Silly Season: Stoner to HRC for 2011 MotoGP?

05/05/2010 @ 6:07 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Yes silly season is well upon us now for MotoGP, and rumors are swelling after Livio Suppo spent time with Casey Stoner and his father during the MotoGP testing at Jerez, Spain. Suppo, who moved to HRC after 11 years with Ducati, is rumored to have met with Stoner in order to have the Australian rider make a switch of teams in 2011. The Honda marketing manager made it clear when he jumped ship from Ducati that he would be back for Stoner, a rumor that’s been confirmed by Loris Capirossi, and passed around the paddock more than a few times.

This silly season rumor isn’t without some faults though, as a move by Stoner into HRC would likely mean the exiting of Dani Pedrosa from the team. Pedrosa’s contract with HRC is up after this season, while Andrea Dovizioso’s contract has an option for the rider to renew with HRC for 2011, which would seemingly give him some immunity from a rider shuffling. Pedrosa has long been the #1 rider on HRC, and has garnered support from Spanish title sponsor Repsol, who would normally like nothing more than seeing a Spanish rider on their sponsored team.

However Pedrosa has also made some publicly unfriendly remarks as of late about HRC and their development of the RC212V. Whether related to these comments or not, Repsol has been rumored recently as giving its blessing on showing Pedrosa the door, which could allow HRC to pursue the pairing of Stoner and Dovizioso, but then again Pedrosa’s strong finish in Jerez may have silenced that tune to some degree.

The Spanish rider, despite his podium victory, is still complaining of problems with his Honda RC212V, while Dovi seems to be getting on with the machine quite well. Could all this be the formula needed to bring Stoner into Honda’s camp? It’s probably too early to tell, but as the silly season heats up we can certainly expect to hear more about Stoner and Pedrosa what their prospects for next season look like. Stay tuned race fans.

Source: via Two Wheels Blog

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  • Silvercbr

    Pedrosa out…..Stoner in at HRC. Does that mean the rumors of Rossi finishing his career with Ducati come to fruition? Then Spies jumps to full sponsored Fiat Yamaha? The chess pieces are beginning to move.

  • Jaybond

    Still quite early to speculate, in some ways it depends on the performance and it will be at least the next 4-5 rounds to gauge Stoner’s performance on the GP10, but also on Pedrosa’s performance as well on the RC212V. Both riders have been with their respective teams for the past 4-5 years, so it could be possible they will look to another teams.

  • Dr. Gellar

    Interesting. It may not happen, but I could easily see Stoner at Honda, with Dani off to other pastures. Not only that (and this is pure fantasy), but I could see a change in team sponsorship too. If you’ve seen the 125cc Derbi of Marc Marquez this season, the team is sponsored by Repsol and Red Bull. For some reason I can easily imagine such a combination sponsoring the factory Honda squad with Stoner and either Dovisioso or a Spanish rider (other than Pedrosa) somewhere down the road. Again…pure fantasy, but still.

    Ooooh…and should Rossi ever leave Yamaha for Ducati, don’t expect to see Fiat stay as a sponsor with the factory Yamaha team. I’m guessing Rossi is the reason Fiat is painted on a Yamaha fairing at all in the first place. No Rossi…no real reason to stick around.

  • Jaybond

    Yeap..that’ll be the perfect dream team combination, A superstar Italian rider on an Italian machine sponsored by an Italian corporate giant, that could drive Italy mad!