Ducati 798 Desmosport R Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

03/22/2012 @ 5:19 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Much has been speculated about the alleged Ducati 799 Superbike that surely is being planned in Borgo Panigale this very minute. Connecting the dots with the Italian company’s product roadmap, Ducati surely has a smaller-displacement version of its 1199 Panigale in the works, though what it will be called and what displacement it will use is still the subject of much conjecture. Today Oberdan Bezzi takes us back down that thought process with his Ducati 798 Desmosport R concept.

A supersport-market model, Bezzi’s focus is not with the water-cooled 1,200cc Superquadro motor, but the tried and true DesmoDue air-cooled lump currently found in the Hypermotard and Monster lines. Looking for a €9,000 price point, 100hp power figure, and 365 lbs dry weight, Oberdan Bezzi is striking the same vein that Radical Ducati and NCR have been touching on for the past few years, albeit at different ends of the price spectrum.

Clearly taking some design and technical cues from the Panigale, the Ducati 798 Desmosport R concept still features a traditional Ducati trellis-style frame (sorry frameless chassis lovers). It seems unreasonable at the price and performance spec mentioned that the Desmosport R concept actually be a 800cc-ish machine, given that the 1,100cc version of the air-cooled twin puts out a paltry 100hp in its EVO form. Still, a lightweight air-cooled Italian sport bike? That is something Ducatisti have been clamoring about for ages — thankfully Pierobon built one.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi

  • Halfie 30

    Tell you what. I’ve always been a full fairing sport bike guy, but Dropped all the fairings off my ’05 SS and the difference is night a day. Some where between a Monster and SS now she is much light and more agile. This concept is genius. I thought they should take the Testtastrada engine and dub it the new “Supersport” though. More performance with modern liquid cooling at a more adored able price would rip! I lovey air cooled, but for a “Supersport” bike it just out dated.

  • loki

    Precisely my thoughts: very nice, but you can’t put an air-cooled in a supersport anymore. It was awesome in the 70’s, great in the 80’s and cool in the 90’s, but come on, it’s 40 years old now.

    It’s still great in a city Monster and for short rides outside, but take it for a longer ride that implies stretches of highway and it’ll struggle.

  • sailwa66

    Very well done, and should make for a very entertaining, and long-overdue, sportbike. The family ties to the flagship are not overdone (like the Porsche 911/Boxster) and it clearly has its own style. As far as the ‘outdated’ motor is concerned, go test ride a Hyper Evo, or even better, beg/borrow/steal some laps on a Millona… either one is max grinnage; nothing beats simple and light with midrange stomp. And for the record, I’ve put over 60k on a 2004 Multistrada, and it’s never ‘struggled’ on the highway… or anywhere else for that matter.

  • Willie

    A better handling Monster with fairings? I dont see the market?
    Just put the Superquadro Engine in a new Streetfighter so I can upgrade/trade in my 2011 796 Monster.

  • JJ

    Oberdan Bezzi is a demi god!

    How many times does Bezzi need to pen killer designs before a person reaches climax?

  • CJ

    I agree, nix that air cooled and go for liquid. Bump the hp to around 120 so it at least feels like it would give any 4 cyclinder 600 race bike a run and I would be in.

  • I’ve owned Monster and now ride a 1999 900 SSie and to have the upgrade in forks, wheel’s,Brakes and on and on but still have the Air cooled Motor I’ll take mine in Red Please! This is long over due riders have talk about this for years ,it just makes sense to go at that market!! duh

    And next InternatiolBike Show Novi Michigan I hope to see Ducati show up at this Show!!!

  • Kevin Gettmann

    One small problem….take a close look at the shock next to the head. In real life that would never work. There is no room for it there. The frame would stick out and would be in the way of your leg.
    So much for that CAD desgin.
    Also, even though I own a two-valve Monster, that motor is not the right one for this bike. To hit a price point at 9000 Euro’s, ok, but it would sit on Dealers floors like a fresh turd. Sorry…..

  • Westward

    Well I hope Ducati comes out with something, because the F3 from MVAugusta is currently the bike of choice in the lower CC class in my opinion….

  • Westward

    BTW, they can also do better than the current mirrors on the 1199

  • MikeD

    Too much fairing around an AIR cooled engine, that thing on the first stop light will turn itself into a puddle of aluminium underneath the bike.
    Going for a TL-S half fairing would make more sense here…just this guy’s opinion.

    Kevin saw a very obvious problem with the shock’s placement…first thing i saw too but said f*%$ it, this thing will never see daylight anyways.

    For those of u thinking W/Cooling…forget about it being affordable anymore, IF there’s still something like that in Bike World.

  • finance

    I will show this to my cousin we were just talking about this last month!

  • Hodgmo

    I, like a lot of other guys, are laying awake at night thinking about a super sport class vision of the Panigale -seems like sport bike nirvana.
    My design two cents worth:
    1 ) I agree with the other comments that an air cooled engine would not make sense here.
    2) Trellis frame: it’s such a Ducati signature feature and looks so right. That’s a hard one to give up but if the new design actually works better, I’ll concede to progress.
    3) Panigale style shock mount /swingarm: looking good.
    4) Exhaust: I believe the Panigale should do it similar to what’s shown here. A belly-pan enclosed design -ala KTM- is super clean but the Panigale’s looks weird- like they were trying too hard.