The Sh*t Alyssia Edwards Has to Put-up With

06/20/2011 @ 7:59 am, by Jensen Beeler30 COMMENTS

If we told you that Colin Edwards was known for his colorful language and straight-shooting assessment on life, it would probably be the understatement of the year. As it is, the Texan Tornado has carved out a lively on-stage/track persona for himself that resonates with the lowest common denominator that resides in all motorcycle fans. Likable, truthful, and unabashed, Edwards is a fan favorite in the MotoGP paddock, one of our favorite riders to talk to in the premier series.

One of the highest ranking privateer riders, Edwards unfortunately saw his 141 MotoGP race start streak come to an end in Barcelona with the Catalan GP, but the American rider was back in the saddle the very next race at Silverstone (finishing on the podium we might add). Admitting to taking pain-killers during the Friday sessions, a groggy Edwards elected to forgo meds on Saturday, and in-between sessions he was back to his usual tricks, entertaining British race fans at an event for the venerable motorcycle charity Riders for Health.

Seven minutes in length, a sober Colin Edwards said plenty to get himself in hot water around the paddock, but you’ll have to wait until the end to see what got him in trouble with his wife Alyssia. Asked about the incident later, Edwards retold what he said to his loving wife, “Honey, I’m a comedian. I was just looking for a laugh, if you know what I’m saying. I had no aspirations to do anything I was saying. It was just cracking a joke.” He continued saying, “she knows I’m a ding-dong sometimes and say stupid shit.”

We hope Colin won’t have to spend too much time on the couch when he gets back to the US, check the video out, and for bonus fun, a response video after the jump.

Source: YouTube; Photo: © 2011 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Rob

    all in good fun…racing needs more of this in my opinion. Part of the reason AMA is so much fun to watch (aside from the crazy close racing) is because you get to feel the real personalities of the riders. And Colin ran a damn good race too! To win you must first finish.

  • Trent

    What did Jorge say?

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  • Channer

    Jorge says ” we are in love”.

  • buellracerx

    GP & AMA both would make excellent reality shows, much better than ANOTHER show seeking out singing/dancing talent.

    Jensen I’m sure you can attest that there is some ridiculous drama going down any given Sunday within the ranks of any given AMA/GP/WSBK team.

  • I think would make for the best television, smaller paddock (relationship-wise). WSBK and MotoGP are more divided by country of origin…with most of it being Spain vs. Italy.

  • Steve

    Somebody get the hook. Edwards is an embarassment and a fool. Not high?, Yeah right! Yep, he can ride a motorcycle and he’s great at that. When he retires from racing, I hear they have an opening on the show Jack Ass.

  • Jim Morrison

    Who the fuck is Steve?

  • Steve

    We know who Steve is, but I thought Jim Morrison was dead

  • Jim Morrison

    Certainly not – and who’s we?

  • Robby Krieger

    lighten up “Steve-O”

  • Steve

    Robby…I’m good. But I don’t think old Jim liked what I said about his pal Edwards. I was referring to Jim Morrison of “The Doors” by the way. He must be a little sensitive. That’s ok, I understand.

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Edwards is ok by me anyday. The guys speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back like the pussies of Nascar with their canned responses to the same question week in and week out. MOTOGP will thrive the more is stays fresh and fun without the suits coming in and putting people on notice for saying what they think. So Steve, relax and be thankful you are able to still hear a man speak his mind in a top level sport.

  • Jim Morrison

    Well Steve, it looks like Colin’s got Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison on his side so maybe this might be a good time to reconsider…………
    On another note altogether I have to say there’s an impressively high standard of comment on all matters MGP on this site – are some of you guys journos or rogue mechanics?.
    Please keep it up.

  • Jeff


    Go watch “Good Morning Vietnam” and figure out which character you resemble.

    I wish I had not read your negative comments on Colin or Ryan.

  • Steve

    Ok, let me see if I have this right. Edwards is on stage admitting to taking pain meds and being so wasted that he misses his brake marks and saying how dangerous it was. Nice. It also looked like he was under the influence during the interview as he plays to the crowd who seem to be cheering him on. I thought he came off like a moron for most of it and was embarassed for him. And as far as having Jimmy Hendrex and Jim Morrison on his side….. that would make sense to me…. if you recall what happened to them.

    All kidding aside….I didn’t mean to upset the hero worship jar here. I’ve been following Edwards from the time he rode 250’s in the AMA and later when he got screwed by Honda after winning the championship and will take nothing away from his talent as a rider. However, I wish I had not seen this video. I thought Edwards acted like a fool. I’m all for people speaking thier mind in any level of pro sports but not when they admit to being high on drugs when they do it. So how is Barry Bonds liking retirement these days?

    And Jeff, OK…I’ll be Robin Williams… and by the way, I was in the draft during Vietnam…. Where were you? Watching TV?

  • Chris

    shut up steve. go watch boat racing you tool.

  • David

    Steve, you seem to be one of those unfortunates who suffer a complete inability to comprehend the subtleties of human discourse. This must make things difficult for you but perhaps you try harder not to process all inputs quite so literally?

  • SBPilot

    Steve, you really take things way too literally and the way Colin is presenting himself is all in good fun and heart. Yes he was on painkillers, so are many riders when they ride with injuries. When he’s saying he got high and missing brake markers it’s a light/funny way of explaining to laymen that he prefers not to be on painkillers when he rides because it effects him too much. If he gets all technical and talks like Dani Pedorosa the crowd would sleep. It’s a PR event for christ sake.Some riders like to ride with painkillers. You on the other hand actually think he was high as a kite on “drugs” riding a motorbike, taking what he said the wrong way.

    Colin is a super relaxed guy, probably the only one in the paddock that doesn’t have some rigorous workout routine and still rides top level, finishes top 6 on a satellite last year bike, podiums and develop bikes like no other. If you see his interviews that’s how he acts these days. Hell he’s even chewing tobacco.

  • Steve

    Thankyou Chris. I know you spent a long time with that in depth response. I can see your trying to improve you writing skills while expressing yourself and it’s really coming through. Great work!

    And Dave, you must be naturally smart, having the ability to convey abstract thoughts in your writing without even thinking about what it is you are trying to say. That’s a gift. I just had one question though. When you mentioned the term, “subtleties of human dicourse”, does that mean when Edwards takes pain medication to the point he has no idea what he’s doing then hops on his Moto GP bike without telling anybody…. then thinks it’s funny? You know your right it is difficult for me to understand, I should work on that. The term Moron comes to mind. Not you Dave, you’re smart.

  • Steve


    If you are too hurt to ride without taking pain meds (Narcotics, which are most pain meds) that impare your judgement, don’t ride. Period. I’m not questioning his ability to ride a motorcycle, I’m questioning his common sense and judgement of which he seems to have little of.

  • chris in oz

    Ah Steve, you’re actually getting quite amusing now. Still sticking up for your fuddy-duddy opinion when all around you, everyone is saying lighten up, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Still not getting it, are you? Never mind. Everyone else is wrong, and you are right.

    There’s a commonly used word for people like you. Troll. You are clearly too old to get this discussion, so kindly take your negativity elsewhere old man. We like Colin, we like what he does, we like how he acts, we like his straight talking, his joking, he is probably the guy in the paddock that most fans can relate to.

    Are you getting it yet? The hole you have dug for yourself with your nanny state comments is plenty deep enough now. Kindly settle into it, there’s a good chap.

  • Steve

    Well, I see I was wrong. It wasn’t a hero worship (jar) I’ve rattled…. it’s a bucket. This is getting interesting. Chris in “oz” So from the sound of it, you may be from England? That’s great. How’s that tan coming? You know when you refered to me as a Troll (“ouch”) I could only imagine you must be upset with my comments about Edwards using drugs and riding his moto GP bike while under the influence. Does this mean we’re not going to be friends?

    Ok Chris, I’ll say this one more time and I’ll use small words so you can understand. Edwards acted like an idiot during most of that interview and thought it was a joke and funny that he was wasted on pain killers while riding his Moto GP bike. You like that and think it’s ok. We’ll… it looks like he’s in good company.

  • Chris

    Troll, you’re making me yawn. *yawwwwwnnnn*

    In case you hadn’t noticed, everyone thought it was funny. The crowd, the presenters, this forum – everyone that is, except you, old man steve, in your nursing home shaking your walking stick at the youngsters.

    Now put your false teeth in a jar, and nod off to sleepy-bye byes.


  • Steve

    Chris I understand that you have never raced a motorcycle on a racetrack and for whatever reason you’ve decided to enjoy a go at Moto GP from you couch while choaking down some didscusting warm beer to feed your love handles. How nice for you. As a matter of fact many people whom I’ve spoken with, thought Edwards acted like a fool And I’m Curious what Dorna’s possition would be. Maybe a little random drug test now and then. Oh, and if you hadn’t noticed the presenters were real nervous and tryed to get the mic back from Mr. comedian on several occasions. I guess as long as there are morons like you who lick the boots of you little heros they will continue to act and say stupid things. What a shame.

    Why are we having this discussion when there are good solid guys like Hayden and Spies on the grid that present a good healty image for the sport. I’m sure Edwards is a solid guy too and capable of rational desisions when he’s not riding his race bike while taking too much pain medication endangering himself and other riders as well. You don’t see that do you. Ok Chris, put down the beer, get off the couch and get real close to the TV and watch the clip again. C’mon Chris I have faith in you. You can’t be that stupid, I know you can do it. While you’re doing that, I’ll come up with a fun nickname for you…….No, I just can’t get past “Bluberous Mass”. That’s too long but I’ll work on it as I’m sure it’s going to take some time for you to realize how shortsided and limited you are in your thinking. Kinda like sitting in a cart behind the horse watching it’s ass go down the road. Your not a forward thinker are you? That’s ok, don’t worry about it…… somebody has to do it. Good luck Chris and I respect that you have an opinion…. Just not much.

  • Wow, somebody needs to get to their nearest hospital to get the stick surgically removed out of their butt.

  • Chris

    Ha ha. Richard I agree, but unfortunately this wanker can’t be told, no matter how many of us tell him. It’s to do with being senile, unfortunately.

  • Steve

    Hey Richard….You’re right, And Chris, Here’s your bucket back. XXOOXX

  • jawdroppin

    Alyssia has nothing to worry about, she should know Colin’s personality by now… A loveable Larakin of the MotoGP paddock