We aren’t really interested in publishing the tabloid pages of MotoGP, but this story is so ridiculous it was too hard to resist. Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa doesn’t seem like the yachting type, but the Spaniard was arrested last week by the Spanish Guardia Civil in connection with a network of people responsible for helping people cheat on their yachtsman exam, a test which would let the bearer of the certificate operate a yacht under Spanish authority.

According to the reports, 21 people in total were arrested by the Spanish Guardia Civil for cheating on the exam — ten were caught wearing ear pieces during the exam, which included Pedrosa, seven people were charged with false identity, and four were members of the gang were also arrested. Arrested on Friday, Pedrosa has already been released by the Guardia Civil, and has issued an apology for his actions. It is not anticipated that this incident will affect Pedrosa’s participation in the Qatar GP this coming weekend.

The incident is not exactly a great reflection of Pedrosa’s moral character, though it is humorous if you take a step back and think about it. Our suggestion: if you happen to find yourself wearing your flippy-floppies on a boat owned by Pedrosa, be sure it is still tied-up to the dock.

Source: MotoMatters

  • jamesy

    Oh my! That video was a real class act. Cute! Unless the last 2.5 minutes were gorgeous nudes, you really screwed the pooch this time.
    Now that you have marginalized yourselves beyond belief, may we please have something that deals with mutha frackin motorcycling?

  • All these years I knew Pedrosa was a loser. This only confirms my suspicions that he has photographs of Honda and/or Repsol executives in a compromising situation, otherwise he would have been gone years ago.

    That he still gets a factory HRC ride after all the screw ups, crashes, unforced errors, and of course, punting his championship leading team mate Nick Hayden off the track, there can be no other explanation.


  • 76

    Yachts dont need to move anyway, the further away you get from the marina, the fewer people can see you on your yacht. I would like to see pedrosa with one of those little sailor uniforms on though, maybe one of those big lollipops, getem Dani!

  • J. Kelly

    Wow! I overlooked this article earlier today thinking it was an April Fools joke. Joke’s on me…

  • Greg

    Perhaps Pedrosa’s group helped Schettino obtain his yachting license in the past and Dani helped him work on his lean?

  • Wow. That’s uncanny and sad.


    Couldn’t Dani just use his Leprechaun magic to pass the test? Oh well, looks like no gold at the end of this rainbow, just a pot of handcuffs.

  • MikeD

    Did i just got PUNK’d by A&R ? Noooouuhh, give me back my dignity and those 3.05 of my time !

    Good Lord that video was so cheesy that it turned out edible. LMAO.

  • mxs

    I didn’t get the article, video … nothing LOL

  • diane dean

    surely he would have passed as our own Ellen Macarthur who ironically sailed round the world single handed and i have never seen them in the same room. check out the photo of both of them and tell me your thoughts surely we are not the only people in the world to make the comparison ???