Visual aesthetics have always been something of import and interest to me, a trait that is probably tied into the fact that I am visual learner. So it interests me when we see subtle changes having a great affect on a design.

Take the new Repsol livery on the 2013 Honda RC213V — the simple change from black to white creates a significantly different visual understanding of the MotoGP bike, though the basic idea of the livery remains the same.

We can see the same process with the Ducati 1199 Panigale S Nero by Commonwealth Motorcycles, as the Kentucky-based Ducati shop has massaged in a bit black paint on the already stunning Ducati 1199 S Tricolore paint scheme (work by Robbie Nigl of Peach Pit Racing).

The effect? A whole new take on an already very classy looking machine. Nice work guys…now let’s talk about posting some hi-res photos next time, eh? Far too small pictures are after the jump.






Source: Commonwealth Motorcycles

  • D Santos

    Amazing paint scheme! Actually, I prefer this one than the original tricolore. But the idea is not new. A member of ducati1199.com forum called “milanno” had come up with this render a long time ago and other people took it and used it on their bikes before the one published here. Anyway, it is a job very well done and a lovely bike, congratulations!

  • Matt

    Yes, the bike looks nice, but that’s because Ducati made a great looking bike to start with. How can Commonwealth Motorcycles change a few red bits to black and call it their own?

    Okay. I brought my Honda down to Maaco to get it painted, now it’s a Honda by Maaco?