Ducati 599 Mono Concept – Drool Worthy

01/08/2010 @ 12:46 pm, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS

Keeping today’s trend of showing off designer concept motorcycles, we bring you Dan Anderson‘s stunning Ducati 599 Mono. You may remember Anderson as the man behind the Voltra electric concept that made its way around the internet not too long ago. Well he’s back and his latest pen work is jaw-dropping. With a 352lbs dry weight, and big single cylinder thumper of a motor, we could see this Ducati embarassing some wouldbe racers on any given Sunday Morning Ride.

Effectively taking the Ducati Evoluzione 1198 motor and lopping a cylinder off of it, the 599 mono displaces, as you might guess, 599cc’s, and uses four valves to get air in and out of its massive single cylinder.

Anderson doesn’t go as far as to ponder power output figures, but we’d expect a bike like this, if it were to come to reality, to be a torque monster…and to sound really, really, really good. The concept is set to rival the rumored KTM RC4 motorcycle, which is expected to come from a similar inspiration as the 599 Mono.

However, chances are probably close to zero that Ducati would make such a bike, but an enterprising garage hobbist might take up the challenge. If so, make two…we’d like one.

Source: Coroflot via TwoWheelsBlog

  • Mickey

    Why not make it? ducati made the Supermono not so long ago?

  • Sean Mitchell

    Agreed, I like the idea. The original is a legend, they should keep the supermono concept a part of the company mythos.

  • Ceolwulf

    Ducati have a rich history of sporting singles, and it seems like a waste not to continue it!

  • Ducati 599 Mono Concept – Drool Worthy http://bit.ly/6EMdRG

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  • Skadamo

    Someone needs to hire this guy.

  • Phil H

    I love monos and there has been many mono concepts before (such as the Cagiva Mito) – what’s so special about this one?

  • uberbox

    Ducat seems to like the item of ignoring what real brand lovers want and instead focus on what they think Ducati should be. They are beginning to become something like the sport-bike version of Harley-Davidson. Both brands were made popular by smaller displacement fun to ride machinery steeped in nationalism. Now they make overpriced, over sized bikes for attorneys and CPAs.

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Ducati 599 Mono Concept – Drool Worthy – http://bit.ly/6Lp3g7 #motorcycle

  • Ducati 599 Mono Concept Bike http://bit.ly/6ZEn3n

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Ducati 599 Mono Concept – Drool Worthy – http://bit.ly/6Lp3g7 #motorcycle

  • Nick

    uberbox- what are you smoking? Oversized? Show me a Duc that is big & fat like a Harley – then show me one that isn’t fun to ride. They’re not cheap that’s for sure- but they don’t have the volume to afford low margins, and if you look at the low-margin, high-volume bike manufacturers… well, how are they doing right about now? Love all those 2010 Japanese inline 4s.

    If Ducati tried to compete on volume and price, that WOULD be the death of the brand, both figuratively AND literally.

  • CBR600RR 09

    I would gladly pay $20,000 for the Ducati 599 Mono. What an exquisite looking bike. And so appropriately sized in displacement! This bike NEEDS to be made, so that the Ducati lover in all of us can get there hands on some Genuine material without breaking the bank.

  • RD350

    With the explosion of trackdays, the popularity of Ducati and the generally older demographic of motorcyclists today, I am certain enough bikes could be sold to justify its manufacture.

    No, it wont be sold to young squids for whom bigger and cheaper is always better, that’s obvious. It wouldn’t be for the masses..

    True enthusiasts however, will be all over it.

    I think a lot of people would be interested in a gorgeous, low volume, sub-350lb, 75hp sportbike with premium suspension and brakes.

    Lets start a petition and let Ducati know how people feel!

    I will commit to buy one right now!

  • Morpheous

    ..But RD? KTM already has that bike: the Duke 690! ;-) You need one!

  • RD350

    Morpheous can testify as to the uber coolness of a high performance street single.

    And he’s right, I do need one. But as an old Ducati 250 racer, I am holding out for the Supermono! For now anyway …

    Here is some more Mono madness also appearing this week?


  • Will

    Not sure if I like the looks better than the old model, but still a real conversation piece for those who will be able to deal with the price tag. I remember Jerry Woods blasting around at Loudon on his, quite the machine.

  • Hmmm. I finished up a similar design study back in 2008.


    Obviously a Ducati single for the street is a strong idea.

    Tim C.

  • Maxwell

    I at one time had a FBF prepped F1 which I had to sell. To this day I cannot tell you how I miss that bike. While I’d love to build a TT1 or TT2 to replace it my skill level is not up to artistic level to pull off that kind of project. While doing a search for the Ducati Mono I came across this. A production Mono could go a long way to make me feel better about not having a F1 now.

    I wish Ducati make this but I’m just a consumer, what do I know.