Confederate X132 Hellcat Breaks Cover

12/02/2011 @ 12:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler33 COMMENTS

It has been almost a year and a half since we first heard of the third generation Confederate X132 Hellcat, and today we get word that the “more affordable” Confederate has been finalized and is ready for pre-production orders. Borrowing on the namesake of its predecessors, the new Hellcat shares some of the basic characteristics of the original Hellcats, while still bringing a very unique look and style to the custom cruiser.

Set to begin production in January, Confederate is taking orders now with a price tag of $45,000 through February, though that price will go to $49,500 in March of 2012. With only 164 Confederate X132 Hellcats to be made, the Alabama-based company expects to make only two units a week.

At the heart of the X132 Hellcat is the machined aluminum engine case, which started life as two blocks of 6061 billet aluminum. “This new case unites America’s best V- twin technology and America’s superior powertrain technology into a singularity,” explained Confederate Founder & CEO H. Matt Chambers. “Although this is the most expensive material selection and craft methodology, it is simply the best approach for maximizing strength and guaranteeing permanence.”

Once fabricated, those two blocks of metal create a 2,163cc v-twin motor that puts out 132hp at the crank, and an entirely necessary 150 lbs•ft of torque. Mated to a five-speed close-ratio gearbox, the Confederate X132 Hellcat should have plenty of “go” to compliment its “show” and also comes fitted with custom 50mm forks by Marzocchi and a custom rear shock by Race-Tech. With other tasty bits like carbon fiber wheels, Beringer front brake calipers (Brembo rear calipers), and an LED headlight, the entire X132 package tips the scales at 500 lbs.

Like all Confederate Motorcycles though, what is going to grab your attention is all the detail work on the X132 Hellcat. We could probably spend hours looking at each part of the motorcycle, finding little signs of craftsmanship you wouldn’t find elsewhere in the industry. What strikes us immediately is the exposed labyrinthian chamber for the belt and cogs of the timing belt on the side of the motor. Beautiful.

Source: Confederate

  • Jugga

    I love the bike…but hat the seat design…there has to be a better way!

  • Dave

    Dunno about paying over 50k for this( I estimated there is shipping involved) is a good idea, looks cool but with that mney I could buld at least 8 streetfighter projects that I have in mind. I only need 3k to finish my 97 ZX6r fighter the way I intended, 1200 if I wanted to get frugal. I guess you have to pay for the attention to detail and craftsmanship of a vehicle assembled by hand and machined in house.

  • 76

    Really like the whole bike for what its supposed to be (other than the seat), definitely the feeling & definition of the word “built”

  • Dr. Gellar

    Is that Alan Cathcart testing the bike?!

  • AndrewF

    Exposed belts and cogs just make me nervous.

  • Minibull

    Dr. Gellar, I thought you were dead and frozen…:P

    So highly off topic…

  • Daz

    Their design team must be blind, yet another butt ugly collection of metal.

  • Sean in Oz

    It looks like someone took a heap of random parts from different projects and bolted them together. They may be finely crafted but they look like each part was designed in isolation rather than a series of parts designed for the same bike.

  • @Dr. Gellar: Probably. Sir Allen get around, and I was busy that day.

  • Dr. Gellar


    No sir…I’m still alive and kickin’. :-)

  • Dr. Gellar

    @ Jensen

    I thought so. He didn’t waste much time getting onboard this latest Confederate.

  • Travis

    Sup Dr. Gellar, whats happning?

  • Dr. Gellar

    @ Travis

    Not a whole lot…just enjoying the updates and the comments here this afternoon.

  • Dexter

    Hi Travis, wanna help me find Dr. Gellar? Would be really great if you could help.

  • jackie

    I always want to love this (and the earlier version of the bike), because all the individual parts are just so beautiful to my eyes. But the collection of them, just never feels right. I try though, I really do.

  • MikeD

    I apreciate all the detail, hard work and labor into building these things…BUT…it doesn’t do it for me.

    I would take an “everyday garden variety, run of the mill, regular production 2009 and up VMAX 1700” over this any day of the week if i wanted a “power cruiser/standard/streetfighter/u name it” class of bike.

    Maybe i just have bad taste and don’t know any better…LMAO…is just not my thing.

    That drive belt looks ” a little on the tight side” going around and hugging the crank sprocket.
    I wonder how long it will last…(0_0 )

  • Rich Melaun

    Mechanically, it may be a great bike; however, as an aesthetic exercise, it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Perhaps their designers missed the lectures on integration as a major element of design ethos?

  • bemer2six

    Not my cup of tea, but still a mean ass looking bike…

  • Condition ONE

    Not a fan of the tank seam/lip.

  • It seems that the LED headlight is only an optional accessory. So apparently no, it doesn’t have an LED headlight. (although happily if you order it now you get the optional LED headlight thrown in, but according to the website it’s still just an option)

  • Tom

    I like being different, but unless Confederate builds more volume, they are going to be nothing more than an esoteric coffee table book or a trivia question.

  • Damo

    Yuck. Confederate builds another garage ornament. Another bike destined to never hit 10,000miles.

    Did their design team just quit when they got to the exhaust?

    Oh, and looks at this quote:

    “This new case unites America’s best V- twin technology and America’s superior powertrain technology into a singularity,”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Seriously folks?

    Next up is this:

    “Although this is the most expensive material selection and craft methodology” (When talking about 6061 Aluminum)

    There is absolutely nothing expensive or rare about using this material. 6061 is actually the most common form of aluminum used in all industrial practices. It is usually selected BECAUSE it is cheap and easy to machine.

    I wouldn’t mind the stuff Confederate designed, if they weren’t always so full of it, right out the gate.

  • Jake Fox

    @Damo Yep. The Pepsi can sitting on my desk as I type this is 6061 aluminum. I think it might be worth a penny if I take it in to be recycled.

  • Dave

    What you guys don’t know is that their 6061 is mined by elves that only run on the tears of oppressed north Korean orphans, therefore the rarity of it. The only issue I have with “factory fighters” is that, the fact that someone else designed , machined, assembled and built it for you. In the case of confedarate, they try waaaaaay too hard, Ducati released a nice factory fighter and all they did is get the the 848 naked and tweaked it here an there. Maybe this would be better if they stopped trying so hard, also there is the issue I mentioned before, the insane price tag.

    TL;DR: I rather build something cool and unique in my garage( or at least try) and not pay up the wazoo for a glorified paper weight( if I spend 50k on something, I wont even look at it the wrong way).

  • TeeJay

    “superior powertrain technology” – WAKE UP!!!

  • Lumengrid

    “This new case unites America’s best V- twin technology and America’s superior powertrain technology into a singularity,”

    Seriously!? A 138hp out of two liters? ( 2,163cc v-twin motor) Good Lord, what a stunning performance! ha ha ha ha… 1,198.4 cc (73.13 cu in) 4-valve desmodromic liquid-cooled L-twin in Diavel has 162hp not mentioning the price tag.

    Dont get me wrong, I think that Hellcat is stunning looking bike but why they are pushing all that crap about technology and “expensive alumininum” ? Who is suppose to buy this?

  • Damo


    You forgot the part where it also weighs 500 bills.

  • Lumengrid

    True! Should I even mention exhaust?Guess not, you already said enough :)

    All being said I still think its beatiful bike but its not space-shuttle tech as the CEO would like customers to see it!

  • DWolvin

    I guess my bike is stupid Euro-trash, but it’s got 160+ Hp from 1200cc… And probably better gas milage. Yes, that matters if you are putting a decent amount of miles on it.

    Oh well, to each their own.

  • Mike L.

    I am so looking forward to seeing the rest of the bike.

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  • Damo


    Anyone who buys one of these isn’t putting much in the way of mileage on it, don’t worry :)

  • MP

    It needs more JT Nesbitt in it.