Get Excited for Charge the Movie About TTXGP

01/18/2010 @ 3:22 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

For MotoGP fans, Mark Neale’s Faster is probably the pinnacle of  portraying two-wheels on the big screen (or in your living room). It chronicles the progression from two-stroke 500cc GP racing to the birth of MotoGP and four-stroke prototypes. Neale’s newest work, Charge, carries on with this same vein, and documents the world’s first electric motorcycle race, the TTXGP, at the Isle of Man TT last year.

Ewan McGregor is back narrating along with plenty of on-bike footage and candids with all your favorite e-moto personalities. Available in Spring 2010, this movie is sure to take up a spot on your DVD rack…we certainly can’t wait to see it. Trailer after the jump.

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  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber Get Excited for Charge the Movie – #motorcycle

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Get Excited for Charge the Movie – #motorcycle

  • Can’t wait to see film.

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  • EBilly

    How is this news? The charge promo is an extra on the TTXGP 2009 DVD.

    I saw this on the DVD before thanksgiving and the DVD had been out for awhile before then. The DVD has the full 2009 race and about 2 hrs of behind the scene extras.

    Much better then I thought it would be. Unless you knew, some parts look like a regular gas race.

  • Finally, something that supports the cause of taking bike racing to the next level. I thought the Isle of Man coverage this year was amazing;especially the use of high def cameras shooting at higher frames then slowed down to show the reaction of the bikes and riders at high speeds.

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Get Excited for Charge the Movie – #motorcycle

  • OSM is as OSM does. RT @Asphalt_Rubber Get Excited for Charge the Movie #motorcycle #charge #TTXGP

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Get Excited for Charge the Movie About TTXGP

  • Ben

    retweeted. Can´t wait to ride one of these things!

  • JoeKIng

    “The future of motorsports”


  • i want to drive this..

  • @Asphalt_Rubber You always have to make everything about you, don't you?