in real life…swaping rear wheels every 30 seconds.

    NASCAR pit crew or Costco tire monkey?

  • JJG

    Here’s an idea – how about the bike without all the electronics but with upgraded suspension?

  • onespeedpaul

    ^^^what JJG said^^^ i’m not saying lets go back to carburetors and points ignition, but I would gladly trade off engine braking management for better suspension or brakes…

  • Norm G.

    re: “No one is questioning the single or double sided swingarm here, i’m just surprised of its quality witch is not the’s done more or less like the monster 696 one, with large molded parts, and this is typically the low cost way to do it”

    that’s exactly what this is. the swingarm on yam’s FZ8 and forthcoming FZ9 are made the same way.

  • Norm G.

    ps, the DSS doesn’t look bad. it just now looks even MORE like a desmosedici from which it’s technology trickled down.

  • Bart

    No trelis frame, SSSA, no belts, no power down low, not winning 1 race is Sbk, not one podium in normal conditions, is this a Ducati Race bike?

  • Faust

    I was holding off on buying an 848 evo corse just in case a bike like this came out. Looking like this may be the bike for me. I can’t wait.

  • Variable

    The 999 had a double sided swing arm and it was hugely successful as a race bike, taking the world title 3 times with three different riders. Who cares about a swing arm design that is blatantly just for looks? People hate on Ducati owners for buying bikes just for looks, then when ducati actually makes a modification that makes sense people pound on them for not sticking to the same old formula. The 999 is one of the best v twin race bikes of all time, but it didn’t look like a 916 clone so people bashed it. The Panigale program is advancing nicely, they are finding good success in SSTK, and setting faster laps in qualifying now. Look at BMW, they started competing with the S1000rr in 09 and never got better than a fifth place in SBK. They didn’t get their first win till 2012, but most would agree the S1k is a contender now. Give them some time will you! I know the culture these days demands instant gratification, but have just an ounce of patience. Ducati as a company is moving in the right direction, and I support that.

  • triple

    Talking about esthetics and emotions buying a Ducati:
    The Panigale doesnt look good anyway, in my opinion. One of the less good looking bikes, if not the worst Ducati ever made. Nothing on the bike looks right in place but what always bothers me is the front with that seperate “nose cone”. Just strange, or lets say it: super ugly, doesnt mather if its stock a track fender. I was surprised over the hype when it was released and how everybody considered it as “beautiful”, reminded me of that fairytale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, like how something is considered as good if the right brand name is sticked on it (same goes with Porsches latest creations, Panamera and Cheyenne, people are buying it like crazy). I would go for a 1198 instead anytime, if both were offered to me, just plain beautiful bike. I dont wonder they could not improve that anymore and the successor wouldnt look as good. Thats my opinion, anyway, im prepared to receive a lot of hate for it ^^

  • Willie

    …Its a good idea to differentiate since the owners of the 1199 don’t want to be mistaken for lesser.
    But i dont like the look. Ducati should remain an exotic – and i might be tempted to lean towards an MV F3 if they use a SSSA

  • onespeedpaul

    the D16RR has a double sided swingarm, and it’s about as exotic as a Ducati can be!!

    I say again, SSSA are sooo 1997, they’re over, OVER!! (that’s my best-typed Fred Armisen impersonation ;-)

  • aaron

    …or, are you the new 1199R, with performance enhancing dual sided swingarm? the 999 kicked ass in wsbk without requiring a displacement bump.

  • I know this is not a finished product but it looks cheap. The whole “SUPERSPORT” twin cylinder bike doesn’t make sense to me personally. Getting a 1200cc bike ripping the motor out and instlling a small motor in the same frame just makes for a slower heavy SS bike. No advantage at all in weight or performance just a slower bike and maybe slightly better turn in.

  • Heavy SS bike… lol OK so the weight of the big sister is 165kg dry, and you’re explaining us that this down sizing will result in a heavy SS, witch will be as heavy as a triumph daytona 675, but with 10 or 20 more hp…

  • @olivier mari… Ride a Triumph 675R then ride 848 EVO and tell me with bike feels like a middle weight. Besides the Triumph runs circles around the 848 @ any track.Weight wise them may be close but over all size, feel and dimensions the 848 is no supersport as far as size goes. Remember this is coming from some one who owns 5 Ducs. Just not a fan of a SS twin does’t work for me. Now if Aprilia would make a SS V4 RSV 600cc im game for that. P.s Witch =which.

  • That’s probably right, but here we’re talking about a baby 1199, and not the 848…and i believe its handling is far more in line with the rest of the production.

  • Dewey

    @ Variable,
    Well said.

  • stop CNNing

    All those hp and dyno numbers are becoming really annoying in some point as there is not a single line of reality any more. If this bike will do ~116hp at the dyno I’m impressed. 1199 barely reaches to the 165hp if you are lucky. Most of the sbk and ss bikes need really serious software and hardware changes to give out anything usable and close to claimed. BMW has really serous problems with all the intake so please if we talk about journalism when please we need journalism not CNN. 899 will never ever reach to the 150hp from stock as many other bikes. It’s not so difficult to do some co-op with some trustable calibrated dyno owner to get at least more less clear picture what is going on to have professional objectivity at least between the lines.

    Two side swing is about weight. And the bike is just fantastic by design, it takes a lot of time to make something better when this. 1199 results in SBK ain’t related with the bike but with the rules under they have to ride so please avoid any parallels comparison in this situation as street riders can use way more powerful bikes as SBK teams due the restrictions they have in intake and also in engine as conrods etc compare to the Japanese equipment which have reached to the level Ducati has been all the time. Time to get rid of all the twin restrictors!

    To the ones who say anything about 1199. High end design is ever for everybody so it need some trained and fined taste which means good home and education first of all. If some one starts to say it’s not this or what it just sounds embarrassing as there is not too many bikes which are so well worked trough proportionally and true design wise. Gianandrea Fabbro is a fantastic designer in the best possible way without any us-rockstar nasty rude attitude etc. so you can see all this deepness in his works in past and in the future. Luckily his works ain’t for everybody :)

  • 1198Freak

    Glad to see a double sided swing arm, if you dont need to do quick rear wheel changes then a SSSA is a disadvantage in every way.. Even if it is two pounds heavier than an SSSA I would rather have the increased strength and stability it provides, also the improved visual symmetry.. SSSA’s always looked to me incomplete..

  • Where is the Monoposto?! :(